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the antichrist had just defeated the last five security guards of the unbending obligations main gate and was proceeding as planned towards the room of records, rumor has it that deep in the tower strong hold sleeps the book of realities truth, a book that can alter the universe. as he stepped out onto the bridge a blade landed tip first into the ground as it gave off a light so blinding that the antichrist was forced to cover his eyes. as the light dimmed the antichrist saw someone who looked like him but with blond flowing hair, his body adorned with armor and jewels as his hair flowed in a non existent but still there wind. the man pulled the sword from the bridge and brandished it in front of him in a guarding stance his blue eyes burning with purpose "halt heathen! thou are quite the fool hardy one to attempt assailing this keep of wonders, as this organization is guarded by the organization h.e.a.r.t and we do not bow to tyrants even one as dark as you must eventually face the light of justice."

the antichrist laughed demonically a tear forming in his right eye "so you are my opposite huh? ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah."

the antichrist hit the ground laughing as he rolled back and forth laughing uncontrollably.

regan knight watched him confused "why does thou jest at me like i'm some joke have at you!"

the antichrist laughed harder tears streaming down his face "stop making me laugh ahahahahahahaahahahah your so cliched. i'm going to peee. ahahahahaahah
jasket scanned the Forrest in search of a squad of ninja from the village hidden in the sand that were supposed to have arrived yesterday. so far there was no sign and he had been searching for hours. jasket sat down to rest on the branch of a tall tree sweat beading on his brow. as he sat back and looked up towards the sky he noticed a series of scratches on the trees bark. as he examined the scratched surface of the wood he noticed they were not created by ninja tools like kunai as they were too deep and evenly spaced almost like an animal clawed the bark, but that would be impossible for an animal to reach this high up. jasket looked down and noticed the branch he sat on had ten indents in it like an animal had dug its foot claws as it jumped. jumping down to ground level jasket examined the bushes near the tree, suddenly he caught a glimpse of something shiny. jasket reached into the bush and pulled out a ninja head band soaked in blood bearing the village hidden in the sands insignia. fear ran through jaskets body as he could sense something nasty coming his way... scratch that many something nasties!

jasket summoned a chakra basket and hid inside... meanwhile outside he heard the sound of wings, then the sound of a large four legged animal. in the basket jasket heard two voices outside one kind of growly and one screechy "virgil are you sure you heard someone over here squawk it seems unlikely...." the screechy voiced asked concerned.

the sound of sniffing was heard followed by the growly voice sneering confidently "ooohhh yeah hawkens and i'm sure he's still here. i know where being followed."

jasket uzumaki waited outside the village hidden in the leaves on edge. the night was quite with an eerie chill that told him something was about to go down. he put his ear to the ground and could hear a low rumbling like a it was too big to be a vehicle. the rumbling was coming from a western direction and getting closer. jasket jumped into the trees heading west and soon came across the source. he stopped on a upper tree branch and gazed out over what was once the forest, it had been uprooted and destroyed the area now just barren dirt. jasket jumped to the ground and investigated the scene. he found tracks of an unknown vehicle. suddenly in the east he saw smoke rising from the trees and heard the humming of a motor. as jasket approached the location a tree in front of him was grabbed by a robotic arm as a giant mech roared into view its single eye scanning him. jasket looked at the mechs right arm and saw a logo of the letter L surrounded by fire confirming his fear.

"shit!" said jasket under his breath "libra followed me here. i cant let him find the village. he leaves me no choice." jasket did several hand signs and jammed his hands into his body, he shuddered in pain as he grew in size his features becoming reptilian "arrrrrrgggh! upscale king of lizards battle form!"
                                                      blizzajust     [ice age demon] case file 226
blizzajust is a demon made out of ice harder than diamonds that is responsible for the ice age that finished off the dinosaurs. cunning and bound by a knight like honor code this monster of a demon guards japans water elemental gate and kills those dumb enough to get lost in the mountains. he hangs out often with fyragust of the fire gate and thunder cruel of the lightning gate but he doesn't have much patience for them. currently on the wanted list by heaven for his crimes including the ice age in general. 


                                                                 caw. t. ion  [king of birds]  case file 423
caw. t. ion or the king of birds is just that a giant bird humanoid that attacks humans in the amazon rain forest. immune to guns due to his feathers metallic properties he hunts in the deepest reaches of the forest and was mistaken for a god by ancient tribes. he used to live in the wilderness near Greece and was even responsible for the tale of one of Hercules's 12 labors but had to move due to constantly being attacked. his feathers can be thrown like knives with just a swing of his wings but only while perched. currently wanted on several crimes including false god hood.

