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Untitled as always
Most of my schooling I spent in trouble
Listening to music to obstruct my double
Trying to keep the left half in control of the right
But it only had the strength for twelve hours, then at night
What I called the goblin would hop in the cockpit
I read stories all my waking time, thinking that would contain it
But fantasy wasn't enough, it wanted more than I could provide
In later life I drank, maybe that was the dwarf's cyanide
I also smoked pot, I know, so very edgetasticular
I quit each several times, oh so spectacular
With how many times I've dropped bad habits, I'm quite the master
If you need any advice, I'm the one to which to ask "Please, sir?"
Never worn facepaint, but I'm still a clown
I keep on telling you, the way up is down.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 1
They say you gotta forgive everyone else
If you want any hope of the Lord forgiving you at the end
So let me take this moment to make things clear
I forgive each one of you, and myself if I may be so bold
Names have been changed, as though it matters much
Emma my first girlfriend, I loved you the most
The scar you left on my chest sucked my soul from the host
But I forgive you! Hard as it is to type
One might say you sowed the seeds of me sensing wrong from right
Rita the second
Though you overlapped with the first
It's ironic I had yellow fever till I had an asian after me
Right? Right? I feel like I'm the only one laughing.
I hope that pedophile who caught you after I found out the truth
Wasn't the worst man you could've ended up with, no matter your youth
My words are betraying some bitterness, I can't apologize deeper
These words are of the dreamer, please forgive the sleeper.
I loved you both so deeply, I couldn't lie to you
I falsify your names because of what I hope that I meant
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Doing the due
I ain't met a person yet who's ready for the truth
But I'm going to put it down here just in case
The truth is I'm making it up as I go along
Didn't know that chick was underage until the cops had me in a booth
My uncle used to speak to me till I said my nieces had more to learn
I was still a kid when he died, but they weren't even born yet
I pull the wool over my own eyes cuz I can't stand the light
There's four hundred and seventy three wavelengths and you want me to speak?
I've started a cult three times and each time I quit cuz I didn't know what to preach
Please give me a nickname so that I have a clue what it is in me that you seek
The spirits keep talking to me and it doesn't matter whether or not I drink
I've silenced most of the demons but I'm stuck with this three dimensional shadow I keep
It looks like a body but it knows it isn't me, it wants to be more than an NPC
I dance between rhyme schemes because I'm trying to keep myself meek
I've got hypnotic talents but I feel like
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 3
When the Mice are Away, the Cat shall Play.
Dialogue trees recycled —
A conversation repeated
Were you caught by a cyclical event snare?
Or maybe a new choice is unveiled
with new story information entailed
Sometimes it's flavor text
to help you care about their character
Other times you hit the jackpot
A new quest marker, unlocked!
Of course, there's too many sidequests to complete them all
not if in the main plotline your being is at all enthrall'd.
But as long as you can ignore the number sitting next to your log
You never know what you might run into that trips a flag
A random friend who has a random dad
Might just have what another questgiver needed bad.
Keep an eye out on the merchantwares scanned
You might just find an item quest-flagged and
earn a marker to be called in, later
An aide at an event in which you're a required participator
See most of them are side quests, almost all are in fact
but certain fixed points are extant, these are cusps on which one must act
therein lies one's duty, some call it a Soul or Li
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Neti neti
I am not a rapper.
I have no gavel that bangs.
I am not a slave.
I forged my own chains.
I am certainly not a saint.
Not with this disdain for the thanes.
I may be a madman.
But who isn’t these days?
I am the solution
to all of my pains.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 2 0
Silicone lifeforms stuck as models in my mind;
I'm sitting here, trying to express every conclusion I find.
Contemplating the spiral as my ancestors observe the Shine
A shift in perspective, and a new viewpoint is mine.
Raindrops suspended in the shared dreamtime
this shared reality of ourself's and thine
Aquarian mindset,
I think I love us more than I.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 4 7
Derivative Works
Lift with your legs
Bust ass every day
The Work never quits
But it's well worth the Pay
The Sun reflects the Lunar Light
and I'm making my Life Pathway
Throw me to the wolves and I'll emerge with a clan
Teaching the tiger sharks how the Dolphins Play
I can't stop me, so I just laugh when the Other tries
I love my fellow man, the jokes run off my back
Water meet duck, or call it the ninja turtle track
Left hand or right, why pick a path?
I AM the body, the right hand creates
while the left does the math.
I'm always running the numbers, at XIV (fourteen).
Temperance in my cup, diluting the wine I pass to thee.
Aquarian energy, the hivemind's pinnacle contacts me
Let me distill your essence in my cauldron,
if you dare I'll share what I see.
My name is Mud, so I rinse mySelf clean.
Tried on a thousand masks, and not a one suited me
So I craft my own, tossing them aside
I SEE THROUGH YOUR EYES but your Light keeps blinding me
Is the truth white or black, it's all one thing to me
I ke
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
My mentor is wise
 He eats when he is hungry
My mentor is wise
 She sleeps when she is tired
My temple is solid
 It tells me when the foundation is weak.
My mind is sharp
 It shows me the solutions,
and gives me the eyes to see clearly.I thought that I was insecure until I was given a mirror to see, true insecurity is not me.
 I see all that I could be, but I see it within me.
But my friends have shown me the truth.
 Insecurity is what you see in me.
The reflection inside a piece of the process of reshaping.
