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Black Glossy Icon Set

By thepm34
Black Gloss icon set, finally uploaded.

included are:

iContainer for Candybar 3
all 512x512

*Update - iContainer improved to auto apply. Also some icon updates and improvements.
04.01.09 - Boot Camp Drive icons added.
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thank you very much

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Thanks very much for this!
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luv black, shiny icons, THANX 4 sharing!!
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lovve them but how do i use them ?
Love these. Been using it for a while.

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can you give me directions on how it works?????
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Hey - I absolutely LOVE this set of icons, could you do a version of the internal drive icon with a Windows flag for boot camp drives?
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Hey, sure I guess I could add another icon to the set.
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Wow , it worked ,
the Candybar make it so much easier then i though

Thank You
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Great, Candybar is such a fantastic app, well worth it I think.
Good Job Man!!!
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i loved them! but can u tell me how to put them :meditation:
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Your on OSX right, so the easiest way is to use Candybar [link]

It is also possible to manually replace them in
But that's not really a safe way to do it.

Hope that helps.
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Great!! I want them.. can you tell me how to learn to do this? Your set is the most perfect I ever find!

I have problems to download it entirely with my pc. there are any places or ways to download your set in smaller parts?

Sorry for my bad english and thank you for your work (you motivated me ^^)

And, the RD doesn't exist for windows.. right?
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Thankyou very much, your english is fine ;)

If your interested in designing icons etc. There are many tutorials for using photoshop, you could start here [link] for example.

If you Really can't download the file I might be able send you a smaller version somehow.

I'm not sure what you mean by "and, the RD doesn't exist for windows.. right?", the icons were designed for OSX, but can be used for windows with Icon Packager or something I think.
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Thank you!! I will start soon my icon lesson ^^
Imean the rocketdock..
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Oh Rocketdock, yeah that is a windows application, works well I think.
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perfect icon,,, good job!
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These are freaking ossom :wow: :+fav:
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Thanks very much.
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