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This day was good day!
Everyone has a great time
But it's all about love.
#showyourheart #showyourheart2019 
I've just coughing very badly during the last of August, and then September. I taught it was sore throat. But i hopefully i was really fine.
So, i really had to hide my comments on :iconloudandproudfangirl:'s Profile. Because :iconbaronvonaaron783: doesn't like spamming. Probably, it's not nice to spam others in DeviantArt.

I have to stop commenting her for good. I don't wanna do mistakes so bad. So thanks to :iconbaronvonaaron783: for some serious intentions. He was right. I'll just have to do one comment ONCE.
Guess what? I've just found a exprression meme! (Not ME)
<da:thumb id="744661590"/>
Hello, i'm back from hiatus. I was feel very upset about something bad things on YouTube once again! What in the world is going on making me stressed?

Those are channel-related clickbaits are VoxaDub, GameCinema, and other channels gone wrong must be blocked and reported. 

Please spread this! You know i really hate clickbaits on YouTube.
Sorry for the long inactive right now.

I wish i could tell you about dahub was downtime due to Fraud Protection for Points

I wish i was not getting into trouble while i can't earn more points from now on. I never believed why on earth is happened to dahub. I wish i will be active right now for good.

Stay calm, If we can't save the dahub. We're no longer to have daily points for the rest of all lives of the deviants. This is the worst thing if you don't save dahub from getting into a matter things gone happened.

The Bad News is dahub was down for some new features for the points

The Good News i will open request ONLY except Point Commission. I only have to do so.
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There's is a free request, check this out:
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Those OCs are actual villians/evil, sorry for being bored around the site:

NOTE: Those evil characters are related in some minecraft fiction and roleplays. But fiction is not yet started

1. Lester Kaiser - Russian Leader of Dark Power of Eagle
2. Albert Lyov - Russian Member of Dark Power of Eagle 
3. Sir Fergus - British-Spanish 
4. Mac Delbert - American Mad Scientist 
5. Tyrant Ash - The Evil King 
6. Boris "Yut" Bohuslav - 
7. Vincent Linton - Ruby Grant's Killer/A Criminal 
8. Bob Zu - Chinese-American General 
9. Daniel Ching - Chinese-American Commander 
10. Dang Ji - Mandarin Fighters' General 
11. Chen The Snake - General Dang Ji's Snake 

Evil Group
1. Dark Power of Eagle (ToSWF, ToSWF2)
2. The Rogue Canines (LwL; 3rd sequel)
3. Bob Zu's Powerful Fighters (The Fellow Army)
4. Mandarin Fighters (AfC)
Here's the slot:
(DeviantArt Name/Request/Status/Process)
1.:icondarucha: - Coco is lower than Yuki - Status: Done Process:  Progress Bars - Air colors %100 by Kazhmiran
2.:iconberlithoven: - Berlitoven - Status: Starting Soon
3.:iconratchet55: - Ratchet and Rachel At The Picnic - Status: Pending
4.:iconcraftjensin: - Shooting an Skeleton Status: Starting Soon

I can do:
  • Minecraft Render Lightroom/Scene
  • Minecraft OCs
  • Minecraft YouTubers
  • Minecraft Maps and Pixel Art (difficult)
  • Minecraft Short FanFiction (N/A)
  • MC:SM (Jesse and Petra only; i don't have any extra character...)
I cannot do:
  • Abusive and Disrespectful things (Incl. Ground threats, Bullying, Threating, etc.) (I'm afraid if i get your idea with unnecessary public humiliation; I will not put you on the slot if you do that. I am urged to stop those things that is from off-topic.)
  • NSFW
  • Yaoi/Yuri
  • Strong Language
  • Fetish
  • Gore
  • Pregnancy (Well, it's kinda difficult to make that same way within that time, my goodness!)
Before you request, Please watch me, and put this on your fav, and then you comment or note
Well, :iconzgwrox: requested me for Jesse and Petra fights against Herobrine in the throne room... But i will do it immediately as soon as possible...Idea 
I've done making Render Lightroom for 3 deviant people. I'm just going to make it possible for all people in this site who are really liked to visit my commission before!
The Pre-Order Commission has been ended because i'm ready to plan for something. So, i would like to do request before starting commission at all time. Here's the rules for Request

I can do:

  • Minecraft Renders, Wallpaper, Comic, Skins, Scenes,
  • Stamps
I can try:
  • Adoptables
  • Collabs
  • Gifts
  • Logos
I cannot do:
  • Minecraft Icons and YouTube Banner (very difficult to do :shrug:)
  • NSFW Content
  • Fetish
  • Unrelated References
  • Dank Memes
  • Yaoi and Yuri 
  • Graphic Content
I will start doing request until it closes....when commission is started.
Hello there, i have some bad news, The art thieves are going into :iconmcminetube:'s art, also everyone! Because we didn't protect our arts. We should protect your arts by using it to prevent allowing people to steal. I'm started to panic when they realize when their arts were stolen by art thieves.

Please don't hide your art when they did it, i'm here to help you! Here's the stamps and fan button so that will save you from stealing your arts!

Stamp against art theft and... by yesi-chan Don't steal my art - Stamp by Crystal-Artist Artist Rights by taruto Anti Art Theft Stamp by Zeiphex Art Theft by Girl-just-let-go-200 Art Theft Stamp by sammich Art Theft Stamp - DeMaulwurfn by Art-Fuzz STOP ART THEFT STAMP by CamiFortuna I Report Art Theft by PrettyGirlsWithGuns
Fan Button:
<a href="">
Here's tehe waiting list:
:iconzgwrox: Status: Not yet Started

Please bear with us if i will do in process...
Hello there,

I have some bad news, I will have to be delayed sometimes because i'm reviewing every subject before exam. If the exam starts when the commission closed on August 14th 2017.
It will open on August 18th or 19th 2017. Have fun guys!
Hey! :icondahub: will give you free Points if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!

