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Colorful Lantana

Wed Jun 18, 2014, 8:04 AM

Good Morning everyone :) 

We are almost summer season and lots of flowers started to bloom. 
Here Lantanas were so beautiful and I couldn't resist shooting them <3

Colorful Lantana by ThePurpleLilac

I was looking for other colors to feature on my deviantart page. If you guys can find any other colors or know any photographer that deserved to be featured please tag him/her in this post.

Let us start :D

Lantana Blooms by NatureShooter                Lantana camara by AForAdultery         lantana two by joergens-mi            Lantana by AbidingDaRules 

Lantana dans l'Or du Matin by hyneige       Lantana by Pammymcb             BLUE LANTANA by THOM-B-FOTO         lantana jaune by EchoRukia  

Lantana by angelbabiau        .lantana. by luckyshamrocks      Viburnum Lantana by Grandmagoingnuts    

Colorful Wild Anemone

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 11, 2014, 11:06 PM

Hi all, 
I used to shoot white Wild Anemone and I was looking for other colors. I decided to make a journal featuring deviants and their beautiful photos capturing different Anemone colors. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to leave comments or likes :)

Microcosmos by NightHalo  Red Anemone by aperire-animus  White and Pink Anemone by Hitomii  Anemone fausse renoncule by PierreRodriguez  Anemone by LuizaLazar  Anemone des bois by PierreRodriguez  white Easter by grandma-S  Starlets by Morgan-Lou  Fragile by bokayeh <da:thumb id="207886064"/>  Purple Wild Flowers 1 by Scarlett-Townne  Blue Anemone by aperire-animus