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Pose Instructed by Zelos II

Lloyd: What am I supposed to be doing again?
Zelos: Just try to look sexy, Bud. It can't be that hard; your face looks like it's neurosurgery.
Lloyd: New-what-ery?

Since you guys seemed to like the last accidental Camp Lloyd, I thought you might enjoy this one.

I sat too far to the side and missed the top of the cage with my hands...

I wasn't ready for this photo. I look like the wind is confusing me... ^^;

But yeah, some ordinary Lloyd for your amusement.
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Crystaldemy9's avatar
Zelos is training Lloyd to be like him. thats a scary thought.

Kratos does not approve.
ThePurpleRose17's avatar
Haha! :D

Zelos: ... ¬_¬ Kratos doesn't have to know...
LadyMarinaKa-Fai's avatar
Once again Lloyd, you are so very cute
ThePurpleRose17's avatar
:D Lloyd would be happy to hear that. Thank you :)
LadyMarinaKa-Fai's avatar
You're welcome! Lloyd is one of my favourites.
ThePurpleRose17's avatar
Haha, you can't not love Lloyd! :D
melodyhina123's avatar
*sighs* Zelos stop make Lloyd into a mini you....

I'm jealous of your cosplay, I can't even make mine....
ThePurpleRose17's avatar
Haha, I wouldn't think for one second that Zelos would succeed - Lloyd is Lloyd. In the words of a friend, 'he cannot be undone' :D

Thank you! :)

Oh no, why not?
melodyhina123's avatar
True, True.

You're welcome.

I can't find the right pattern for the outfit, and my mom can't find her sewing machine(I know I spelt that wrong).
ThePurpleRose17's avatar
Ah, if it's any consolation - I didn't have the right pattern for my Lloyd outfit either. It was adapted from a normal ladies' jacket pattern and I just got my Mum's opinion on how far to lengthen it. It cut it wonky and didn't make the collar long enough for the ends to meet. But I did make it in a week, which wasn't long enough for a first costume. I know it shows on my outfit, but I'm sure that with enough time you could do it and make a great cosplay.

Are you still doing Colette?

You could possibly adapt it from a long sleeved dress and make sure you have enough material to add the flaps over her shoulders?

That's a shame - I hope it turns up! I find hand sewing easier but it makes for a long task!

Actually, you spelt it spot on :)
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