                                                     voculst      [vampire king of rock n roll]  case file 375
voculst the vampire king of rock n roll or least the self proclaimed one has been causing trouble since the 80s and continues to this day.
voculst has committed numerous thefts using his guitar sound slave which mind controls people when backed up by lyrics and has been known to have an affinity for diamonds. attempts to kill him have been in vain since destroying his body only kills the host the guitar has possessed and not his essence. each time he is destroyed the guitar flies off and finds a new rock n roll fan to copy his essence over essentially bringing him back to life. wanted for crimes of mind control and breaking the free will amendment.

                                                    the chess master  [genius inventor] case file 864 
the chess master is a genius inventor turned king pin and is one of the top ranking bosses in super natural crime. he has been known to out smart heaven officials on multiple occasions and even escape from nearly impossible scenarios. he leads the chess team a group known to only steal from high end facilities and only take jobs with a 10% success rate. he is no slouch in battle either using a variety of gadgets from his scepter which can do things like levitate an opponent to vaporizing them with negative energy. wanted on several dealings with demons. 

                                              rivet crea   [crazed madman and pseudo life maker]  case file 117 
rivet crea is known to be the right hand man of tsirc itna the antichrist himself and has committed several crimes of making illegal unregulated life. his powers allow him to change the molecular structure of things like dead bodies into zombies called infa corpses and every day objects into scout monsters. during an altercation with sin repentance authorities the right side of his head was blown off but gun fire but thanks to hell technology he now sports a mechanical replacement for that half of his skull. wanted for making life illegally and helping the dark forces.
after pursuing multiple leads all which turned out to be more dead than a mob squealer I decided to check out the address on the match box I found in the alley trash. club lapook was only open at night though so I had some time to kill so I stopped off at my favorite deli the foxy crossing. I rang the bell three times and was greeted by the owner lauren gin a tall dame of 6 foot 5, but don't let her size fool you, she was very easy on the eyes. she gave me the usual a ham on rye with some fries and gave me the usual gab about her day and her son jhonny gin, but something unusual in her words caught my attention this time. she explained with pride that her son had just been recruited by kyle peric for a new job and was bringing home a ton of money lately.  trying to hide my shock I asked her what kind of work but she just shook her head and replied that she didn't know but it paid well. the sun was setting outside I gave her a peck on the cheek and thanked her for the sandwich. I walked down eastern ave up to fall brook road to the ritzy part of town, movie theaters and open mic clubs were the swing around here. the movie theaters were often packed thanks to these new pictures called talkies. I turned left into the alley on 3rd street and knocked on a wooden door on the east wall. the door made a wooden sliding noise as the eye guards moved from the door a pair of red eyes stared at me as a gruff voice asked for the password. I looked him straight in the eyes and said calmly "ritzerland' there was a click as the door opened and the sound of smooth jazz could be heard. as I walked in my eyes adjusted to the lights, there were tables with fancy candles and a live band of dark skinned jazz musicians playing on stage the smooth sound washing over my ears. at each table was a vampire couple enjoying blood based spritzers and other various beverages.

as I approached the back I was stopped by two thuggish goons who glared at me suspiciously. I flashed my badge and they stepped aside. inside the next room was a desk and chair with a roaring fire place and fancy interior decorations. the chair gave a spin as kyle peric turned to face me, a dashing man with slicked back hair, a fancy goatee and a voice that could melt butter it was so smooth.

he gestured for me to sit and asked what brought me to his humble club. so I got straight to the point I told him how he knew all the scum bags in the city since his club was technically owned by the mob. he smiled and laughed saying so whats your point?

I told him about the incident with the shadow beings and the disappearances. he looked shocked and hurt at the same time like I had accused him then calmed down and asked what he could do to help.  I showed him the picture of the youth that had disappeared in the alley two days ago and his eyes narrowed, that's when I knew I had him. he cleared his throat and covered his windows with the blinds then ran to the door an peered out suspiciously then came back in. he pointed to the picture and told me the story about how the kid owed the mob money and put a hit on him. then he told me the shadows where part of a hit squad used to quietly "shut them up" and that their boss had his headquarters by the docks but I didn't here that from him. knowing I wasn't going to get anything else out of him I decided to leave, tomorrow I would investigate the docks.

to be continued...
dark Brandon fell to his knees in defeat as game Brandon put away his blade gamers end. the atmosphere had grown eerily quite as jake and the fiction Brandon trio relaxed slightly. suddenly dark Brandon began to laugh evilly his voice reeking of condensention "you think you've won? how droll..."

