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It’s finally over. The Publisher OCT’s final round is finished, and we have our verdict. First, as usual, we’d like to thank both contestants and let them know it was a difficult round to judge. Both rounds were full of talent and amazing reads, and we’re so glad to have had you in our tournament and for sticking through it all to the end.

Without further ado, here are the results for the final round:



ireny-octs :iconireny-octs: vs hisiheyah :iconhisiheyah:
Winner: hisiheyah :iconhisiheyah:

Judge: AngelAndChangeling

ireny-octs: Your part one is up to par with all the rest of your entries as far as style and characterization and things. Even the summary provided manages to be funny and have tense moments despite not being a fully developed piece of writing. Obviously it would have been better if we’d have been able to read an actual, polished finish piece for this round, which would have also been easier to give a real critique to, but life happens, and the summary provided did an excellent job of explaining where you intended to go with this round, as well as managing to capture the characterization, which is something I find often goes to the wayside in summaries. The fact that you tied up loose ends introduced in other competitors’ entries was great as well. Your explanation for the Publisher’s identity was engaging and made a good deal of sense given previous material.

hisiheyah: The composition of the comic portions of the entry was really great at capturing the sinister tone. Meanwhile, the written portions build tension nicely and are well-written and easy to read. (Case in point regarding the tension- when the two are thrown through the portal and Publisher/Chaos says “the End” I initially misread it as designating the actual end of the round and might have panicked a little bit.) I enjoy the genre-savviness of Ireny and Lee and their reaction to having to use “the power of friendship”; it seems entirely in character and added a needed bit of humor to a very tense point in the story. I like the way the very final comic segment (starting with the animation) read; it was nice to see snippets of what happens afterward. That said, I wasn’t quite as fond of the same style when it was used for essentially the climax. I think it took a lot of the impact out of the scene and made it slightly less clear what was going on. My other main point of critique is that I would have really liked to have a little more explanation regarding Chaos included here. I realize there are connections to a previous OCT, but for people who don’t have the time/desire to reread an entire other OCT for explanation, a brief recap of some sort would have been nice. Other than that, I thought this was a well-written piece that served as a good ending for the OCT.

Vote: ireny-octs.
Reason: Despite the less-finished nature of her entry, I preferred her version of the story better. I thought it fit better within the context of just this OCT without needing a great deal of background explanation, and it did a great job of tying together all the loose ends.

Judge: MacabreAustereRelume

ireny-octs:  I’m going to split this critique into two separate parts – for the introduction/“Part One” and for the summary – because they were two different styles of writing and what I say about one may not necessarily be the same for the other.

The introduction – This did a good, if concise, job of reconciling the different plot threads leading up to the finale. Characterization is done well – I particularly like the dialogue with Lee and her characters, and the subversion of the “this is something I must do alone” trope. It kept the story very real and down-to-earth, something I’ve enjoyed throughout your entries. Watch for some repetition in sentences that could have been pared down with more editing; perhaps this would have helped to appropriately slow down the pacing as well to build up to the climax.

The summary – Although it would have been preferable to have had the time to give more immersive detail rather than telling the round, I liked how the summary had still some details, dialogue, and the general style that kept it from feeling too much like a Sparknotes page and more like an actual part of the round. “Team Real People” and the attempted kidnapping of the Editor and Illustrator is a hilarious idea. I like the genuine moral conundrum of the fictional character’s decision to remain with knowledge of the truth rather than to live a beautiful lie – it was very symbolic. The Publisher being all the staff is really creative! I would have liked to see a little bit more explanation behind this idea – what were their motivations, and why were they so extremely cruel going about this plan? What did they want to do with the characters? I love the idea of strength in numbers beating out the Publisher(s), but it felt rather sudden and anticlimactic. I would have liked to see more addressed with the previous subplot about Ireny feeling like she is losing her identity. It’s also pretty hilarious thinking of the staff being stuck inside a watch (like it’s “Big Brother: Publisher Edition”) as well as Oprah!Ireny. All in all this was a really creative and satisfying tie-up to your round, with the same smart, witty attitude we’ve grown to know and love.

hisiheyah: It’s neat to see bringing back some comics again – since the rounds started as comics, it really gives the feeling of coming full circle. 5.1 does a good job of setting the mood, and I like how it sort of ties it all together with the contestants and the relation of the story to the previous OCT. Surrounded by a force of darkness, it really sets the characters up against what seems to be the insurmountable – it’s an excellent claustrophobic atmosphere. It creates the tension of an apocalypse. The dialogue gives some much-needed relief from the weight of the situation and does a good job as usual with characterization – I love Ireny’s almost nonchalant cussing out of Chaos whenever she realizes he’s The Publisher, and pretty much everyone’s decision to roll with the fact that Lee’s next opponent is apparently a weasel now. During the running-from-chaos, it seemed to lull a bit more than I had expected, and I would have liked to see more detail about exactly where in the Facility they were heading through. Perhaps this would have worked somewhat better if the chase had started after the necessary exposition, or had a reason for Chaos to have postponed it somehow?

