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This group is open to all pixel artists and pixel admirers. Whether you want to submit art or just watch the group, you are free to join!
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Jun 8, 2011


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6,113 Members
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:bulletblue: Contributor Positions are open!. We need more help with running the group especially during this busy school/work season, We would love to have more Contributors on the team!
If you are a member and are interested in becoming a Contributor, please fill out the form below in a note to the group. Being a Contributor is not overly-demanding, so do not worry! Here are attributes a Contributor in this group should have:

- You should have some knowledge about pixel art in general, but you do not have to be an expert pixel artist!
- Know the group rules and have an idea of what goes where in the gallery.
- You should be able to log onto dA at least once every 3 days.
- You should help vote in deviations if there are any that are in need of acceptance.

Please fill out this from in a note to the group. You will be contacted after your form has been looked at.

Contributor Form

1.) Are you familiar with this group's rules? They can be found under the "About Us" tab.

2.) Are you confident with your knowledge of our gallery folders, and what goes where? If anything is not clear to you, feel free to ask questions here.

3.) Will you be able to vote on deviation submissions at least once every 3 days?

4.) Are you willing to help members and visitors with any questions they have, and work cooperatively with fellow admins?

5.) Do you have any prior group admin experience? You don't have to have any to qualify for the position, but it does help you get the job more easily.

If you have any questions about becoming a Contributor, feel free to comment here or send me a Note :)

Saraix by Anevis Happy Pixeling! Saraix by Anevis
I know that it is sometimes hard to figure out which submission goes where. Here Are The Rules

NOTE: Journals OF ANY KIND are NOT allowed in the gallery WHATSOEVER! Please do not submit them!


If you wish to submit something to Featured, you should submit it to the Gallery first (to the right folder), and then send a note to the group with your request. If your request is granted your deviation will be moved to the Featured Folder by the Founder or a Co-Founder. Contributors can submit to featured after a vote.


ALL deviations in this folder must contain our group mascot, Saraix, in them. For some reason people have a habit of submitting to this folder despite this rule, or despite the fact that they have no idea what this folder is for. Again, deviations must contain Saraix or they will be rejected without an explanation!

:bulletpurple:Pixel Art Tutorials

No folder overrides this one except the Contest and Saraix folders. You cannot submit journals or regular art to this folder.

:bulletpurple: Stamps

All stamps, animated and non-animated, belong in this folder. Stamps with humans and emoticons, animals and letters, go here. The only folders that override this one are the Tutorial, Contest, and Saraix folders.
Group icons are not stamps.


All animated works go here EXCEPT:
- Emoticons
- Icons/Avatars
- Contests
- Saraix art
- Stamps

:bulletpurple:Animals and Scenery

All animals and scenery works go here EXCEPT if there is animation involved, there is a human/antrho character in the work, if Saraix is in the work, if the work is a dA icon, or if there are emoticons used. In that case, the artwork goes in the Animations Folder, Human Folder, Icon folder, or Emoticon Folder.


All ThePixelPalace contest submissions go in this folder, and no folder overrides this one. Do not submit anything else to this folder, or it will be declined without explanation.


All emotes go here, icons and animations included. Only the Contest, Saraix, and Featured Folders override this one.

:bulletpurple:Sprites (Inanimate)

All NON-ANIMATED sprites go in this folder, not the Misc Objects Folder. Any animated sprites go in the Animations folder unless they are for a contest or include Saraix.


This folder is only for pieces that are mainly human or anthro. The only folders that override this one are the Animations, Icon, Emotes, Saraix, and Featured Folders.


Deviations in this folder must be no larger or smaller than 50x50 pixels and must be intended to be used as icons. Deviations with icon packs (a.k.a., have multiple 50x50 icons in them) and group icons are allowed in this folder as well.  No folder overrides this folder, except in rare cases, Contests, Saraix, or Tutorials.

:bulletpurple:Misc Objects

If the artwork does not fit in any of the other categories, it goes here. So all of the works in this folder do not move, are not human, do not contain Saraix and are not icons, tutorials, emoticons, animals, scenery, or contest entries.

