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:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: I LOVE TRAVELING!! :P =P :O :D :slow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

Every summer i go somewhere insane and take a plethora of photographs! I have compiled, here, snapshots of major places around the world ;) ^^


Also, this is a hint towards a contest i will be starting in the next week, once my current contest ends :heart:

Las Vegas
:thumb122136362: Discus by thepolishyogi Palazzo by thepolishyogi :thumb122107151: :thumb70837039: Las Vegas by Vipervelocity Las Vegas Side 2 by uttim Las Vegas by fake-sincerity Las Vegas Strip Side 1 by uttim Fountains by Paris-Las Vegas by forevermore27 Las Vegas... by Sloan47 Las Vegas fountaines by sandor-laza Vegas by Deere :thumb77391891: Las Vegas by HelloxxKitty Vegas by evanjacobs Vegas by DianaCretu Las Vegas 90 by CandyCoatedSugarSex Las Vegas by ryanguilbert Las Vegas 49 by CandyCoatedSugarSex Bellagio Las Vegas by noirfiction Paris in Vegas by tt83x New York  New York by xmansonx Vegas by groundlingchild

New York

New York by fiona438 New York by haley727 new york by ifeelalittlelost New york by CrashTheSceneee New York by joonavar New York New York by DarkSaiF :thumb55435182: New York's Rat Race by CatchMe-22 new york by vanialat :thumb103138838: New York City 2 by stareater New York Silhouette by GVA New York by immazombie :thumb43531984: New York Hunter College by stareater :thumb107793429: New York by Emutrousers New York - Street Life - 1 by td-photography Wintertime in New York by Wondershine Autumn in New York City by AnnaGiladi new york by puzzledmango new york by heldhostage new york taxi by toko New York is Amazing by kredainou1990

:thumb36707818: London. by xMEGALOPOLISx :thumb74108219: :thumb17553130: London Skyline by xMEGALOPOLISx London by GazDabbs ,, London ,, by P4LKI London Eye by sican london by capa105 London spirit by ex-girlfriend London....vol.10 by brooze :thumb109741529: London Bridge by Sn3AKY London Eye by DianaCretu London Calling by marksda1 :thumb78619488: london underground 05 by fbuk lovin' london by j4d3 London Eye by tabzthefish :thumb90736848: london eye by hollyjools London by heresthebasssolo london. by loggezinho :thumb72626420:


paris paris by surpiko paris by sheisdramatic Paris by acidropstudio Paris ::1 by MisterKey Paris by AndrewMaidanik Paris ::2 by MisterKey Paris by somebody3121 :thumb12636973: :thumb106945892: Paris by TiZa paris - aquarium by haq Paris by s-l-e-e-p-y-h-e-a-d i love paris by anupjkat Paris: Eiffel Tower .. by faQy :thumb110449051: Paris 2007 by Finvara :thumb74663888: Abandoned Paris by Anantaphoto paris - missing you by haq Paris I by MCG0603 Paris by ahmARtell15 A sunday in Paris by arnaudlegrand :thumb78439338: paris - blue chaos by haq

Monaco/Southern France

Going Up by thepolishyogi Southern France 2 by thepolishyogi Southern France 1 by thepolishyogi Monaco by lostinamelody Monaco by laurangutan :thumb41717806: Monaco. by xLilie Monaco by azbi Monaco Cityscape by DragonballAF Monaco by funk-stoerung Welcome in Monaco by ZondaC12 Monaco by Zazdrosc Monaco by twistedTOMATO Monaco top view by DarkSpyBCN :thumb14033374: :thumb59119180: Monaco by UptownGirl23 :thumb88539036: :thumb103725673: monaco by eeyoreness Monaco Ville by rogue3


tokyo by SandalHat Tokyo by orchideesblancs Tokyo by fallenlondon Tokyo by kucingitem Tokyo Night by eloque - Tokyo Starfish - by CatchMe-22 tokyo photo 10 by weiweihua Tokyo City by Skybase Tokyo by lostinwonderland Tokyo Taxi by garazy Tokyo Blues by p0m :thumb20038173: Tokyo by Yoyo--Design :thumb105884113: :thumb49808455: :thumb97499084: This.is. Tokyo by NyYankee :thumb63438269: Tokyo - at noon by kucingitem tokyo by emiko76


Behind by thepolishyogi :thumb122339357: :thumb122339134: :thumb122106706: :thumb122106578: :thumb122106207: :thumb122106093: :thumb69443995: CCXXIX. .Krakow: moment.. II by behherit Krakow by redunderwear Krakow by JKoc Krakow by EagleEye666666 Krakow by tomeq :thumb105147601: :thumb122165928: :thumb79123218: Krakow 2006 by behemot


Smite by thepolishyogi forgive me by thepolishyogi The Fountain by thepolishyogi :thumb54839156: Rome by Katta80 Rome. by acidropstudio :thumb80243651: Rome - Fontana di Trevi by StyGiaNArtS  :thumb28963660: rome by Bozoky Rome by acidropstudio Rome 2007 - 01 by Cargoleta rome by mikeysaurus this time, in Rome by CapnDeek373 :thumb55911776:


The View by thepolishyogi Venice as is by skullhuntre Venice by inky151 Venice by Sulejman Venice by spare-bibo Venice Carnival by nlat Venice by nlat :thumb57812893: :thumb63727594: Venice by CaroFiresoul :thumb54136156: Venice by f3rdie :thumb63755816: venice... by rainroom Venice by br3g venice by negronature Venice by chiffonshorts Venice I by Luke-ro Venice 7 by Klek
. . . Venice . . . by 3ddream In Venice by alone-maggie Venice by Deghelie

If you have enjoyed what you see in this news article i am sure you will enjoy my other two ^^

~~BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY~~ news.deviantart.com/article/79…


~~FANTASTIC LIGHTS~~ news.deviantart.com/article/80…
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kristyyyy's avatar
amazing picts. I would like to go to NY someday. :)
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Fantastci selection. Here are some my photos from UK. I hope you like them as well:

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amazing selection thank you very much! :aww:
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OoooH Las Vegas :)
Mah Hometown!

nice features!
sajiarii's avatar
Thanks so much for featuring one of my pics of Monaco! <3
justkisscool's avatar
Omg, I traveled through those pix !

Wow I am like Breathless watching those pix ! =) =)
f3rdie's avatar
I appreciate the feature! You've managed to dig up some stunning work by different people :)
sandor-laza's avatar
Thank you for the feature!
thepolishyogi's avatar
UrbanAcid's avatar
Thx for featuring me :)
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CapnDeek373's avatar
Thank you for including "this time, in Rome" :ahoy:
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thanks for the feature! :glomp:
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spare-bibo's avatar
thanks a lot for selection!....
bibo.. :)
thepolishyogi's avatar
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Cargoleta's avatar
Ohh, so many beautiful pics! <3

Thanks a lot for featuring me! :D
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ninbunnyachemist's avatar
this is really pretty :heart:
thepolishyogi's avatar
thank you ^^ i'm glad you like it ;) :hug:
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