dark Brandon reached into himself and pulled out a vile of dark liquid "I HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN!!!" in one gulp he downed the liquid and began to convulse on the ground uncontrollably as the windows of his castle shattered darkness pouring in like water. the sounds of screaming and crying filled the air its sound so deafening that jake and the others began to lose consciousness as darkness obscured their vision while they slowly blacked out.

when they awoke somewhat groggy  a few minutes latter they quickly peered around with blurred vison. as the vision cleared they realized they were on an isolated chunk of rock floating in emptiness about 40 feet across and 30 feet wide. the feeling of absolute sadness and a coldness almost unreal could be felt as a giant shadow hand grabbed the edge in front of them as a giant shadow man of almost god like physique appearance and power pulled himself into view "I AM VOID BRANDON!!! ALL HOPE IS NOW DISPAIR!! RAGE AND HATE SHALL CONSUME YOU. RETURN TO NOTHING."

a death metal them plays with angelic choruses as when emptiness consumes us all theme plays in back ground.

game Brandon casts scan....

void Brandon

an abomination of absolute hate and emptiness. wields a darkness never before seen. watch out for his apocalypse beam as it can remove comrades permanently from battle. has defense attack and magic beyond your comprehension. if you thought dark Brandon was bad your nightmare has just begun.

attack: max

defense: max 

magic: max 

agility: max 

intelligence: 78

weakness: none what so ever.
my group hfao is in need of maintenance and repair... it has fallen into disarray due to the fact i'm having trouble running it myself since I'm busy on my seventh novel.  i'm looking for two managers and maybe an animator....not sure on that last one. I've never just run a group by myself before so its been taxing and I'm very far behind in my group making. so if anyone would like to help me respond here or note me.
it was midnight on a Saturday in mid April and the chess team was hard at work. the chess team was attempting to steal a rare gem known as the rala naka which has the power to make illusions real. they were almost through the vault door when some gas leaked into the room from a vent in the ceiling and became a stern looking man with chiseled features wearing a police uniform. the man reached into the pocket on his shirt and pulled out a badge with a symbol of a cross wearing a suite and tie and cleared his throat as he began to speak his voice commanding "stop this nonsense at once or I will put you down. I am the chief officer of stability for the unbending obligation elemarkus and you will cease and desist or else. you risk doing something that will unbalance good and evil."

the chess master gritted his teeth and tapped his cane making it cackle with lightning then aimed and fired a blast at elemarkus but the blast went right through him as if he was not there and blew a chunk of concreate out of the wall behind him "criminy wic! that's not good. it didn't even hit the wanker" the chess master yelled angrily. knightus backed away slowly sweating a little nervously as the bishop spun his swords trying to dissipate the gas. there was a flash of light as the sound of wind changed to metal on metal as elemarkus walked out of the gas cloud his body now made of steel "so you have chosen or else? great more paper work!"

suddenly elemarkus was sent flying as a battle android known as pawn tech grabbed him taking him air born with his rocket boot "chance of failure at 60% if intruder continues hindering processes."

elemarkus grabbed pawntechs face and smirked evilly "might want to check those numbers pal. you were built by TechNet industries before 2015 so you have a fatal flaw." elemarkus turned his hands into pure oxygen making the android suddenly rust. as the cpu fried from rusting the lights in pawntechs eyes faded "errrrrrroooororrrr....."
                                                                    black out                  dark/fiend  4 stars
                                                               atk: 1000    def: 800     
this monster defends the weak with a strong sense of justice, especially for a fiend. this monster goes to sleep the turn after its summoned, while asleep this monster gains an additional 2000 attack and 500 defense points per turn.

                                                               Jason anime rea                  hero/warrior  4 stars 
                                                             atk: 1500        def: 750          
this warrior is skilled in punches and kicks as he is a master of both.           ability: reaction time: if the opposing monster attacks this monster may once every three turns dodge or block that monsters attack if a tribute of 200 life points is paid.

