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Rules and Guidelines

As we develop the world of Bellatierra, we must try to make sure that all the stories fit together nicely. Please try to follow these guidelines, if you do not we may not be able to include your stories as official material.

• There is no modern technology in Bellatierra – unless you are working on a story that contains or references the Alien Princess, even then go easy on the technology and heavy on the magical. Not that we have anything against science fiction – we love it ^^ But that just doesn’t fit the theme of this project.

• Magic is an important part of Bellatierra. Your characters magic can follow whatever rules and mythologies you want – alchemy, voodoo, shamanism, anything. Your character doesn’t need to have magical powers exactly, but your story should still have a fantastical, mythological feel.

• Please refer to the map of Bellatierra when talking about locations, and place names etc, so that you don’t contradict it. There are some places that are not shown on the map – let us know if you need to mention these places and we’ll work out exactly where they are. Map; theprincessproject.deviantart.…

• Please – please ( we cannot stress this enough) try to work with your fellow artists if you want to include or reference their characters in your story! Make sure you share your drafts and check details with them. If you cannot contact them, contact us (Frills-Of-Justice).

• Share as much information as you can! Put up character profiles, back stories, sketches and other things that will help develop your characters.

More details will be added soon

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The group for Artists Invited to participate in The Princess Project.
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May 6, 2013


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Art Creation

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All our projects are now part of Pyxi Magazine. :iconpyximagazine: It's early days still, but please have a look at the new group.
Thank you!
Hello everyone! Today I have some news that some might find disappointing, but hopefully everyone will see that I'm choosing whats best for the project.

Some of you may know that I recently started a small business TAFE course, so that I could improve my management skills and run the projects more efficiently. As part of the course we are setting up a potential small business, and I have started a small digital magazine/blog. Because of this, I haven't had much time to dedicate to Sparkle Spectrum or the Princess Project. I was thinking of putting the projects on hiatus for the time being, but after considering all the time and effort that every artist has dedicated, I realized I couldn't do that. So this is my proposal;  

I want to combine all three projects into one.

How this would work for Sparkle Spectrum:
First of all, we will no longer be using the Sparkle Spectrum group. Everything will now be at Pyxi Magazine :iconpyximagazine:

Instead of putting all the artworks into an artbook, I would like to put several artworks in each monthly issue of the magazine. $1 from each artwork will go to the selected charity for each volume sold. For example, if an issue contains 3 Pink Parade and 2 Endless Blue artworks, $3 will go to BCC Australia and $2 to Men's Health Australia for every magazine sold. This means we actually have the potential to raise even more money then we would have through artbooks ( because the cost of printing artbooks is so high, but magazines, especially digital ones, are quite cheap in comparison) Which I think is exciting!

What does this mean for artists who have completed their artwork?
Simply let us know if you are happy with this new idea and give us permission to use your artwork in the magazine.
If you are unhappy, you may remove your artwork from the project, just let us know.

What does this mean for artists who have not completed their artwork?
Good news is, if you still want to be part of the project, you no longer have to worry about due dates! Simply complete your artwork whenever you have the time and send it to us by note or e-mail.
If you no longer want to create an artwork, just let us know.

How this would work for Princess Project

The Princess Project wont change much, except that we will no longer be using the old group.
Please head over to the the Pyxi Magazine group :iconpyximagazine:

Thank you everyone, I hope we can continue to work together!
Sorry for the long wait everyone, its finally time to announce the winner for Eva's Design Contest!
We choose the winner taking into consideration the votes on our Facebook album, but also how well the design and character would fit into the world of Bellatierra. We're happy to announce that the winner is :iconcopperjellyroll:
With her beautiful and detailed design, which you can see here:

The Princess Project: Princess Eva by copperjellyroll


Crown by damaciel Updated prizes!! Winner's pachage from :iconanothercontestgroup:
"The Winners Package (WP) is guaranteed to offer your placing winners at most a month long journal feature, exclusive admittance into our gallery to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of our watchers, and a llama for your 1st place winners. The WP is submitted in a journal every month on Friday. "

Crown by damacielYour design will be used to depict the character “Eva” the first True Princess of Bellatierra.

Crown by damacielYour art will be featured in the group journal

Crown by damacielYou will receive 100 points and a llama (if not already given) as well as group membership

Crown by damacielYou will be given a 10 % discount on all Princess Project items, 20% discount on promotional products that feature Eva.

Crown by damacielYou will also receive one free Frills-Of-Justice art print featuring Eva.

Crown by damaciel Updated prizes!! 500 points and an adorable chibi form the amazing:iconyampuff:
Pearl and Rose by YamPuff
Crown by damaciel Updated prizes!! An adorable chibi from the talented :iconekkoberry:
Tiroru by Ekkoberry Sakura by Ekkoberry
Crown by damaciel Updated prizes!! A sweet watercolour sketch from the very cool :iconlu--24:
Cold and Warm by lu--24

Crown by damaciel Updated prizes!!
A traditional chibi from :iconmakotozhyzn:
IP: Music by MakotoZhyzn
Crown by damaciel Updated prizes!!
A sketch of your winning design by :iconrachelllle:

We've also chosen three designs tied for second place;

Eva the First Princess by Xaferis
Eva :: Contest Entry :: by YamPuff
Princess Design by Eiyre

If you won second place, we encourage you to develop this design as a new character, and you are welcome to make them part of Bellatierra! They can be new princesses, or maybe side characters to help build and give depth to the world. If your lacking in time but feeling generous, you might want to 'donate' the design to the group - I'm sure I'd find a use for such lovely characters -of course, this is completely optional.

I've also decided to give some points to everyone you entered the contest, because all the designs were so lovely!
Thank you everyone~
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