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:iconthepurplegriffin:ThePurpleGriffin posted a status
who here remembers when I called main oc's/fursonas/personas 

who remembers 


Devious Comments

ArterialBlack716 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018
... huh. come to think of it, i do, but just assumed you didn't think of them as "OCs" :P like, that you planned for those characters to be mascots for your profile, rather than just "original characters"
ThePurpleGriffin Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Yeah it's weird? Like I dunno, on my old account I kinda had a loose understanding of original characters and personas and stuff :P Ghosty was kinda used as something to represent my profile but then she kinda started to represent me in a way? I'm kinda embarrassed looking back at it now since she was kinda a self-insert for Assassin's Creed and Five Nights at Freddy's and she was even gonna show up in DarkSiders and all these really dumb things uGH XD 

I don't really use her anymore tho but if I ever do she'll be in like spoof comics for all the things I fail at in life LOL 
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