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her wisdom
It is painful for me to watch this play, play-out as those like
you come before me, a being of perfection and elegance
as if you hold some relevance to the purest embodiment
of what those wish to be.
As if any answer i could give you would due, just because
it came from me your queen and not some irrelevant fool,
but tell me/your beautiful queen/...he who seeks enlighten
meant for those who are looked down even by the likes of tools
what purpose do my words have if they are ignored till death
brings blade and hardship is the bride you never knew was
yours till you opened the door and laid her on the bed like
any other newlywed.
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Wedding Poem 20a -You've Found Someone Who -Poetry by CliveBlake Wedding Poem 20a -You've Found Someone Who -Poetry :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 1 0 Disabled Poem -Who Is Disabled -Disability Poetry by CliveBlake Disabled Poem -Who Is Disabled -Disability Poetry :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 4 7 Poem -We Might Not Always Agree -Clive Blake by CliveBlake Poem -We Might Not Always Agree -Clive Blake :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 7 9
Travels in the Gray Land
Once, wise men said the Earth was flat,
Now they say a sphere
But I the traveler have seen
A world arranged in tiers.
It’s three steps up and three steps down
With nothing in between
Each step a realm unto itself
One black, one gray, one green.
The uppermost, the sunlit land
Is lush with verdant choir
Babbling brooks and rustling reeds
Birdsongs in the briar.
Down below, the Black Land sleeps
Silent and austere
Into this reverent quietude
All must disappear.
The middle tier, a hidden plane,
Of neither sun nor shade;
A misty, lonely everscape
Where those like me have strayed.
The Gray Land has no native souls
All wanderers are we
Durationless, directionless
Upon this rocky sea.
Gnarled trees and shallow caves, the
Total of existence
Scattered mountains, looming tall, but
Always in the distance.
For company, a walking stick
My friend, my aid, my balm -
Upon its neck I feel the warmth    
Reflected from my palm.
We rarely stop, my staff and me,
We trek and traipse along
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Ode To The Tsundere
He loves me not, he says with blushing cheek.
He'd rather die a fiery death than kiss
A girl with zero sex appeal, a geek
(he says it twice for extra emphasis).
So why the constant stares? I ask. He lies.
He hates the sight of me, he quickly shouts –
Without the scorn his panicked oath implies.
The dissonance contributes to my doubts.
Alone one day, he smiles at me; I gasp.
A joke? A lapse of judgment? Or perhaps
A glimpse of truth at last within my grasp!
I kiss his cheek and watch his walls collapse.
A victory for me, like striking gold.
For him, a death by kisses hot and cold.
:iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 523 204
... one small question ...
You made me smile at a time, that all I did was cry.
You were there for me, even if you didn't know.
And now you're gone – without a word
left me alone…
I'm not mad at you, it was your choice
But still there is one small question,
that keeps constantly playing on my mind
– why you left without a
:iconfloweroftheforest:FlowerOfTheForest 37 9
The Blood Stained Prince
The Light of Life has dimmed in my eyes
All I see now is the Darkness of Death
As I am taking my last breaths
The blood drains slowly from my wounds
I can feel the icy hand of Death grip my soul
Dragging it down into the lowest depths
I’m losing sense of reality in these last moments
I can’t remember where I am right now
Chained to this wall to die is their fault
Left alone to starve and bleed to death
Punishment for the murder of my parents
And the woman who was supposed to love me
How far from grace I have fallen so quickly
Call me the Blood Stained Prince they do
It was birthright to become king
Though my methods went against the paladin’s code
For me this is just a temporary setback
Her voice tells me to embrace death
For when my heart no longer beats
I shall return stronger than ever
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Mature content
The Line :iconric-c:ric-c 2 4
Mature content
A drop - Haiku version :iconric-c:ric-c 2 2
Am I the Madness?
At times I must ponder
am I going mad
is the darkness about me
really moving
or is it my mind
Are the thoughts
that appear in my head
truly mine
or an unknown voice
within in my own mind
Are my action
derived from my own will
or a will that is not my own
with their own
purpose in mind
Have I become
nothing more
then a mere puppet
to be stringed alone
my the puppet master
that is my
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She Walks the Night by ronbennett She Walks the Night :iconronbennett:ronbennett 2 7