External reflection is a piece of the process of Knowing.
 As I learn what I am, you learn what you are not.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 2 6
The Centipede Shuffle
One step, two step, three steps, more
Push negative energy out the back door
Channel the lightning, pass over the heart
let it flow out your pores before you start
Clear all the blockages, wake up thy self,
be grateful, and take mind of your health.
Kiss the Dragon, use a little tongue,
don't be shy, you know she's the one.
Open yourself up, flow from within,
enter a new phase of power transmission
Alternate the current, inversion isn't sin.
Meet your maker, kill the old you, he's too weak to live.
And when he fights back, be the Dominant to his Submissive.
The past is in the past, it makes no sense to live there when you're not him.
Melt the stone,
synthesize iron from bone,
Remodel the temple whose body you call home.
If you have no respect for it, who will, if not even your clone?
Look into the mirror and ask yourself:
"Why can't I be happy when I'm alone?"
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 5 3
You say I got a big ego, but in all of which ways?
Let me see who you think I think I am, I’ll take it out of your brain and bounce it right back.
Oh, you say I’m all that and a bag of dog shit?
If that’s what I am, I’ll set myself on fire and squat on your porch, that’s it.
I’m a dragon made of stone and I’ll crush your fucking roof in my search for a throne.
You want an enemy?
Well you made the wrong choice when you picked the motherfucker with a silver-tongued voice.
Caduceus up in this bitch, one tap wakes up the masses, two puts your ass on the floor.
You looking for a Dim Mak from this godling or is shit talk all you’re good for?
I’d say I’m a Titan, but that does Kronus a disservice, if you were my son I’d puke too.
Indestructible, indescribable, undeniable but understandable, I’m an egomaniac entertainer engaging the endorphins in my enemies.
The kind of man you love to love to hate unless you’re my m
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0
Unforgettable by ThePoeticPaladin Unforgettable :iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
A Daemon in the Hand
Silver tongue.
Silver hair.
Silver hands.
Silver teeth.
Copper voice, copper song, copper skin, proper meat.
Stone heart, iron bone, alkali blood, an alchemaic feat.
There's no evil in my heart, so I fear no dæmon's heat.
Seven eyes, forty mouths, eighteen wheels—wait no, thirty-three.
Seed of Light sewn within, darkness dies so that it might feed.
My spirit is strong, I took in the poison, now I'm immune to the creeps.
Listen to my words and heed, I am you, which makes you me.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Raven Warrior
Valhalla isn't in the air, it's right here on the ground
Every day we go to battle, either you win or it's the world
Either you fall to rest a victor or else you retire to the same hall
We share the mead of consciousness in our collective slumber
Before we go to battle again the next day
Remembering shadows of our conversations the night before.
It's the everlasting campaign mode
And we unlocked the hardest setting
It's a competitive genre
But the ones with alliances are winning.
Our enemies are LARPers
And yet so are we.
Whether we're romancing the wind
or pursuing a crafting skill tree.
Some break magic bread
Others play House with Family.
Some crave literal warfare
Me, I surf the psychic sea.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 2 0
The Mask-Maker's Apprentice
The Mask-Maker's Apprentice
The persona-permutation perpetuator's pupil ponders, perusing previous populus premonitions, perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps.
Every mask a block, a cornerstone or capstone as magnus to the opus or a keystone to activate the rest. Some masks are just space-fillers, their purpose to make the mass-mask all the more impressive, but even so there is an art to their crafting. Simplicity, echoed proper, is refinement, if austere. Minimalism executed sloppy, passé.
Learning the art of the mask comes less easily than one might wish. To put on a new mask is to become another, an art all its own (and we call these artists "actors"), and to craft a mask you must be able to wear it and let it fit right, for if it does not fit the maker, who will wear it? (And these rejects whom even the maker will not wear for long become the populus—wallflower—wallfiller—wallfactors—wallfaters).
Some masks encourage insanity—Some silly, some mad.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Cultivation 101
The way up is down
So sayeth the clown
Laughter and tears
Share an emotional musculature
with one another
What once preyed on your fears
can be forbidden influence
with a snicker and a snother
Climb down the basement stairs
through that porthole of the mind
Reach the attic of your soul
And tell me something I do not know
Can you slip through the hatch in time?
Or open up a gateway through arcane finds?
Can you find your way to eternity
through a Door of Christianity?
Maybe it would help you believe in me
if I had the eyes to make myself see.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Mirrored Dimensions: A collection of related poems
Hippity hop, and you don't stop
Just because somebody
has suddenly
always had a tattoo
that they never got
It's like Flashpoint.
You know, Marvel?
Or Crisis for DC.
Come on, dear, here,
please, work with me.
It's a time travel deal
Worlds are kinda like times
Imagine a world where everything happened 10 seconds earlier
So like archduke ferdinand never got shot
That's basically the core concept I'm trying to express here.
Maybe if Ferdinand never got shot
We'd already have ghost phones
And altered reality glasses
To see even less real worlds than we already do
So you do a little skip and shop
Around and around between the different timelines
Testing the waters with the deviant
While keeping an eye on the tame
What's right but what's left?
The meek shall inherit the earth
But does that mean us or cockroaches?
A birthmark stays the same
At least one tattoo's been gained
A scar has faded away
There's no such thing as night or day
The sun is always shining anyway
A woman with bones
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 0 0


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