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Flight Lesson

Psh, who needs sleep? This was a satisfying project to paint, I felt like going for a DAWW moment this time around. I wouldn't be surprised if Celestia levitated filly Twilight around from time to time, letting her "fly" to her hearts content.

Actual time to paint: 5:36:20
As always, I've recorded myself painting this, here's the youtube link: [link]
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Celestia:" One day Twilight, you wont need magic to fly, and you'll know the true joy of flying with you're own pair of wings. Hu, one day."
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That is the face of the happiest filly ever.
Ever ever.
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Celestia:" One day Twilight you wont need me to fly, huh one day".
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconthinksplz:Might as well help her get used to the feeling now. Some day...
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O.O dear god... I am a psychic!




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Celestia: Those little things than can make a little filly happy...."

Beautiful work
Now THAT is a happy pony!:icontwilightizhappyplz:
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'swhat I was going for.:)
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ahah and celestias expression xD priceless
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D'awwwwww. Twilight is so adorable here!
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Awwwww. :) Yes, I can very much see Celestia doing that; and one look at Twily's expression of sheer bliss is enough to make it worth all the effort and all the time her advisors no doubt were telling her she should spend on important royal business instead. :)
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I like it when a painting can tell a story. I aim to do so whenever I can. :)
That is brilliantly drawn and fantastically adorable and extremely imaginative!
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I'm happy to hear it! Thanks.
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I can't see the pic :/
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