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These are two fan made regions of the pokemon world. They are physically close to one another, however, they don't get along well. Their way of deciding leaders is very similar. When the current one reaches 60 years old (gone through the cycles 5 times over, as they put it) each region gathers all the 12 year olds to compete for the right to become the new ruler. To do this, a competitor must complete the challenge of each Chosen Pokémon. A challenge consists of a traditional battle, and a puzzle, since the Chosen Pokémon are as powerful in mind as they are in body. Once all the challenges are completed, a competitor must defeat the current ruler in battle. When done, the competition is done, and a new ruler is crowned. The first order of the new ruler is to battle the new ruler of the other region. The region of the winner gets the better part of any agreements the two regions may make.
These regions are based on China and Japan, respectively (Anagrams of Ni Hao and Origin.) I could use some ideas for pokemon that would fit in these two regions. Regional variants are encouraged! 
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Submitted on
March 3, 2017