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Scary Movies by theponygaming Scary Movies by theponygaming
Cuphead was laying on the bed waiting for Moon to return from a meeting with Crystal,Sunshine,and Nova. He was thinking of how to help his wife since she had been so busy and stressed out lately as he remembered what use to calm her in high school "a movie perfect!" he had thought out loud as he got up from the bed and looked for a movie as the door to the room had opened. "I am back" Moon said with a sigh as she layed on the be, Cuphead trotted over to her with a loving smile "Tough day at the meeting?" Cuphead asked kissing her forehead "Yes all sunshine and the others did was talk about me and my dark side again" Moon complained as cuphead gave out a chuckle. "Your not evil momo and you know that" Cuphead said comforting his wife as he saw a old scary movie sitting next to the tv as he had a idea "How about we watch a scary movie to calm you down" Cuphead suggested to his wife as she perked up a bit "I would love that" Moon said as he got the movie playing. Every time there would be a scary scene or a jump scare would cause Moon to hide under Cuphead"s wing as he always let out a small chuckle and reassure her she was safe.
I hope you enjoyed this little story and picture of Moon and Cuphead I thought I should make more art of them since I havent made enough of them also I find them such a cute couple also I am doing free commissions so start sending me some in I would love to do some art for you all and you can request anything! Also I think this is my longest description ever lol.…
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