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Michael And Joker (2018) by ThePlamzJoker Michael And Joker (2018) :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 4 0 Evil Herny by ThePlamzJoker Evil Herny :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 3 1 Herny by ThePlamzJoker Herny :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 1 1 The Happy Plum Salesman by ThePlamzJoker The Happy Plum Salesman :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 5 1 Fantastic! by ThePlamzJoker Fantastic! :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 5 1 Shut Up And Take My Plums by ThePlamzJoker Shut Up And Take My Plums :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 10 1 The Ryan Campbell Rap by ThePlamzJoker The Ryan Campbell Rap :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 0 0 Michael And Joker (2014) by ThePlamzJoker Michael And Joker (2014) :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 3 2
ThePlamzJoker's Michael Rosen YTP Story (Ch. 4)
Chapter 4 - No Swearing
Michael was resting at home after escaping many unlikely troubles involving prison, space, a stubborn security guard and a sunken ship. The two characters who had suddenly appeared as a part of ThePlamzJoker's failed attempts to create a humorous crossover, had since left Michael in peace. But the breaking of the fourth wall was not entirely over, and as Michael had a look out of the window to check the weather, he saw a busy-looking man setting up several notices and announcements around the street. The man had set up some sort of protest or campaign and had even set up camp in town with a tent in the local park. The campaign, as Michael read from one of the notices by his house, was apparently to "stop all swearing". Michael wondered how it was even possible to enforce such a rule, and as the profanity prevention group leader passed his house, Michael stepped out of his front door and shouted to the man "look, you can't! I love swearing!" The man ignored Micha
:icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 5 3
ThePlamzJoker's Michael Rosen YTP Story (Ch. 3)
Chapter 3 - Getting Into Really Big Trouble
When Michael opened his eyes, he thought he was dead. But he was far from it, and he suddenly remembered where he was - drifting in outer space. Scattered around in hundreds of pieces were the remains of the spacecraft, space station and the object that once threatened the Earth. The debris drifted in all directions, and eventually a large hardened chunk of pizza, strawberry ice cream and metal collided against Michael, and knocked him towards the Earth. As he reached the outer layers of the planet's atmosphere, Michael noticed the drifting felt a little faster. And a little faster. Before he knew it, Michael was flat-out flying. Or was he? He flew closer and closer to the white wispy clouds and the cold, thin air. He was falling! Michael remembered his lessons back at the NASA headquarters where he learned about re-entry, and dreaded the heat that began to build up on his body as he cut through the wind that whipped wildly around him. Luckil
:icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 4 3
ThePlamzJoker's Michael Rosen YTP Story (Ch. 2)
Chapter 2 - The Mission to Outer Space
After the great battle against the Incestfoogle had since passed, Michael was relaxing at home, blowing bubbles. He remembered the technique he learnt from a once hilarious sea sponge, and used it to create wonderfully huge bubbles.
"First go this this...spin around, stop! Double take three times - one, two, three! Then...pelvic thrust! Woohoo! ...woohoo! Stop on your right foot, don't forget it! Now it's time to bring it around town! Then you do this, then that and this and that and this and that and THEN..." Michael slowly blew an enormous bubble bigger than himself. "...Huge bubble!" He nodded, admiring his handiwork.
It was at that time when Michael was called upon by Eileen's grandfather. Eileen had told her grandfather about Michael's heroic deeds, and she had also told Michael that her grandfather was a senior worker at the NASA Corporation. This opportunity would of course open doors for Michael and give him amazing opportuni
:icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 6 3
ThePlamzJoker's Michael Rosen YTP Story (Ch. 1)
ThePlamzJoker presents: A Michael Rosen YTP Story. Where there's plamz, they snatch back!
Chapter One - The Incestfoogle
Once, there was a school, and within it, a large group of friends. These friends were both adults and children, and neither. Set in the world of YouTube Poop, where not all things need to make sense, but here, many things did, save for some overlooked parts in the beginning, and so less focused on, parts of the story. Anyhow, on such a mild and undisturbed morning, Michael Rosen and his group of allies were standing idle when all of a sudden, a distressed girl arrived yelling and crying profusely. Michael and his friends immediately felt concern for the distraught girl they recognised as Eileen, so they said, almost in unison, "What's the matter, what's the matter?" Eileen sobbed and said "I'm pregnant!" "Blimey!" Michael exclaimed. Dave, a more intrigued member of the group, interjected with inquisitive nature, "Who did you have sex with?" "My dad." Michael,
:icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 20 8
Michael And Joker (2013) by ThePlamzJoker Michael And Joker (2013) :icontheplamzjoker:ThePlamzJoker 3 2

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Brad Leonard
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
I make dumb videos sometimes and have an account on this website for some reason. I also used to be good at writing detailed stories.

Somehow I have managed to show more of the things I really like on here than any other profile I have ever created.

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