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This obviously isn't a display of my stellar photography skills, or the great quality of my camera (I think it got a little damaged when Laurel dropped it in the woods. Or maybe it was the fall on the ferry deck in Victoria that did it...) Actually, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, other than something to make my gallery look a little less empty.

Anyway, the characters are:

Max, Fang, Angel, and Total (kids w/ wings and their dog) from Maximum Ride; Georgia (schoolgirl w/ angry cat) from Confessions of Georgia Nicolson; Meggie Folchart from Inkheart; the Baudelaire orphans from A Series of Unfortunate Events; Junie B. Jones and Philip Johnny Bob; Matilda and Bruce Bogtrotter (the kid Ms. Trunchbull made eat a massive chocolate cake/my personal hero); a fox and a bird from The Nannycatch Chronicles (they’re probably named Fox and Bird—it’s one of those books); Deryn/Dylan Sharp (blonde tomboy scaling the black book) and Alek Hapsburg (kid w/ sword) from Leviathan; and Jace, Clary, and Simon from the Mortal Instruments series. Oh, and me, the bespectacled brunette with the stupid grin.

Just in case you were wondering.

[EDIT] If you like the Hunger Games I made one for that too. Tis got Catnip and Gale : D
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oohh my gods this is soo cool

btw alek goes by Aleksandar of Hohenberg (he doesnt really have a last name) 

but i really shouldn't be criticizing that cause 1) thats soo awesome anyways 2) i made the same mistake 3) and on top of that i pronounced it hornberg for the first book so really who am i to judge theres only so much leviathan stuff out ther

anyhoo cool art