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COD Ghosts - Mike Myers (Multiplayer DLC)

By thePWA
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My share to the iconic movie monsters marathon for XPS...

Mike Myers (Multiplayer DLC)
Call of Duty : Ghosts

Developed by Infinity Ward
Published by Activision and Square Enix

Files provided by :icont-rexjones:
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Download here!ApaJxA3wiICphhFxv8…
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wooow he looks pretty amazing, if the dead by daylight version could keep his hair but have this face instead, it wold be the definitive!
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Good job, man!
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This is awesome. If there is any chance you can reupload Robert Englund and Michael Rooker that would be awesome.
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This is great, but could you maybe provide an alternate DL that isn't One Drive? One Drive always gives an error message: "Sorry, something went wrong. Our server is having a problem. We're working to fix it as soon as we can, so try again in a few minutes." In my experience, this happens with ALL One Drive links 98% of the time for me and I've seen other people who have the same issue.
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Not sure why you'd have a hard time with onedrive since I download from plenty of onedrive links and have not had any problems. Maybe if enough comments about its unavailability pops up I'll consider a second share site.
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You won't see a lot of comments, because I think it has more to do with internet speed and certain file hosts. The majority of people these days have and can afford standardized broadband of some sort, I'm still using dialup and there are particular sites like One Drive that just refuse to allow connectivity because of how they're coded to receive broadband connections or some such. On the other hand I have no problem at all downloading from sites like Media Fire and such like. I'm asking you as a personal favor, and for any who might also have the same problem I do because they can't afford broadband. It's courtesy is all, I've been trying to grab that download from OneDrive all day and it just won't load the page, same problem every time.
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Like I said, enough comments and I put up a second share site. You should consider getting broadband, not sure how you can't afford it since its pretty much low cost these days (hell I'm in the low income range AND STILL can afford it).
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It's simple really, I have NO income. (crippling social anxiety) plus I live in a rural area where broadband is more expensive than if you were to live in a large town or city. I don't know that I should have to explain myself, I was just asking for the courtesy of an additional download link, and since not many people are going to have the problem I'm having, and therefor aren't going to comment about it then I guess I just don't get to use this model. Thank you anyway.
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Wow! Love it! Thanks
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I met this six year old child, with this blank ,pale, Emotionless face, the Blackest eyes, the Devils Eyes
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Mike Myers: Let's strangle some necks!
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just perfect to make an Halloween animation. thanks for sharing.
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You knocked this one out the park, man. Thanks again for doing it. I've just uploaded the data for Leatherface from MKXL if you want at that. Slowly making my way through all of those characters, with the new ones up first.
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So now we have Mike Myers,Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Predator and Xenomorphs in XNA/XPS, nice :XD:
Thank you so much for the model :)
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