                                                                          mechandross    machine  4 stars
                                                                 atk: 2300            def: 1000        
a cyborg made by a mad man.             ability: hyper accuracy critical: if this monster attack power is lowered then its next attack automatically removes one monster/ trap or magic card from the field.
some call me friend others monster as I fight what I can't control as lies and delusions fight for my soul.  a lie is bliss and the truth pain, such is the curse of being insane. shadows haunt me while awake are they real or are they fake? the lie can be touch, hear or smell, as far as I know I can't tell. the voices never stop their ceaseless chatter on verge I sit my sanity about to tatter. a thought made of poison whispers in my ears preying on my insecurities and fears.  as he starts to egg me on, I draw my knife i'm already gone.  as I wipe the tears away, I smile as the guys in white drag me away.
my chest aches from a broken heart as life passes by and refuses to start, my soul yearns for one like me but alas its not to be.

cant feel my mind as it starts to fade, loves a trap with interest to be paid, my anger has peeked to many times, as my soul burns in fiery rhymes. cant hold much more....can't carry anymore...falling down a pit so deep into my heart the shadows seep. I've been burned by hatred before, on love I close the door, my heart has hardened into stone, so many crimes I must atone.

insanity runs deep in me, unshackle my heart, I need to be free.  pain and sorrow refuse to heal as god gives me the rawest deal.
sin slammed the last two copies of joe ply back together bringing him to his knees in pain "stop this pointless fight before I hurt you kid."

joe ply looked up at sin his eyes full of hatred "damn I'm too weak... I hate it... everyone bullies me!"

suddenly a chuckle filled the air that was halfway between creepy and pleasant. the two fighters looked around trying to ascertain where the laughing was coming from. suddenly a man with a super villain outfit appeared and slammed his right hand into joe plys body making him cry out in pain "now lets see what we have to work with... ah so much anger. yes this will do nicely."

darkness enveloped joe plys body as a tear fell from his left eye "no...stop...stoooooooooooooooop! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

an explosion of darkness blew sin back a few feet and when the explosion had cleared joe ply was gone in his place was an army man wearing geeky glasses, his fists had spikes and his physique was well improved. the army man gave a solute "psycho infantry ready to serve sir."

the super villain like man gave a solute back and bowed to sin "when psycho infantry sends you back to heaven tell god that we Gemini said hello ahahahahahahah"
Chess team: a group of genetically enhanced science geeks that acquired powers by technological means turning them into supped up chess pieces.

The chess master: the leader of the chess team and the smartest of the geeks his supped up cane does something different depending on what chess piece shaped button he presses. If he pushes the pawn button his cane can act as a tazer. If he pushes the knight button buzz saw blades pop out. If he pushes the rook button he can levitate a person in a stasis field. If he pushes the bishop button he can channel fire, ice or lightning. If he pushes the queen button he can create a barrier of shadow that vaporizes or deflects anything that touches it and finally if he pushes the king button he can heal himself halfway.
Ability: unusually clever: makes him cleverer than he lets on.

Pawn tech: the only member that is fully machine with no personality or feelings he always thinks negative. He wields a tazer staff that has a charge of 400,000 volts he recharges it with lightning during a lightning storm!

Rookus hocus: the rook member of the chess team that has control of stage magic but for real. can turn bullets into doves etc. 

Bishop slashop: a satanic bishop that wields two samurai swords and has mastered the art of two sword combat his aero blade technique can slash a foe to ribbons in minutes and his satanic aura ability protects him from light based magic and certain light based physical attacks.

Knightus Smitus: the knight member who is obsessed with chivalry. Not to mention the only family member javelin has left. He rides a motorcycle instead of a horse and his sword weighs 800 pounds and couples as a laser cannon.
ability: chivalrous integrity: when defending a woman all stats at 150%.

Queen sadistic: a very evil and beautiful queen with the power to create illusions that are fake up until the second they strike. She and the chess master are romantically involved.
bercircuit grabbed His papers and joined his client at the podium. Past looked up with concern "wow you've done some rotten things child."  Present ran his hands through his hair "but let's focus on the trial at hand shall we. It says here that you're on trial for enslavement, war crimes and funding a villains only casino."  Future laughed evilly "no matter how this goes you do know you're already guilty right. I have foreseen it."

bercircuit looked up unconcerned and shuffled his papers "that's if you're not changed  Mr. future. You have an annoying tendency to change your mind quite often."

Past giggled like a child "I keep telling him that but he's  not a good listener. Maybe he's too old to be on this court."

