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My next big idea is some video game characters playing DnD. Layton would be the DM, Lucina would be the female version of "that guy", Alex Kidd would be the one that can't separate real life from the game, Spike (from the playstation games) would freak out whenever something from his game is mentioned, and Chell would be the quiet one that can't role play worth anything. If anyone has an opinion on this idea, please leave a comment!
These are the video game champions: a team of six, each from a different video game realm. They work together to ensure all video game characters have a chance to be who they are. Note: these are all fan made and this is set in a future time so all the shippings that allow them to exist make sense.

Whiteout (Sega star): A hedgehog with white fur, photokinetic powers, sight, at least in the traditional way. She's kind and gentle, and she likes to take things slow. She tends to use her powers for scouting things out and creating illusions rather than fighting. She and Cairo are really good friends.

Seraph (Nintendite): An angel with pink...well, everything! She's always super positive, but she can be a bit naïve at times. Her arrows make anyone hit by them feel happy and content. She tends to be the peacemaker should other team members have an argument.

Pertureaay (Valvelander): a human with brown hair and eyes. She is brave, and has good reflexes, but sometimes has a hard time expressing emotion. She uses a portal gun to move from area to area, and trap enemies if need be. Her teammates and friends call her Prue.

Pamela Drew (Puzzlind): Looks similar to Pertureaay, but slightly taller and with longer hair. She is smart and detail-oriented, but can be nitpicky. She plans out the team missions and solves any problems or puzzles that happen along the way. She and Pertureaay are sisters, but not by birth.

Jena (Stationmaster): Has yellow hair with blue streaks. She is strong willed and talented in Eco alchemy, but can be hard-headed. She is the fighter on the team, and is known to inject herself with Eco to make her stronger. She gets very angry if someone disturbs her while she's working.

Cairo (Computeer): Looks like her mother, only slightly dimmed and with wings. She is very athletic, but also very small. Likes to climb around enemy areas and sneak around to gain information. She likes it when Whiteout spends time with her, as it usually means being pampered.