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Sup guys, Im currently working on a 3D model. I would love to see ya around ouo
I recently made my own twitter account ouo gonna upload messages and some WIPs.
if you wanna follow me there, feel free to do so!


(note: I'm also doing Inktober! Check that out there tooxD)
Sup guys! Im sorry for being inactive the last few month.. Finals were coming up, but i suceeded in all of them:'D

WOOOO! SCHOOL - Checked!excited happy

And with that, I'm thinking about this account and future and so on, and haven't found quite a good solution, where to start and where to go with this page. Im still going to upload drawings, but there are general changes ahead.

Thanks for sticking with me so far, guys! 
Hello peps! I hope you all have an awsome christmas timexD Relax and enjoy the free days uvo

~ Ping
Let's try that! Here are the rules!I am a dummy! 

  • The first 20 people that comment wanting to be on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery
  • If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
Well then! LET'S DANCEGunter boogie

  1. :iconryui-chii: Afgann x Agnesha by Ryui-chii Random doodle by Ryui-chii  quick headshot by Ryui-chiiThe colours, especially of your traditional drawings shine so much and are so colourful!! Thats something i dont see often! I wish I could do thatxDD And youre faces are cute!XD
  2. :iconcinyu: Star Fall by cinyu Kiriban: Eos13unknown by cinyu Cosma by cinyu    I'm a fan of your blue colours!! :D The colour makes your drawings always relaxing and and dramatic at the same time! And now the big question!! Do you always draw the starbackground yourself??:vD 'cause it looks good every timexDD
  3. :iconmichaou: Lily~ by MiChaou Yenia- by MiChaou Hayato by MiChaou  Ohmygosh, I really love how you draw faces!! There so good(//v//)
  4. :iconchloeclik: I always suprised, how much different ideas you have in your mindxD It's really enjoyable to look through your galleryXDD Super creative!! And cats are adorable! (She deleted her account, but I leave this in here anyways! Have a good time outside of DA ouo)
  5. :iconmoochiface: .:C:. bun-mi by moochiface .:AT:. aeichi [1/2] by moochiface .:AT:. Saracaa + New Speedpaint by moochiface Your artsu is a cutiepie! (//v//)9
  6. :iconfloralzero: Lovely by FloralZero  lol by FloralZero Heh- anne wei by FloralZero I really love the colorwork on your pieces! All your drawings have a magical touch too themxD And you know how to draw good face expressions! And dang, I cant get enough of this spikey hair style! It's so cute amg!
  7. :icondisturbinggreen: FLAMINGOGOGO by DisturbingGreen Blind Banditttttt by DisturbingGreen frankincense by DisturbingGreen You really have a unique style combined with really good human anatomy! And I love your color paletts!!
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Sup guys! Eventhough you dont see it, I'm workin pretty hard on several things and if you saw my streams, you know about one of themxD School kinda hits me hard with lots LOTS LOOOOTS of homework, but I try handle everything! Gonna upload new drawings soon:D See you! And Im still reading comments and everything, so dont hesitate to write something, even if it seems like im not here!

Im on a school trip with my class next week, so i wont be very active!:P except theirs wlan:vD

                                                                    [watch it now]

        - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                                      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -     

So, guys! I have something to tell you. So please sit down and listen carefully.
My story begins with a guy, who wanted to make a DVD Menu once in his life. He didn't knew which show to pick, until he stumbled over this masterpiece of animation! Thanks to the beautiful :iconisparklehearts:, who recommended this show to the boy, he was able to find the true meaning behind his dream. After working hard on his dream, the boy reached his goal and was able to create a visual stunning menu, clearly matching the mood of the show perfectly!

After reaching his final goal, the boy lifed a whole year with emptiness in his heart...
But suddenly, the boy realized that not even the Menu of an beautiful animated show could satisfy his desire for a dangerous adventure and so he began to search for more, discovering his path and getting close to his new meaning of life. On his way, he discovered an glorious "BLURAY-DVD CASE", which was made out of pure sapphire! And after finding the secret base of the Blacksmith "Prin Ta" and winning a game about life and death, the sacred elder made him a "prin tad DVD", a powerful weapon to throw, out of pure gold. On the journey to his destination, our young hero saved the princess of fairys, which granted him the power to turn an tree into an nearly 2 dimensional object, called "paypa". Its colour was so white, that not even the mother sun could reflect her beautiful and heartwarming sunbeams in it. And in the moment he reached the final end of his journey, all the gifts from the people he saved melted to one invincible weapon called the "NyanNekoSugarGirlsuu". And he could finally rest, after saving the world and enjoy his fulfilled life 'till his last breaths.

the end.

Thank you for all your wonderful Artworks I used for this AMAZING box! Thanks to all of you!

-> LINK IN DESCRIPTION - ~Happy Birthday NyaNyanDesu~
-> puddingplushiepalace.deviantar…

-> and of course our sweet :iconnyanyandesu: Thank you for anything!