Future gave past the middle finger and made a gruff noise with his mouth as present banged his gavel the calm them down "calm down gentlemen please we have relevant present business."
Jasket uzimaki wandered into town it'd been three weeks since he had been into town and not much had changed.He was supposed to check in with the hokage but was feeling hungry so he decided to visit his favorite Ramen shop. He ordered a bowl of chicken flavored Ramen the smell of it bringing a smile to his face. Suddenly he heard an immature whining to his left. He picked up his bowl of soup and walked over to the source of the sound. About three stalls down was a brat of a ninja arguing with a young female ninja with pink hair. "After all I do for this town pervy Sage still won't train me today." He yelled angrily, jasket sighed and walked over, as he approached he grabbed the young ninja in a headlock and sighed heavily as the brat tried to escape from his arms. "You don't change do you? Everyone else over the course of the past few months has shown growth. But you remain as obnoxious as ever... naruto."

naruto punched jasket in the ribs making him let go his eyes angry. jasket prodded him further smirking "You already have the great Jiraiya working as your teacher. You should be honored but instead all you do is spit on the idea like he is something dirty. You shame the term ninja."

naruto leapt at him like  an animal forcing jasket to scoop him up and hold them at arms length "I don't care if you are my cousin" he yelled angrily "no one talks to me like that and insults my ninja way."

jasket smirked evilly "jumping off the wagon so easy? This impulsiveness you have is a problem and it's why you'll never be hokage."
it was night time in gotham an eerie quite was spread throught the city. batman was on patrol with his new friend in crime fighting sin haxor when they heard what sounded like a bank alarm, the two heroes raced towards the sound to investigate. meanwhile in the bank a monster of a man was rampaging through its halls destroying things at random, it seemed confused then began tugging on the vault door making it creak angrily. batman framed himself in the street light just outside the doorway making his shadow rise in front of the intruder who turned revealing who he was. "angry Brandon!" said batman through his teeth "but your just 1 evil equation out of 3 where are the other two." a laser pegged batman while angry Brandon charged at sin making him put his repenters on his knuckles as they clashed. bat man got up half groggy as a nerd in a Mech walked into the bank " very good bat man. your not the philistine I pegged you to be... I the illustrious and highly intelligent geek Brandon shall also be your opponent. hey angry Brandon you stupid beast can't you do anything right?! is opening a stupid vault to smart for you? you poor beast... dark Brandon will be angry if we don't get that gem in the vault so quite messing around and hop to it we don't have all night you thinking to much is a burden monstrosity."
blackout approached the top of the mountain after 7 days of trekking through the wilderness and stopped to catch his breath. the top was a beautiful landscape covered in flowers with a lake fed by a waterfall that was obviously man made. as he approached the waterfall he could make out the figure of a man  meditating underneath his eyes closed in deep concentration. blackout hesitantly approached the man and cleared his throat but was cut of by the mans sigh "so you are blackout? hahahaha I was expecting more...."

the man got up and opened his eye revealing white pupils of the blind "so you come to attempt the training I offer?"

blackout sighed heavily and shook his head "no no no it would be rude to fight the elderly especially a blind one."

fu chuckled and moved with blinding speed as he punched blackout in the stomach knocking the wind out of him "shadow lizard blindsides dizzy owl!" then grabbed his arm and bent it behind his back and tugged up making blackout cry out in pain "king crab employs vice grip! I may be old but I fight well and sometimes dirty." fu threw him on the ground and jumped ten feet away "feel better about fighting me now?"
future cleared his throat and spoke his voice nasty "well I already know how this court case goes! throw the book at him!"

past banged his gavel "woah we are getting ahead of ourselves no?"

future crossed his arms angrily and sat down " no your just passed tense youngster!"

present snored loudly as he was fast asleep. the lawyers rolled their eyes they always do this thought bercircuit angrily.

past raised a fist "at least i'm not a relic that can always be changed old man." he yelled angrily his breathing heavy. 

present woke up with a yawn and banged his gavel "gentlemen... lets try to keep this relavant we do have present business you know.

"may the defendant rise" all three said at the same time.
thank to cliché the bad future timeline had been fixed. cliché was on his way back to the what if zone when all of a sudden a satanic truck with the license plate 13 on it drove up behind him with its black cat on fire driver at the wheel. cliché gritted his teeth "crap the bad luck chop shop!" the trucks mouth opened up wide as buzz saws on retractable arms came out of its maw spinning and slashing at cliché forcing him to dodge. exit 4 passed in front of cliché when all of a sudden the bad luck chop shop backed away in serious pain as a robot came crashing through the other side and floated in front of it then fired a blast of shadow energy reducing it to nothing. cliché looked up in horror "no.... not you again."
                                                          when creations match gods theme plays in back ground

                                                           evil robot cliché doppelganger psycho spec mark 2
the invision word reculivier is a strange word since it has many meanings. the word reculiviers meaning changes depending on the words that come before it. for instance if the words set a religious tone then reculivier means god shall smite my enemies or god slayer, but if the tone and words are angry it could mean reality breaker or cutter. if said in a mean way it could mean dumbass or asshole.

it is a word of many flavors often used by my character bishop.