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Now that I finished that 8 page comic, I can finally start drawing up some more Underfell idea stuffs I had building up in my head... I may or may not use shading for these mini comic strips, I'm just that much of a lazy bones alright guys? ;w;

Remember when you're running away from Undyne and you get that Phone call from Papyrus? Undyne did say that she didn't want to interrupt your phone conversation...
Though, maybe Underfell Undyne won't be as thoughtful~


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TurckerStarsong|Student General Artist
If you eat flowey you shoot fireballs.
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Bomb-Hedgehog's avatar
You know some people say I scream like a goat, that is the most inaccurate thing that I "Woomy" *Screams*
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DoodToon|Hobbyist General Artist
Didn't realize Fell Papyrus was so clingy..
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Naehja's avatar
"just few minutes papyrus, I try to escape to a geant fish who want to kill me"
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TTailsdudetehfox's avatar
Underfell Papyrus Emoticon : DONT TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS HUMAN!

( Amazing and hilarious comic and Floweys face at the end. XD )
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TTailsdudetehfox's avatar
[Undertale] Flowey Emoticon 31 : OH GAWD!
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Art-in-heart4va's avatar
lol, Flowey at the end
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PixelBlujay's avatar
XD poor Frisk
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TwistedToonTaylor's avatar
TwistedToonTaylor|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pure gold!
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TheLostDragonRider's avatar
On the last panel I thought the green writing said 'DETERMINATION' for some reason and of course I looked closer only to realize that it actually said 'DIE DIE DIE' lol
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CreativeFoxx13's avatar
CreativeFoxx13|Student Traditional Artist
Same Papy😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Rosalina-Prower's avatar
Yeah! Who the hell pick up the cellphone in the middle of a chase?
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Endlesshunter's avatar
Endlesshunter|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just when I thought UT Papy calling you at that time was odd/funny enough but this is just freaking hilarious :rofl:
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narutobonds98|Hobbyist General Artist
Poor papy
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fnafFanKatie's avatar
what do you use to draw?
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THEpinknekos's avatar
THEpinknekos|Hobbyist General Artist
Painttool SAI
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KingHerobrine876|Hobbyist Filmographer
I dunno why, but Frisk looks like some kind of secret agent in this.
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Pika-mine|Student Digital Artist
Underfell Papyrus AU Icon Freddy's Nope Chat Icon :NotYet: Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Nightmare! - Icon GIF A rebel 
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BrandonTheDarkAngel's avatar
Ok I feel bad for flowey but his face is just hilarious plus this is an awesome comic
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BladeSlash|Student Traditional Artist
Floweys face in the last pane! XD
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TheUniversalHedgefox's avatar
TheUniversalHedgefox|Hobbyist General Artist
That's the best thing in the entire comic XD (in my opinion)
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TheShadowMuffin's avatar
TheShadowMuffin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't play with my emotions human!

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