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The Supreme Council of the Dalek Empire

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In honour of Jon Pertwee's birthday, a tribute to the universe his stories could only afford to hint at on TV's Dr. Who.

Rendered in Blender Cycles.
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Now we have The Doctor's Machine we will be the Masters of the universe.

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Wow, awesome gathering here! ❤️

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Ani-mate, Ani-mate

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Thank you for honouring my favourite Doctor with this [even thou he never encountered an Emperor Dalek !].

In memory of Jon, and to celebrate what today would have been offcourse his 101st Birthday, I watched his often quoted favorite story, 1971's 'The Damon's', which I'd not seen on DVD in a long time since watching it just once after purchasing the DVD, so Jon I guess gave me a good reason to re-watch his favourite story of his era of Doctor Who.

Thank you Jon :)

Me and my Doctor - MCM London Comic-Con
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Gives me serious Asylum of the Daleks vibes, but you know actually good. Great work.