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'Gargoyles' is amazing and so is this animation. It's minimalistic, but expressionistic enough to portray muscle. There's excellent mov...

The physique of the character is petite and adorably feminine, but with an outfit that's charmingly exaggerated, while remaining dignif...

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 A few years ago, I recommended Captain Marvel as a great addition to the Avengers. She's strong, has energy fields and she can fly. Seemed like a solid character. So why was I so immediately turned off when she came? 
I know the feminist answer (because they're ideologues with epic victim complexes). "Grr! You just wanted a Carol Danvers with her ass cheeks hanging out!' 
Image result for Marvel Dracula
Yes. Yes, I do. That would be the greatest death by snu-snu ever. (But try to be a little less sexist towards men, shall we, and lets dig deeper.)
This is Carol Danvers. See that sense of presence? That sense of ferocity and authority? 
Carol Danvers (Earth-616) grew up with a contractor father who believed in hard work. She dreamed of becoming an astronaut. At 18 she joined the Air Force. Later, becoming the youngest security captain in NASA's history, she became embroiled in the interstellar alien Kree Empire. Carol was knocked into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron, altering Carol's genetic structure and effectively making her a half-Kree superhuman.

Ms. Marvel Vol. 2 # 35 by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines
 Does Brie Larson have that?
Captain Marvel exciting First Look Photos
Captain Marvel Magazine Brie Larson Special Collector's Edition Photos Interview
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
 That outfit looks great, but...Brie Larson doesn't look great in it. She's not intimidating. Compare her to Scarlet Johanson:
I love black widow specially Scarlett I love her here are some Scarlett Johansson pics - Imgur
Who looks like they're phoning it in? Scarlet or Brie? Who looks like they could round house kick me into a coma? And don't give me that excuse of, 'Captain Marvel is detached from her emotions, so Brie can't emote as much to stay in character!'. Black Widow is a hardened ex-KGB spy who works for S.H.I.E.L.D. If she shows weakness, any sign of vulnerability unless its calculated to deceive, it could cost her her life and anyone depending on her; and SHE has more investment in her expression! She looks intimidating.

 The problem, for me, isn't the costume---the costume is fine---it's the character, or lack thereof being presented to me. I haven't seen anything in any trailer that denotes a distinct and memorable personality from Brie Larson's acting. She's just generically "strong" and "independent". It makes for boring prospects. 


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I'm a film student currently with an emphasis in screen writing, television production, and editing. I have a slew of super awesome stories living in my head. I'm going to school so they can pay me rent.


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Yeah, I hear ya - the trick is, in my humble opinion, is that you need to find the tuts/books that work for you and ditch the rest - or skim over them and see what sticks. In school I was a problem learner because I had to see problems in my own way, which was rarely what was expected of me, so I failed often until I could see what they meant. The thing is, there's not a lot of fundamentals, but there's a lot of ways to teach them.

At the risk of adding to your list and anxiety, have you checked out Jack Hamm's "Drawing the Head & Figure"? Short book, lots of advice, great to sift through randomly. Its become a bit of a bible to me. I have others, but that's a go-to book for me. 
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