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My Bio
Welcome to my deviantART page - lovely to have you here!

I am known as Princess Bee and like being called bee or E. You can call me princess if you really want, but I don't expect it (though I certainly enjoy it!) ;)

If you're a Harley Quinn fan, chances are you've seen my work at Harley's Haven - - the number one resource for the Daffy Dame of Deviousness.

I'm a huge Harley Quinn fan who shares a unique bond and sense of connection to the ebullient Miss Quinn - I identify deeply with her and from the second I saw her there was an instant sense of recognising the core of myself.

I've tried to honour this by contributing to the fandom with my two websites focused on Harley, intended as resources on everything about Harley and her critical relationship with the Joker:
I love to think these websites contribute constructively to the community of Harley fandom.

My love for Harley has also lead me to develop one of the biggest and most complete collections of Harley-related merchandise out there:…

And finally, I now turn my obsessive hand to cosplay. My goal is to strive to be the absolute best Harley cosplayer I can be, having high quality, accurate and ever-improving costumes along with great depiction and embodiment of this character who's so special to me.

In keeping with this goal, I want to provide something special for both myself and other Harley fans to enjoy and do a variety of cosplays performing various depictions of Harley. I strive to devise unique and original ideas, beautifully produced photoshoots and the best and most accurate costumes. Records of my work here are dated although due to recent imitation I am considering not posting my ideas until I have complete shoots in place. Rest assured the work you see in my gallery has been done here first.

What you will find here, now and in the future:

"CLASSIC Harley Quinn"
- Traditional costume:…
- Dr Harleen Quinzel:…
- "Mad Love" Harley Quinn:…
- "Women of DC" Harley Quinn:…
- "Hollywood" Harley Quinn:…
- "Arkham Asylum" Harley Quinn
- "Swimsuit" Harley Quinn
- "Christmas" Harley Quinn
- "Nurse" Harley Quinn

"ALTERNATE Harley Quinns"
- "The Batman" Harley Quinn
- "The Joker Graphic Novel" Harley Quinn
- "Arkham Asylum VG" Harley Quinn
- "Thrillkiller" Harley Quinn
- "Ame-Comi" Harley Quinn
- "Haute Couture" Harley Quinn:…
- "50s" Harley Quinn:…

... and MORE!

Expect this to be a long-term project! :)

Most of my cosplays will be based on depictions from comics and cartoons and I'll be striving for absolute accuracy and detail. Those that aren't based in canon will be evoked as faithfully to Harley's nature, character and personal style as conceivable.

Feel free to browse through my gallery and comment. I'd love you to watch me and follow along with my progress and hopefully get as much enjoyment out of it as I do! I also love to hear from, support and encourage my fellow fans!

Feel free to become my facebook friend!…

And on MySpace too!

And to follow me on Twitter:

Or check out my YOUtube channel:…

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Mixed
Favourite style of art: Various
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: My head is on backwards but my heart is still spinning around

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tom Waits
Favourite Writers
Michel Faber, Alice Walker
Tools of the Trade
A mean pair of stilettos, cherry red lipstick and a push-up bra
Other Interests
JokerxHarley, Burlesque, Poledancing, Circus arts, lingerie, Daddy/girl, D/s, fashion, politics
- I had a nervous breakdown - Only diagnosed recently - This is why I disappeared - And why, whatever stated intentions, I couldn't act on my desire to return I'm still recovering and working through it. One day at a time. But I will be back. Hope you;re all good.
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Check out this awesome piece of work here: Maybe consider voting for this piece in the contest it's listed in? Hit 'browse and vote' on the dA itself. I'm gonna vote for it, we need more Harley hoodies! Vote for it by going here: hover over the image and you should see a button that says 'I'd wear this' - hit that!
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Hey everyone! Okay, long story short: horrible, life-dulling depression. Avoiding, amongst many other things, deviantART cos I'll have so much to catch up on. Trying to get better and trying to catch up. Here I am! I had over 10,000 notifications so I'm sorry for all those wonderful deviations the people I follow have posted that I haven't seen, much less commented on.  I'll try and check things out over the next couple of weeks, although I'm also on a mission to update my other websites too. Some new deviations coming soon, but on the whole my HQ cosplay is on hold until I get my head screwed back on tight. I can't deal with putting too m
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:iconbummiesplz:Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
Happy Birthday next week my friend!
I hope you are doing well dear Princess Bee, I wish you the best and hope all is going well for you.