The sacrifice of the characters-come-to-life is very dark to watch. And yet it is the battle everyone must face in their lives – trying to make meaning out of seemingly random events, trying not to be forgotten, trying to exist and not to slip into the forces of chaos. And in this moment, the lines between who is fictional and who is real feel completely gone. Whoever makes it out will have to try to cling to their memories and tell the stories of those who were lost. The final part does a good job of bringing this all together. It’s not a story about being chaos, because it can never be defeated – but a story of carrying on and starting again… also very symbolic.

In the end, I believe, everyone had to put back their characters again from each other’s memories – it felt creative, and even though the story seemed rather self-aware that the whole “power of friendship defeating evil” thing was done before, I didn’t think it came off as cliché. I’m confused as to how the contestants ended up in watches and how they were able to create their own weapons from the chaos, but I don’t think at that point it would have made sense to disrupt the more minimalist and poetic story to interject an explanation. This was a particularly inventive, emotional round that brought to light some intense themes and served as a strong farewell to the characters throughout the story.

Vote: hisiheyah
Reason: (It was a hard decision, but really, was I expecting anything else?) I chose Hisiheyah because I think she had the more developed atmosphere, more of a developed understanding for the reader of The Publisher’s motivations, and immersive storyline.

Judge: VanillaStarburst

hisiheyah: A really great entry! The transitions felt rushed, but it built up fairly nicely to the end. I was physically hurting for Lee by the time you hit your end mark, and I sat there staring at the screen for a bit thinking it really had just dropped there, but then I saw there was more. And I'm so glad you went past the ending and added more-- I loved your resolution and I thought it fit really well as the ending to your round. It was a lot darker than I expected as a whole, but I feel like it was absolutely necessary. I don't think it would've had the same weight without it. In all, it was an amazing round and I am so grateful I've been able to keep up with your work this whole tournament. You are an incredible writer and I hope to see more of your characters in the future!

ireny-octs: I love the wit you use. I've been saying that this entire tournament because your writing is so much fun to read and it really grabs me right away-- it's just the right kind of humor in just the right dose and I can't get enough of it. I like where you took your story, with how you resolved your plot and the plotholes, as well. It's also great that you brought back all the characters for it-- I feel like your ending was perfect for your plot. I wish I could've seen more of it written out, but I know it's been really hard to get it in. Thank you for all your incredible and engaging rounds throughout this tournament!

Vote: Hisiheyah



And now we have our places for the tournament.

In first place is hisiheyah :iconhisiheyah:, who will receive the prizes:

:bulletwhite: 1 Year Premium Membership KotaBlickie
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital piece of winner's choice KotaBlickie
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored picture of the winner's choice of OC EnfieldKit
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital picture of winner's artist/writer and their three OCs MacabreAustereRelume
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital group picture of the artist/writer and their three OCs DragonHT
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital picture of the winner's choice of OC DragonHT
:bulletwhite: Full bodied-Digital or full bodied/watercolor of the artist and their three OC's MuffinMoip
:bulletwhite: Full-colored shot of artist/writer and one OC VanillaStarburst
:bulletwhite: Full colored drawing of one of the winner's characters spitfire-productions
:bulletwhite: A cosplay of one of the winner's characters spitfire-productions
:bulletwhite: Full color image of the winner Cherubas

In second place is ireny-octs :iconireny-octs:, who will receive:

:bulletwhite: 3 Month Premium Membership KotaBlickie
:bulletwhite: Full body digital piece of winner's choice KotaBlickie
:bulletwhite: Colored chibi of the winner's choice OC EnfieldKit
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital picture of the winner's three OCs MacabreAustereRelume
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital group picture of the artist/writer and their three OCs DragonHT
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital picture of the winner's choice of OC DragonHT
:bulletwhite: Full-bodied digital/watercolor of of the winner's choice OC MuffinMoip
:bulletwhite: Chibi of one character VanillaStarburst
:bulletwhite: Black and white drawing of one of the winner's characters spitfire-productions

In third place are EnfieldKit :iconenfieldkit: and An-san :iconan-san:, who will each receive:

:bulletwhite: 1 Month Premium Membership KotaBlickie
:bulletwhite: Full body traditional piece of winner's choice KotaBlickie
:bulletwhite: Colored chibi of the winner's choice OC EnfieldKit
:bulletwhite: Bust/colored digital picture of winner's three OCs MacabreAustereRelume
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital group picture of the artist/writer and their three OCs DragonHT
:bulletwhite: Full body/colored digital picture of the winner's choice of OC DragonHT
:bulletwhite: Bust shot-Digital of winner's choice OC MuffinMoip
:bulletwhite: Mini bust of one character VanillaStarburst
:bulletwhite: Black and white drawing of one of the winner's characters spitfire-productions



Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who helped make this tournament a success. Everyone who auditioned and participated, the lovely judges, KotaBlickie for organizing everything, everyone who watched. You’ve created and supported a truly wonderful collection of stories, and I can’t thank you enough. You are such a talented group of people, and I wish all the best for your future.
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