You can also be featured if you donate some Points

So go to dAhub now! :D (Big Grin)
Hello, i'm selling Lightroom ONLY. (Lightroom credited to McMineTube) This is for a limited time.

TheProBajao - Minecraft Lightroom Scene by TheProfessionalBajao

Profile Picture - 10:points: (NOT AVAILABLE)
Render Lightroom: 15:points:

  • 1 render ONLY
  • Render will be do at anytime
  • If you have your skin, i'll put it on render. (if not, you have to upload a skin and insert file attachment)
  • PORN, violence, strong language, and sensitive material is not permitted
Pre-Order Commission will be closed Next Sunday Morning or until 5 people have been bought. Don't miss the point!

To Do List(Updated):
:iconmamesthedragon: = Status: Complete
:iconwhitephoenixstudio: = Status: Almost Done yet..
:iconmcminetube: = Status: Done
Hello guys, I would like you to check out this commission sheet but it will open soon.

Commission Sheet [SOON TO BE OPEN] by TheProfessionalBajao

Rules [Do's/Don't]

I Can:

  • Make OCs
  • Do Shippings
  • Make Video Game Characters (Such as Mario)
  • Foot and Bite Fetish [sometimes]
  • Make Minecraft Thumbnails, Profile Pictures, and Render Scenes

I Cannot:

    • Make porn/sexual content (it's not for children)
    • Making vent or edgy arts (violence and gore)
    • Make fetish [except Foot and Bite fetish]
    • Make Mpregs (Because it's disgusting, learn a lesson, fangirls...)
    • Make nazi imagery
    • Make very creepy
    • Furries (Because the furries are silly :/)
    The Commission will open every Friday to Sunday.
    Last year ago, i hadn't sell things for points. I will replace into a new stuff like Profile Pictures, Render, Thumbnail and Banners for some deviantart users... I'll have it to change them soon....
    There are my list that i make new characters!

    OCs (5 New OCs; surname changed 10-6-17)

    • Jasper Jung Lee - A South Korean-American Black Wolf School Teacher. (Male)
    • Hazel Raakel - An English-Australian Eurasian Jay Writer and Artist. (Female)
    • Alina Esty - A British-Russian Eurasian Wolf Student (Female) 
    • Daley Clint - A English-Russan Student (Male) 
    • Adley Golden - A Scottish Librarian, Artist and Writer (Male) 
    • Esther Grant - An American Brewer (Female) 
    • Teagan Marie-Jills - An New Zealander Teacher (Female) 
    • Jaxon Avery - An Swiss-Croatian Teacher (Male) 
    • Brody Finn - An American Police Officer (Male) 
    • Jett Madon - An American Student (Female) 
    • Simon Beau - A French-American Librarian (Male) 
    • Sean Zu - A Chinese-American Pharmacist (Male) 
    • Adam Mur - An English-Malaysian Physican (Male) 
    • Isabella Antone - An Venezuelan-American Photographer and Sculptor (Female) [NEW]
    • Jonathan Harper - An Australian Chef (Male) 
    • Jorge Rodney - An American Artist and Student (Male)
    • Ju-Han Ong - A Singaporean Student (Male)
    • Eldridge Bingham - A Scottish-American Scientist (Male)
    • David Vance - An American Athlete (Male)
    • Ken van Frederik - A Dutch Gardener (Male)
    • Alice Arlyne - An Irish Red Fox Anesthesiologist (Female)
    • Johanna Fredrika - An British-Swedish Dragon (Female)
    • Brian Myles - A Male Student 
    • Samuel Milford - A Male American Teacher of Arts [NEW]
    • Lauren Niles - A Female American Teacher of Music [NEW]
    • Margaret Montgomery - A Female American Teacher of Reading [NEW]
    • Evelyn Mildred - A Female Student
    (These OCs are still in W.I.P, I will do it soon as possible) If i'm done with these characters, please credit to me.)

    OCs Coming Soon (Surname Changed 9-1-17; fixed):

    • Cabroso Amador - A Spanish Soldier (Male)
    • Whitey Tyrone - A British Agent (Male)
    • Fluzara Azurine - A Female French (Feline/Cat) Student and a Librarian (Female)
    • Marcel Adalberto - A Retired Italian Sculptor (Male)
    • Yut Bohuslav - A Thai-Ukrainian Wolf Killer and Librarian (Male)
    • Kenton Dominic - A American Coach (Male)
    • Melina Lexie - A American-Canadian Scientist (Female)
    • Don Maritez - A Filipino-Spanish (Male)
    • Abel Hikaru - A Japanese Alpha Wolf Student (Female) 

    OCs Currently Ongoing (3 OCs new):

    • Teagan Marie-Jills - A Female Teacher of
    • Alexei Mihajlovic - A Male Russian-Serbian Student and Victim/Captive of Dark Power of Eagle
    • Ace The Legend - A Male Scottish Hero
    • Liam Olga (formerly Yxibel) - A Ukraine Student and Alina's Friend.
    • Daley Clint 
    • Jang Jun-Seo Ju - A Male Korean-American Principal of Blockington High School [NEW]
    • Nelly Arisha - A Female (Wolf) Student and a she falls in love with Daley [NEW]
    • Colton Odgen - A Male Teacher of History [NEW]