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Heart's Home
AUTHOR'S NOTE: A basic cartune universe oneshot I've been aching to do since reflecting back on my previous story 'Chaotic Order'. For those who have read it have probably recalled how close Kick is with the Apple family, especially Granny Smith if you've seen the fanart. Note that this story takes place BEFORE Twilight became a princess. ;)
The short daredevil jabbed a foot against his leaning skateboard, flipping it in mid-air before reaching out a gloved hand and caught it with nonchalance.
That previous stunt could be improved, but Kick Buttowski didn’t feel up for the new challenge.
In fact, he didn’t really feel up for anything right now, especially if it resulted in giving him a hard time.
Especially his family. Perhaps all of Mellowbrook at the moment.
He suddenly heard the loud yapping of a familiar pooch and hardly gazed in th
:iconcartuneslover16:Cartuneslover16 35 47
The Lion King - Koda and Bora by TC-96 The Lion King - Koda and Bora :icontc-96:TC-96 1,013 88 EEnE: Ombrophobia by Tybay EEnE: Ombrophobia :icontybay:Tybay 222 7 EEnE: Umbrage by Tybay EEnE: Umbrage :icontybay:Tybay 254 8 EEnE: Balneology by Tybay EEnE: Balneology :icontybay:Tybay 365 21


Apologies for inactivity. I recently have been given a full time job and so I've been working most of the day as well as just personal stuff going on. Will try to be on more whenever I can
My partner and I are planning to move out soon, and I’m wanting to get some money on the side of work to save up for rent and everything. If I offered single character drawings (inked and colored), would anyone be interested? They’d probably be just $5 and I can do OC’s and non-human characters
rip I realize I’ve never drawn Charlie’s canon love interest for my comic. I gotta get all my characters and their designs together
Y’all tf dA mobile is bad. I keep trying to comment on a pic but the mobile site glitches and posts it as a reply to the most recent comment. I give up :|
Thank you guys for the birthday wishes! I’ve had a good day today 💜
OOO WEE I GET TO INFO DUMP ABOUT PIPER Ule Tagged by TonyYorkieSilky1991

Piper gloves by ThePurpleWarden

  • Originally was a black sheep! 
  • When trying to figure out his name, the word Pied Piper crossed my mind for no reason. I've got no idea what made me think of it, but I've since stuck with Piper. His nickname is also Pie
  • Has lived with the Carnival Trio since very young. Initially he stayed with Bon Bon, but once he got older he decided to stay in a little tree house (of course he stays with Bon Bon again during terrible weather). 
  • Works as a helper sometimes over the course of the summer for the carnival to get some pocket money. Usually spends it on candy apples and winning friends prizes from game stands.
  • While he loves all three of the trio equally, he goes more to Djimmi for advice on things. 
  • Personality wise, can be a mix of the three. He has Djimmi's calmness and Beppi's silly, playful (to a limit) attitude. However, he also has picked up on some of Bon Bon's temper issues. He doesn't get mad all too often but I'd lie if I said there hasn't been a time he's taken a swing at someone.
  • Goes to Beppi for daily practice on balloon animals
  • With the other residents of the isle, he's more friends with Grim and the two have tea every once a week. Wally is too grouchy and attempts at a friendship with Jr. have failed. You'd think talking and thinking like a mad scientist with dangerous inventions was a good conversation starter.
I am...awful with tagging. But any followers who want to do this, I'd love to read them!!


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