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My OCs

My Dumb Horse Characters

Name of Image

Stormy Sea is a pilot who works alongside a team of weather specialists to protect the island they call home from dangerous tropical storms. A majority of her time is spent either traveling or training new recruits, and she's very dedicated to her work. She's a bit bossy and impatient at times, and also can be a bit of a worrywart, coming across as naggy or overprotective of those she cares for. However, she's a genuinely caring and kind pony at heart. But her most dominant trait is her inability to conceal what she's feeling - she's a VERY expressive pony! She loves her friends, her husband, sleeping in, and the smell of the ocean.

Parlay was once a well-known and successful high stakes poker player, who has now retired and instead runs her own casino. She is still pretty young into her adulthood and, though successful and well-liked, can be a bit careless and indulgent. Luckily she has the money to back up her bad habits. She's extremely charismatic and lucky, and is constantly partying, making new friends, and looking for more ways to get richer. Despite her love for money and sin, she can be pretty generous and very welcoming, having a warm and inviting attitude towards anyone who steps into her casino.

Awesome Art For Me!

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Sep 20, 2018
11:08 pm
Sep 20, 2018
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Sep 20, 2018
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Sep 20, 2018
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Sep 20, 2018
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Which one of my main OCs do you prefer? 

77 deviants said Stormy Sea
22 deviants said Parlay


Digital Art Hobbyist | Mostly Draws Horses
Hi! I'm ThePossumface, or Possum, or Sea. Call me whatever! I have been doodling on and off since I was a little babby. Or like... seven, more realistically. I've always loved cartoons, and as I grew up I really came to admire the amount of effort and love that goes into art, especially animation. I draw MLP a lot, but despite loving the art style, I'm not a huge fan of the show anymore. My favorite animated show currently airing is probably Steven Universe. Er... definitely Steven Universe. I also like Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Bojack Horseman, and Star Vs quite a bit.

Aside from drawing, I also love video games (Portal, Fallout, Dead Space, DDLC, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Pokemon, and Binding of Isaac to name a few) and listening to music. Especially EDM, although my all time favorite band is Gorillaz. I like to read and go on walks or even camp when I have the time.

**As long as you link back to the source and/or tag me, you are welcome to use/post my art anywhere, referencing included (no tracing though, please).

Buy Me a Coffee at

Page dolls by Ak4neh

Commission Info

List Of Commissions

1. Falling Skies - 4 characters - Paid, in queue
2. Debra Rose - 1 character - Paid, in queue
3. astros440 - 2 characters - Paid, in queue
4. JustinBaker23 - 1 character - Paid, in queue
5. HiccupsDoesArt - 1 character (Trade) - Coloring
6. EmbersLament - 1 character (Collab) - Sketching

Requests Status: Closed
Art Trades Status: Maybe, ask
Commission Status: Closed

Cool People

People I Like Lots

Shark Husband:




Other Arists/People I Admire:

Huge thank you to these people, whether it be for creating awesome art, taking time to comment on my work, or just being a friend to me. If you're here, you've made an impact on my art.

Thanks to all my watchers as well! ;v; If we've never talked, don't be shy, because I'm already shy, and that means we'd probably both never be brave enough to start a conversation.

List of art thieves

Buyer/Watcher Beware

These are artists or customers who I urge others to avoid at all costs, be it for reasons of dishonesty, unprofessional attitude, or poor service. This list also includes people who have stolen art from me one way or another, be it tracing, color picking adoptables, or outright reposting my art and claiming it as their own. Others should be cautious when buying from/commissioning/watching these artists, as more of their work may be stolen.

Anyone who steals art from me in any way will remain on this list forever (with occasional exceptions from genuinely apologetic individuals) regardless of the outcome; you may take the artwork down but you should have known better to begin with. My page makes it very clear that I do not allow tracing of my work. This is your only warning.

1. :iconsteampunksrock: / :iconsteampunkadopts: - Stole an adoptable OC's colors to resell - argued, blocked me, cursed me out, and threatened suicide when confronted. Has since had several other claims made against her by other artists.
2. :iconlewa008: - Directly traced one of my works, down to the details. Said they weren't a popular artist so they didn't need to give credit. Also said art is uploaded to Twitter uncredited all the time so that makes it okay for them to trace over art. Blocked me after commenting.
3. :iconxeodefix: - Copied ColdbrewCoffee's OC's design and claimed it as their own. Later "redesigned" the OC, leaving it looking very similar to Coldbrew's, as well as heavily referencing Coldbrew's artwork of the OC in question without giving credit in any way. Makes alternate accounts and/or gets their friends to curse at people and call them faggots. Blocked me when called out.

Daily jams!

Updated when I remember to. =v=


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