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Tagged by the awesome :iconevan-escence: 

1-Tell us about yourself?
I can move mountains I can work a miracle
work a miracle 

oh oh 

2-Favorite 2016 (or 2017) OC?
hhhh it's hard to find time to get around to show my OCs but so far I really like my fictional gang: 

Danksters by ThePurpleGriffin

3-You work best in?
Both digital art and traditional art! :D don'tmakemechooseIjustcan'tXD

4-The media you own most of is?
I dunno what that means lol I'm a confused bean XD I have a lot of video games I guess? Idk I have a lot of techy things lol 

5-You sexually identify as?
Female. And straight. 

6-Favorite band/music genre?
man my Spotify playlist is a giant melting pot of random
Alternative rock, Dark Country, some pop songs, OSTs, and Disney songs? XD 

also Lazytown has ridiculously catchy music and I don't know why 

7-Favorite YouTuber/Online personality?
Draw With Jazza's pretty rad. 

8-Favorite and least Favorite colors?
Favorites: Purple 
Least favorites: Gross greenish-brown puke colors? Also mustard is kinda weird tbh i dunno man 

9-Favorite Holiday?…

diehard Christian. It's much more than 'religion', though. :) 
Crucifix Emote 

11- BFF?
I have a lot of best friends that aren't on here but my dA BFFs are all tagged on the front of my page :D 

12-One thing you can't stand?

13- Any pets?
I have a pet rock named Rockefeller....!
He doesn't do much. 

14- Fave activity besides art?
playing video games and procrastinating 
15- Sports?
Ehhhhhhh nope XD

16- Wattpad? 
I have an account but there's literally nothing on it pffft why 

17- Favorite superhero?
Davy Crockett 
or Captain America 

18- one thing you like but everyone hates?
Dark Country XD Just look it up lol nobody listens to this genre but me I think 

19- Ever been in a movie?
Nope! XD 

20- or Insta or Twitter?

also I have a Twitter but like my Wattpad there's literally nothing on it why do I do these things 


Anyone can do it, whether you watch me or not XD 
  • Listening to: The Nights by Avicci
  • Reading: NOTHING MWAHAHAHA school's done yeee
  • Watching: Gifted
  • Playing: Animal Crossing
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: IRN BRU
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Submitted on
July 5, 2017