Yours sincerly, the ocean
(snippets of old diary pages)
she said it was just another autumn day. a golden haze of dust that came at nighttime to choke you. the dazing dirt dust fleeting, leaving a baby behind. the baby was almost as crisp as the leaves that crackled a hundred times before they were gone for good. she said she wanted to hold her baby so dearly close that it would never need for it another time, but she was too tired. too dizzy, she said. it was the time of year when everything was too fragile. even the baby.
my dear child of autumn,
22 years have passed;
we are now big
and bold and still wish that we
always had.
the year blooms green then it glows
red, and before it sinks into the
blur of blue, it shrinks back to
a barren brown. but we only reside
in the echoing October. a foggy layer that
hangs in the air. a land of
orchestral rustling and dying
confetti. all away
from seeing the sky.
dear 7 year old me,
admire less how leaves drop
in fall, and jump around just a
little more. i wish you wrot
:iconevanightmares:evanightmares 1 2
Bad Decisions
What you see as bad decisions,
Are the hints of a position,
Just a life condition,
A collision,
A decision from ambition to transition,
Making lessons, ammunition.
What you see as bad decisions,
It's just me, and my rendition.
Making simple supple swipes,
To solve life's long division.
Bad decisions are a mission,
Merging thoughts by nuclear fission,
Forging lessons from life's rubble,
Giving birth to my own vision.
It's grabbing a sharp blade,
Hovering over a candle,
As I blindly drag the handle,
Before making an incision.
But that's how we all learn,
Because life lacks supervision.
When the wound begins to burn,
It's time to turn,
And think of a revision.
Forget the prohibitions,
Bad decision? Superstition.
Just be willing to retain,
That lessons learned by pain,
Are the greatest acquisition.
:iconvisioku:Visioku 7 4
Holy day of the dead
All stands in awe
Lying in the ground
Listening to the words
Over the light to the dark
With sanity taking a back seat
Every child soul gone
Engaging the dark spirit
Nothing stops it
:iconexcaliburblade:ExcaliburBlade 3 2
Can't stand it anymore
If you were a god, I'd pray to you
If you were devil, I'd sale my soul to you
But you're just a tall handsome guy
Who listens to Green Day
That makes me cry
While their Awoke Alone
Is playing in my headphones.
Who is melancholic and stands out
of the crowd
But cheers me up with his laugh
Who is tender as well as tough.
Who plays three instruments and feels the music deep,
And who probably has many secrets to keep
Who loves Edgar Poe and beautiful gloomy views,
Who draws tatoos, pentagrams and wolves
and watches Discovery
Whose silent voice charmes me
like magic spells
And who understood me like nobody else.
But we are apart
And when he decided to start,
I didn't believe,
And never more I receive
His invitations for the date.
Oh, does he love or hate?
Is it already late?
For I know that only He would understand
And together we would run a band
He would play and I would sing.
Maybe I must again make a phone ring...
Tis my eternal dream to be your muse
There is no reply and no excu
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These are the entries for the current contest
Once again I apologize guys. It's been a super crazy week for me and I an behind with putting submissions through. Some of them expired and I resubmitted them, so check you message centers to see if you need to ok their entry to the gallery.

Again, I am sorry. My life is super hectic right now.

Thank you


I need to relay some new ground rules for the group, so here it goes:

JOINING: Anyone can join, and we encourage that. Join requests will go through immediately.

SUBMITTING: We are a poetry group and while we encourage writing and reading all forms of literature we only accept poetry into our gallery. Song lyrics and visual poetry will be accepted, but not abstract art, any other kind of art, and no prose. If it is not poetry it will be declined .   

That includes journals. Journals that do not feature a poem or song are not accepted into the gallery. If you want to promote contests, prompts, or other relevant topics, please note the group with a link or a thumb image and it will be put in the Affiliate News section.

Also, we will remove any piece that is overly profane. We have been called out for this by some of our members in the past. One or two swear words to make a point is one thing, but overly sexual content or excessive uses of certain words -  f**k (for instance) - will not be kept in the gallery.

There's a set limit of 3 deviations per day.   

FAVES: The fave section is for prompts and contest entries.


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