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A slew of friends have recently signed up to dA and so I recommend you harass the following people...

:iconbenslowart: :icondellboyy: :iconsnikstencilstuff: :iconwhoam-irony:

...or just take a look at their work, either is good.
I thought, for once, I'd remember to give a heads up for an event I'm a part of that's coming soon.

'Street Art' at The Herbert

I hope to have a four minute animation ready for the show, which uses an amalgamation of light, stencils and long exposure photography to create a stop motion short. It has been months in the works and is driving me to near insanity but I think it'll be worth seeing the show for just the short, haha.

Ciao for now.
I've now recieved my fifth daily deviation, haha, I feel as proud as much as I feel guilty for having so many.

Thank you to Ricardo-Rick for kindly featuring 'It Started As A Joke' and another thank you to everyone that has commented and favourited the piece :)

I'd also like to mention that the screen print version of 'It Started As A Joke' is now available for £65 from here, after a lot of problems and delays, it's here.

Again, cheers for all your support and I'm upping my game for 2010, some fresh work in the pipes!
I've been investigating how to produce prints of 'It Started As A Joke' recently, so that I can make the mad piece more available to you guys because I can offer it at a considerably lower price. The prints won't be with dA but with a professional screen printers in London. Once I've recieved paper samples from a supplier and I've decided on one, I'll be able to give you guys a better indication of the price.

If you'd like to recieve an email from me when the print is available to preorder (that I hope to help cover the costs of the job run through), send me a private message with your address and I'll contact you about the print when I can. You're certainly not obligated to buy a print if you send me your address. For the wary amongst you, I'll only send you one email about the print becoming available for preorder and I won't keep you on any list/database or share the addresses.

Who's interested?
I recieved another (4th, no less) daily deviation to my extreme surprise a few days ago on 'The Buff'. I could've sworn they had some sort of limit on how many you're allowed but I guess I'll just have to grin and bear the attention, haha. I jest, thank you to everyone that commented on my work, a thank you to all the new watchers and thank you to the crazy amount of people that favourited my art.

Also, I hit over 40,000 pageviews recently, which is a nice round number but meaningless in itself. Thanks for all the interest, support and pointing out areas of underspray because I totally couldn't see it myself :P I enjoy talking with you all, ladies and gentlemen.

The people at Kulture Online, a new website about street art and photography, set me some questions and I did my best to answer them. I think I passed. I shall await a sticky gold star for confirmation.
I thought I'd share with you that there are familiar pieces newly available for sale at Blight Society, as some pieces from the Dreaming Nightmares show didn't sell. Don't miss that there's a second page beyond that link, too.

Besides this, there's a show, Sub-Urban 3 at the CB1 Cafe (along Mill Road), coming up in Cambridge on the 4th of July, where there'll be stuff on display, as well as possibly live painting going on from me and others. It should be tasty!
I forgot to mention it here but Blight Society has opened a One Pound Art section and I've contributed a bunch of stenciled works either on corrugated cardboard or small canvases, which you'll recognize from a recent deviation.

Pieces become randomly available at some point on the day of release listed on the product page, so if you see something that takes your fancy, write it down in your proverbial diary and check the website out throughout the day.

Also, I've sent pieces to Rapid City '09, happening in Ontario that features a bunch of dA heads here, and I'll be painting live at UpFest '09, in Bristol on the 6th of June. There are a shit ton of amazing street artists making an appearance at UpFest, so if you can make it, do make it.

If you are there, you can be sure of on the spot freebies : )
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Time for a little whoring, I've a few things available for sale since nothing sold at 'Wrong Side of the Tracks' and, whilst I'm at it, I'll recap the other things too :P

Ollie, available for £85, includes the postage to anywhere, edition of one. Just imagine the hanging possibilities!

The Buffer, available for £45, includes the postage to anywhere, edition of one. This piece wants to be touched.

Chasing Bones, available for £10, £2 postage within the UK and £5 for everywhere else, edition of five. These are the ones left. Happy little dogs :D

Everyone Is Shouting, No One Is Listening, available via Blight Society for the lovely round number of £264.74, includes postage to anywhere, edition of one. A beast of a piece!

So there we go, if you're interested in buying anything, send me a note. Payments are made through PayPal. Cheers : )
A hoarde of burping artists took me in the middle of the night the other month, shone bright lights in my face and asked open-ended questions, returning me only once they were satisfied.