If I forgot someone or if you want that I burn the Box live in front your house, please just write a comment;D
HAV - Andrew Jackson 2 ; HAV - Andrew Jackson 2
HAV - Ivan Pavlov HAV - Andrew Jackson 3 HAV - Vladimir Lenin  HAV - Macbeth

And please give me your thoughts about quality and stuff!! I'm doing this for the first time. I would appreciate thatXD
Gunter boogie      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DeviantART! XD    Gunter boogie 

1.     How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Well, as the user thePingdelf soon a year! On August 11th 2014 exactly.
but there's also another account which I created and used for 1 month one year before:vP was my "see whats going on here" account and didn't done anything with this! ->

2.     What does your username mean?
The Pingdelf is a fictional animal that I developed with a friend! His name is an combination of the german words
Pinguin (eng: penguin) and Delfin (eng: dolphin). He looks overall like a penguin but has the tail of a dolphin.

3.     Describe yourself in three words.
Derpy humour, caring and oh-its-nice-weather-outside-time-to-draw-inside-person

4.     Are you left or right handed?
Like Link in the TwilightPrincess remake for wii

5.     What was your first deviation?

    Rising Planet by thePingdelf
                                 ~ Rising Planet ~

Oh wow, one year isn't much:P I can literally remember how I drew this in the holidays! 
And it should actually be a SSB Fanart in first placeXD

When you go back to my old account, it would be this one:
    Country of Yarn by trueAppleStyle
Tried out Photoshop to draw and smash textures togehter (one of my first things though)

6.     What is your favourite type of art to create?
Full coloured Landscapes, Persons and weapons and not to forget the derpy stuffcat face
I want to make stunning artworks!

7.     If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
More realistic type of drawing (but still manga/anime) and a more dynamic colourstyle!

8.     What was your first favourite?

   170214 by arufa             Survivors of autumn by meganjoy
       on thePingdelf                                  ...and on my old page

9.     What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Cable car in town by FeiGiap thaichakki by tom23579 Speedpaint #39 by Sylar113 Koi by Kuvshinov-Ilya

10.     Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Oh my.... there are soo many that I like to call my favourites. Hmm, I'm just gonna name some of themXD
:iconsae-midori: :iconhetiru: :iconsylar113: :iconkuvshinov-ilya:

11.     If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Omg too many cool peps, but I think those three were fun to met: :iconsae-midori: :iconisparklehearts: :icongaijinrocket:

12.     How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Everybody does this the whole time! I learn so much from everybody in our DA Community and I don't know, were I would be without DeviantART. There are so many inspiring and nice, heartwarming people around here, who give you more than advice and motivation to continuing working on art!! ~Thanks to all of you!!!

13.     What are your preferred tools to create art?
Digital!!! Yeah! A tablet is soooo goooodXDDD Can't live without it!

14.     What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
In my personal mansion, right behind the chamber filled with treasures!Sir Laze
my room is cold, so the best option to work here in summer!:VD

15.     What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
The best meomories I made so far were just simply talking and meet other people! At home, they arent many people to talk about art and stuff, so it'S always so exciting to talk to new peopleXDD

there was also an funny event at my rp groupXDD -> can the the results of that cooking session here: Gingerbreadbaking - how beautiful!? (but be careful! they are baked with cement instead of flour)

Happy Birthday!!!!! DA!!!!! You're the best site on the internet!


-> -> ->>>   <da:thumb id="550194268"/>     <<<- <- <- (you can download it there in the description!)

This artbook is made by an amazing guy, called GaijinRocket :icongaijinrocket:!
He made this whole artbook alone and it's so so ssooooooooo motherf*cking GOOOD!
You can download it for free so where's the problem?:D Go. Click the button!!
And I beg everyone around here to spread a word about this amazing artist and his work!!

Good work, man!Rin okumura (Thumbs up) 
Just tried out to draw animations! Laughed the whole time about that face!Laughing Luhan

Sup guys! I'm back after beeing a bit inactive the last weeks! Hope you're not madMarry Kozakura (Embarrassed blush) [V9] 
theWeeklyPingdelf! #2

So, what happened in the last two weeks? pfft, maybe I should call it the notsooftenweeklypingdelf
Oksie! Anyway, I worked on the Birthdaypics and a bit on the "pimp my character" thing. Can't wait to show you the design:P
And last weekend, I experimented a bit with still life paintings for another contest in my school! Gonna upload that soon, so
stay tuned:D

~What's your favourite season of year?


theWeeklyPingdelf! #1

So, what's up guys?
(°O°)/ <(!)

Oksie, at first I'm sorry that I was kinda inactive the last days, but I had a lot of stuff to do. xox
I'm currently working on several things, like a contest named "pimp my character" where I (obviouslyxD) should create my own character on 5 pages:D Did that last year too, but that was the first time I eeeevvver draw a complete person! (so it's lookin' kinda oddXD) But I want to show, how much I improved and want to get the first place of course! (Always set your goals high to reach them eventually:D) Mostly completed the character design itself! I am a dummy! 
And I also worked on my entry for the Places AB contest. and played a lot of videogames//slapped

And I thought about something new here on my page and this will be theWeeklyPingdelf!  Yato (I'm fabulous) [V1]
Where I mainly post things like this ->   EpicBox <oh sweet, a cake!) every week or ask you something! (maybe:D)

and QUESTIONTime!  ~What are you working on right now? Or are ya just sittin' like me and playing games and stuff?:'D (uah, I should work....xD)

As you may noticed, I worked on a drawing for this amazing contest! Go and check it out!:D
You're piece will be futured in the book, if you win! And there are plenty of other amazing artists, who are drawing for the book;D

:iconplaces-ab: <-- Here you go!:D