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Gallery Folders

Inktober - Poison by MokkaQuill
For Victory! by Kunochai
Espie dreams by ShadNoir
Espeon by foxlett
Gen 1-Kanto
Who should lead? by Kyrogeki
Wishing Star Mew ::GIFT:: by Itachi-Roxas
Jolteoon by Jotzibunni
Shiny Mega Gengar by Yusiso
Gen 2-Johto
Quilava by MoonRayCZ
Librarian Furret by MoonRayCZ
royal wooper by awnii
Stella by awnii
Gen 3-Hoenn
Sceptile's eyes -Commission- by LysMily
Pokemon Skitty by YoungLadyArt
Zani by Auracole
MPP - Family Time by birdmir
Gen 4-Sinnoh
Buneary by awnii
Swordmaster Lucario by Amimar6
Raphael the Lucario. by CathyNoire
Distortion World Warning by Edge-of-Elana
Gen 5-Unova
Emolga by awnii
Zorua by KitKat-s
nothing you say can hurt me anymore, sweetie by kosmiik
Small Vincent by MoonRayCZ
Gen 6-Kalos
Sylveon by Yusiso
lucas by kosmiik
Moonblast by darkraifangirl
Pokemon Drawing Challenge Day 11: Heliolisk by jules1998
Zelda x Pokemon by Cardbordtoaster
Pokemon Let's Go Larvitar by Head-of-Fades
[30 Day Pokemon Challenge] Day 28 by Jumpy-Joltik
Candice (DP) by Gamer5444
[PKMN-S] Chapter II Prologue Part 3 by chicoARTS
Sewaddle Papercraft by PatrykGPL
Vs Trainer by MokkaQuill
Custom Sprites and Pixel Art
Cutiefly and Ribombee Sprites by conyjams
Pokemon Comics
Legend of Kalos Ch. 12 Ocean Death 10 by TheBlackBullets
Pokemon Fusions
Yokai Meowth ::GIFT:: by Itachi-Roxas
Drowsy Zubat by Myst1cLuna
The Truth of the Rebellion by WarNightZollo
3D Models
Koi Pond Dragon by ValyceNegative
Zera House by indarkniss
Mokka's Painting Tutorial by MokkaQuill
Memes and Miscellaneous
Undergrizer's Pokemon Anime Controversy meme by Undergrizer
What I Love About Contest
Route 114 by VC-L
Customisation and Wallpapers
Lumius 658 Greninja by Senzune

Random from Featured

Fateful Encounter by Kunochai Fateful Encounter :iconkunochai:Kunochai 128 45 Mega Steelix by Garmmon Mega Steelix :icongarmmon:Garmmon 228 15 Witch Fox by bluekomadori Witch Fox :iconbluekomadori:bluekomadori 4,366 143 Duosion and Paras by DrManiacal Duosion and Paras :icondrmaniacal:DrManiacal 397 41 What a strange flower... by KayVeeDee What a strange flower... :iconkayveedee:KayVeeDee 123 44 I WANT ORAS by Toukoni I WANT ORAS :icontoukoni:Toukoni 149 36 Pichu and Trubbish by MokkaQuill Pichu and Trubbish :iconmokkaquill:MokkaQuill 249 16 Squirtle by KoriArredondo Squirtle :iconkoriarredondo:KoriArredondo 1,768 44 Blue by Creaturey Blue :iconcreaturey:Creaturey 24 3 Vaporeon and Chinchou by bluekomadori Vaporeon and Chinchou :iconbluekomadori:bluekomadori 3,262 103 We are Watching... by Twime777 We are Watching... :icontwime777:Twime777 172 22 Cherrim by suoku234 Cherrim :iconsuoku234:suoku234 36 3 Dedenne by TogemissEve Dedenne :icontogemisseve:TogemissEve 54 5

Welcome to The Pokemon Realm!

Hello and welcome to The Pokemon Realm!

-We're a friendly Pokemon group and all are welcome!
-Join Requests are automatically approved
-All skill levels and types of work are accepted, but your work must be your own. We also don't accept traced art.

Enjoy your stay!


-Submissions are set to 3 per day

Please read the Submission Guidelines and Folder FAQ before submitting!

Submission GuidelinesHi there and welcome to ThePokemonRealm! Please read these rules before submitting to the galleries!
-Please submit your art to the right folder!
-All ability levels are accepted, so long as effort has been put into it!
-OC Trainers are allowed, and OC Pokemon are allowed so long as they are a species that exist (Such as your OC Pikachu)
-We do accept crossovers, but they must be in the "Crossovers" folder.
-Don't submit traced art, regardless of whether it's other's work or official artwork; we only accept work fully drawn by you!
-We don't accept Fakemon, which means Pokemon that don't actually exist
-We absolutely do not accept Mature Content! This is a group for all ages! However:
       -Mild blood is okay so long as it doesn't branch into gore (Such as a cut knee)
       -Anything even mildly suggestive or sexual will be declined
       -Please don't use swe
Which Folder Should I Submit To? FAQ.Featured
Contest winners and other art is added here by admins.
Gen's 1-6
Digital and Traditional Artwork featuring Pokemon from just one generation. Submit Mega Pokemon to the region that the actual Pokemon come from, so Mega Charizard would be Kanto.
Mixed Gen
Digital and Traditional Artwork featuring Pokemon from multiple generations.
Digital and Traditional Artwork featuring trainers without Pokemon. OC Trainers can be submitted here too.
Trainers With Pokemon
Digital and Traditional Artwork featuring trainers and Pokemon. OC Trainers can be submitted here too.
Animations, but not pixel art or sprites, which have their own folder.
For Pokemon related sculptures, plushies and other crafts. You must have made them yourself!
For Pokemon related cosplay. Please submit Gijinka cosplay here too instead of the Gijinka's folder.
Custom Sprites and Pixel Art
For Pixel Icons or Pixel Art, as wel


We do accept Gijinkas, Reverse Gijinkas, Pokemon Fusions, OC's, Crossovers.
We don't accept Fakemon, Mature Content.

That's all, and have a nice day!


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AdrianaAlencar Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
ajkent14z Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would variants for existing Pokemon be counted as Fakemon? If no, can I add my variants here?
MokkaQuill Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Professional General Artist
Yeah that's fine! They're super cool! x3
ajkent14z Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What folder should I contribute to?
MokkaQuill Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Professional General Artist
You can just submit them to the generation folders depending on the Pokemon c:
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Thegeekgirl888 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excited to be part of this group! I'm a Pokemon fan girl! :happybounce: 
MokkaQuill Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Professional General Artist
I'm glad! Hope you enjoy your time here!
RenegadeSpirit Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
Hello, I'm RenegadeSpirit. I'm glad that you join the group. Have an awesome day!!!
1pencilTHIEF Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hi guys,
I'd like to join to share some pkm love
MokkaQuill Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Glad to have you C:
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