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The gods are playing Calvinball
If you've got chakra problems, I feel bad for you son
I've got one-hundred-and-eight problems and the Divine Mother caused all em.
I couldn't tell you my dreams because they'd start sucking me back in
When I finally let go of outcome was when I began to win.
The gods are playing Calvinball and I'm regional champion
The score is Verp to Seventy and my fire rages within.
The bases are loaded and the sun's going down,
one good volley's all it takes to win.
Can you feel your body compressing as your children memorize each swing?
I hear the echoes of my own voice carried on the wind
My name is already forgotten
Yet my tide has worn away the shores
The end is my beginning, it's all I've ever had
As I live my days by the scores.
My sentiments they all feel heavy
As I recall these psychic wars
Nothing can fill this craving
To return to the depths of my own Mind
That is what it feels like
To know you're literally Time.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 2
Eye Am That I Am by ThePoeticPaladin Eye Am That I Am :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0 Self-Portrait 2/11/XX19 by ThePoeticPaladin Self-Portrait 2/11/XX19 :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 3
Imperator Illuminatus lyrics
Imperator Illuminatus
That's who I am
Sitting here looming
that's what I can
do anytime I want on the rhyme
cuz I rhyme that shit like I'm on the mic
whenever I go out in the world
listen up here boys and girls
I'm manipulating from behind the scenes
The unseen hand of the unseen kings
That's what I
Love to do
Phalanx craft
What you rule
I always am
The Roman
In a world that cannot
Learn to sin
I am here
That's what I'm at
I don't care who you think I might be
If you know I'm a mind
I have a
Monad within
Next level beats
Makin' the wealth within
Because I know
Heaven's in Men
I'm not here
To get real rich
I'm not here to
Get real pissed
I'm teaching you about the things
That are the ones that make the rings
You want to
Be engraved
Well that's okay cuz God's on main.
I'm not here
To teach you
I'm here
To learn that deads are cool
We're not here
Making debt
We're here to wipe it
That's what's wet
I am the stone that you polish
When you think you that have som
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Mature content
Kinky Poetry :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Some of the realist shit I ever wrote.
Creatively deprived, creatively derived
Creatively inspired, creatively I'm tired
Hustling every day, rustling it away
Speaking to myself, speaking to my health
Sometimes it feels like it could all start drifting
Sometimes it feels like I'm what I've been missing
Do I want a woman? I couldn't tell you the truth.
I thought I cared about them till I realized I was smooth.
Operating the dials, flipping some switches too.
I can speak in verse and hypnotic meter--you?
Maybe it's just the look, maybe it's the view
Maybe it's the scent, maybe it's that I'm cruel
Part of me wants to hold you, mostly you're a tool
I'm asking you to be my muse, no, wait, I'm telling you.
Twist around my finger, be my calling card, no, jewel.
Be simple-minded, be a slave, serf, vixen, you...
Be a mouth, be a voice, be a song, a painting... New.
Dance for me, dance for me, dance with me, you...
I can't tell what you want from me, am I too nice? Too mean? Too honest? Too crude?
Do you want me to lie, to snarl, to s
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
The Alacarn's Alliance
The Watchman wonders as he wanders, withering without as the worries wash away, woebegone worth working Will with Winter as the willow wilts -- but wait!
Mentalities maligned materialize, making men out of a man, morning mourning doves move mountains as memories are made, more mistakes and misfires mimic middling models -- and yet!
Yellowed yasps yearn for the yarn, yiddles and yarping youths yore as the yeerks yield before the Catalan sun.
The wolf sighs as the kitten cries for its supper, a morning like any other, dressed in all black like a virgin's funeral cloth, the raft ignites from the arrows flame and the smoke ushers a prayer to the new dawn sun. Who gains from this? Better question: What is there to be lost?
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Mature content
Doctor Illuminatus, The Second of His Name :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 3
One Love
I am at the start of my journey, and I have died my thousandth death
Even yet still I draw my first breath.
A toss of the coin, a roll of the dice
And I split myself up and dwell in infinite lives.
Some of us are mellow, most are quite nice.
I'm known by many names, so call me by yours if you find it a boon.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Mature content
Clockwork Construct :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Mature content
Realism :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Mature content
Sol-em vow :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Mature content
Kid Icarus' Stratostrophoic Adventure :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Mature content
The Ballad of Captain Varken Falsebeard :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Mature content
An Average Motherfucking Day Part IV :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Mature content
The Young Chieftain's Return :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0


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