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It Started As A Joke

By ThePpeGFX
It started as a joke but things quickly escalated and before we knew it, all paint broke lose and people were taking sides, sparring with paint brushes, chasing after each other madly and taking hostages. We never did finish painting that room...

A print of this is available for £65 from here.

This piece has been dogging me for a month now, taking up all of my spare time. I wanted to produce something that featured a giant crowd scene before the year was out. I had done 'crowds' before in 'Dopeness Means Robots' but that consisted of tiling many designs over each other. I had originally intended for 'The Buff' to be a crowded scene but the dimensions were off and I learnt from my mistakes. Thus 'It Started As A Joke' came to exist, which now features over sixty individually designed figures, copy and paste was told to fuck off.

I'm immensely pleased with the final result and I believe it's my finest work to date. You'll have to excuse the subpar quality of the last photo but I'm too tired to set up, shoot and stitch together a bunch of photos to get a high quality panoramic. I hope you enjoy looking at all the little scenes and situations going on :)

Over 120cm long, ~90 hours of design, ~50 hours of cutting, two hours of painting and four layers.

48" by 12" by 1.5", stretched canvas, edition of four.

Available for £550, which includes worldwide postage, note me for further details.
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Tivo-013's avatar
Love the guy using his special dual blue paint tornado force ^^
ThePpeGFX's avatar
Haha, from now on, that's what the move shall be known as!
jasonRHILL's avatar
omg koooooota.
jasonRHILL's avatar
AHAHHAH. I was wait for someone to ask that from a (dif.contry).
well you know how we aussies mix it up with our lingo and all
well yer KOOTA/couta comes from the american word coutos but sounds like a "k" ,its in all there movies. so we mixed it up. it meens COOL/DOPE/THE BEST. kinda think or you can use it in convosation like when you talk to some one to seal the deal or plan.

eg. oi were gonna go get some koota that cool with you? -OTHERPERSON- yer man that sounds koota.

but yer theres koots.koota. there even more words that you probaly loose it over like . dardi,dard,dud there so many.
phillipwnd's avatar
This is so awesome. I love the simplicity and complexity. :ahoy: And the CMYK color scheme. :D Did you intentionally go for CMYK, or did it just sort of happen? xD

It kind of reminds me of a battle scene from a "Where's Waldo?" book (or Wally, in some parts of the world.)

I wish I could have something like this as a desktop wallpaper.
ThePpeGFX's avatar
It was very much an intentional choice and it's a colour scheme I've used before :D

Heheh, yes, I can see the Waldo comparison. Now all you've got to do is find his glasses!
phillipwnd's avatar
I see. :P I almost didn't ask, but I figured that CMYK looks awesome together whether or not you know of their significance.

I can't find his glasses, but I sure had fun finding all the other fun stuff happening in the picture. :D Are those two guys near the left side locking arms and painting everyone in a circle? xD
ThePpeGFX's avatar
Haha yeah, back to back fighting!
phillipwnd's avatar
They're the badasses of the paint war. :D

Them, and the guy in the center hitting someone in the head with a bucket. Or maybe he just has anger issues...
ThePpeGFX's avatar
I'd say the whole lot of them have a lot of pent up anger issues :P
PurplePaintDrops's avatar
woah! what a fun idea XD
So F-king good bro! Just love it! LOVE IT!!
ThePpeGFX's avatar
SCR-eam's avatar
Wow, awesome idea, great done... I really like it!
ThePpeGFX's avatar
Koi-top's avatar
Love your work, really inspiring.

It inspires me to go around throwing people paint (but probably isnt a good idea :D)
ThePpeGFX's avatar
There's only one way to find out, Koi-top ;)
Koi-top's avatar
JaiBiz's avatar
amazing!! kinda keith harring esque! i love it
ThePpeGFX's avatar
ShireWolf's avatar
This is amazing! I spent 20minutes laughing at the madness happening. This certainly looks like it was fun to do, had to be a pain but also must have been great to finally finish it =)
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