Today they slipped a piece of paper through my door, on which this web address was written using ketchup. It also said I should not try to leave the country and that Uri would be paying a visit with the twins soon.

Or you know, someone interviewed me... ;)
You might've already seen a few of the photos I uploaded to my gallery from my 'All Blocked Up' series and if you have, you'll probably have read I'm toying with the idea of producing a collected book of blocked caps from lots of other people. Other people like you : P

First off, this isn't some swish and fancy book with a lovely publisher behind me. It'd more than likely be produced via an online print-on-demand service, where the company prints a copy of the book when it's ordered. The benefit of this is there's no need for any large upfront payment or to find a publisher. The disadvantage is the book costs more and you wouldn't see it in a retail store or on Amazon, unless the book had an ISBN but let's not get into that...

So aye, the main motivation to get involved would really just be the fact you could then have a professionally printed book with your contributions in it.

At the moment it's nothing but an idea. I want to first find out if, and then how many, people would genuinely be up for sending their interesting looking old caps in. This isn't some custom cap thing (a la munny), this'd only be for caps that weren't purposefully made to look awesome, haha.

If you're interested, say so.
A blast from the past for any KWG members that frequented the channel, I came across this quote that I must've saved at some point, haha...

<TheChew> my marker crapped out : (
<Frozen-in-time1> aww
<TheChew> woo
<TheChew> pizza pocket
<ThePopeGFX> and thus the balance is restored

...good times!
Check out the Rapid City show in Sarnia, Canada if you get the chance, happening on the 7th of June. Click here for more details.

And if you hadn't already heard, Melbourne Stencil Festival is now open to artist applications. It costs a bit of money to send an application and there's no guarantee you'll be accepted but from what I've seen and heard, it's a decent event, so it's worth it.
Can anyone recommend a good wired mouse? Nothing fancy either, I've found mice with more than three buttons are pointless. I do vector work most of the time, so aye, any recommendations?

I'm heading there Sunday afternoon and putting up my own small something.

Anyone else going?
I gots me a Daily Deviation. Again. For the third time, haha.

I honestly feel greedy but I think I can live with that. Thanks to anyone that has favourited 'Dopeness Means Robots' although I won't spend time thanking everyone who did but I appreciate comments even more (especially the ones that say more than 'that's cool!'), so I'll reply to all of those.

Need to give a shout to Visual Dirt for being the other half of the collaboration (honestly, show him some love), to AlexLionheart for suggesting the feature in the first place so cheers amigo, not forgetting just-an-artist for deciding to feature it and to Rebel Music for letting us smear paint over their wall.
Check out this thread for details about a street art (but 'Game & Watch' themed) exhibition that's calling for entries. Thought I'd share it because exhibiting in a gallery can be hard to get involved in.

And if you know of any exhibitions open to street art stuffs, don't keep shtum, I grab at all the chances I can get to exhibit and would appreciate hearing about anything you might know.

I'm a whore like that.
Eating, sleeping, talking, arting.

The year has started well...stencils and stickers up in new places...already involved with many exhibitions...and I am healthy.

Internet activity at an all new low, productivity in reality at an enjoyable high!

I am happy.
I recently recieved my copy of 'The Kid's Book Project', which I was lucky enough to be a part of. The idea was to round up a bunch of comic artists and effectively write a story through chinese whispers. Each creator made one page, having only seen the page before (or after, as half the creators started at the end and worked backwards whilst the others started from the start and went forwards), which makes for a very interesting story and it was cool to see how my page played it's part in it all.

If you're into your webcomics, it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy one, although I'm not sure why it still says pre-order on the website. Other awesome creators involved include:
Ryan North
Tom Truszkowski
Liz Greenfield
Ali Grahm
Nate Wooters
Dorothy Gambrell
Joe Dunn…
Jon Scrivens
Steve Napierski

With a list of people like that, how can you not be interested?! :P

But remember, love this season shouldn't cost £14.99...merry capitalistmas!
I'm a little inactive of late, assessment deadlines are the cause. I hope to get some new work done around Christmas when I have some spare time, keep peeled. PEELED.

Graff ended too, if you hadn't already read at the website. Again, blame deadlines.

I'm looking forward to 2008, a new year is exactly the meaingless reason I need to stop procrastinating and start creating.

As a man once said 'May your limbs remain intact, so that you may always wank'.

Words to live by : P