TLDR This is how to check off where your deviation goes:

1). Saraix (if not, go to #2)
2). Contest (if not, go to #3)
3). Tutorials (if not, go to #4)
4). Icon/Avatar (if not, go to #5)
5.) Stamp (if not, got to #6)
6). Emoticons (if not, go to #7)
7). Animation (if not, got to #8)
8). Sprites (if not, go to #9)
9.) Human/Anthro (if not, go to #10)
10.) Animals/Scenery (if not, go to #11)
11.) Misc. Objects

That is all. Thanks for reading! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Atlantis by jokov
A Birch by gas13
I am fire, I am death! (Pixelart!) by DodoIcons
Audrey (commission) by blazheirio889
Saraix Face by Inemiset
Saraix by Zapchu25
Saraix by Anevis
Saraix by NeoCyania
Gaia Freebie 3 by PurrstelsPixels
Gaia Freebie 2 by PurrstelsPixels
dede by mizartz
Spirit Blossom Ahri by mich-spich
Animations - Full -
Farrah Page Doll {animated} by Rockabell-Neko
Cannibal eating a zombie arm. by pixelroar
Magma Cruncher - Guardians of the Rose by PixelxPixelGames
Animals and Scenery - Full -
Twilight Towers by MirruTatep
Unorthodox by KimoiPhantom
Drache-Lehre pixel [$] by H07130N
Zanuka [$] by H07130N
Misc Objects
Defiant class Monitor by Flying-Snake
love potion pixels by littlemountainwitch
christmas tree project entry by cucoa
Christmas Stocking {Pixel Art Challenge} by DangerouslySlowCat
Group Contests
Beach Party by Xothex
Summer in the Park by iikuzo
:beach: by a-kid-at-heart
Summer pixel contest entry by ametotaiyou
Group Challenges
Christmas icon set - Candel by M-Curiosity
Christmas icon set - Christmas Stocking by M-Curiosity
Christmas icon set - Gingerbread by M-Curiosity
Christmas icon set - Reindeer by M-Curiosity
Humans and Anthro
Hoodwink - Dota 2 - Pixel Art by PhoenixLabella
Royally Delightful - Pixel Commission by C-ren
Freedom Planet (X) FA: I Believed In You! (Sprite) by Mryayayify
[Flow] by Leopychan
Animals and Scenery
Mercury Approach by randomhuman
Sprites -Inanimate-
Impulse Piranha by Thn001
Icons and Avatars
updated jorge icon by tepidti
Icons and Avatars - Full -
IC: Lovinne by Rahhrr
I A. A M.z.g. T._gifending2020 by AliceGothic
Pixel Art Tutorials
How to Islands by DanyUrbb
Humans and Anthro 2 -Full-
Orchid Pagedoll - :PC: by Meikuvu
Humans and Anthro - Full -
I want My Submission to be Rejected



Features/Useful Group Info


***Go here to get a feature slot:… ***






Group Information, READ PLEASE

:bulletred: Please read this widget for important group info:bulletred:


If you want to join, just click "Join." You don't have to be a pixel artist to join either!

:iconknightplz:New Member Must-Reads:iconknightplz:

You are encouraged to read these before you do anything else in the group:

- Group Rules…

- Submission Guide…

:bulletpurple:Submitting to Featured:bulletpurple:

Members do not have permission to submit to the Featured folder. If you wish to submit something to Featured, you must submit it to the Gallery first (and to the right folder), and then send a note to the group with your request. If your request is granted your deviation will be moved to the Featured Folder by the Founder or a Co-Founder. Contributors can submit to featured after a vote.


- Join Requests to Contributors are open.
- If you want to be a Contributor you must:
~ Not be new to dA
~ Know the basics about pixel art, but you don't have to be a great artist
~ Must have some Group Admin experience
~ Must know and follow the Group Rules
~ Must be able to log on to dA at least once every three days
~ Must help with voting in submissions and voting for contest winners
~ Must help out with answering questions members might have
~ Must be responsible, helpful and friendly
- If you feel like you can't be a Contributor anymore, you may leave that group if you wish, but I would be really glad if you stayed as a Member than if you left altogether :)

:bulletpurple:Submitting to Favorites:bulletpurple:

- If you see pixel art you like that is not in our gallery, but is by a non-member, feel free to suggest it to the group favorites. All I ask is that you just be sure that it follows the rules.


- Contributors, please feel free vote on a submission if you see there needs to be a vote, especially on Featured works where we need many votes.
- If you vote to decline, please comment why you did so in the submission process.

Please don't forget we have a donation pool on my page, so if you would like to donate, please do :D

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