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Ok hello long time since I have done a journal like this but I have some good and bad news for everyone Yes I am now gonna continue making commissions for free but there will be a new change. I will pre-make some weird next gen ponies to be adopted but they will not be listed under the normal mlp next generation folder they will be listed under a new folder called Adoptables I also will be posting them on groups to expand the number of people who might like to adopt them. I hope all of you have a great day and dont forget you can still comment Submissions and Commissions for me to do for you either write them under this journal or on my deviant art page and adios`.
Hey guys so in the spirit of new years eve and Christmas I am going to do anyones oc from pony to human dog cat name it! Just send me a link to your oc and I would be glade to great it for you and hope you all have a great day!
Ok so I am really ill and have the flu and will not be uploading for a wile please forgive my absence and please do not spam me about me taking a break but very soon the Thanksgiving Request and Christmas Request will open so be ready to send me what you want me to create for you 

Your Fellow Artist- Theponygaming
Hello everybody hope you have all been having a great day but I need your help I need some inspiration for a big mlp next gen project so if you can help em out and right some ship suggestions that would help me alot also I want to know should I draw some more IT fanart you choose enjoy!!
Hello everybody I am willing to make your pony Ocs for those who cant make one or need some help so let me know and I will send you your own oc recreated!!!