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Still life...with a wee baby dragon.



Hello everyone, it's us...the Picsees and guess what? It's summertime! yHay! It's been nice and sunny for a while now but this week was officially the start of summer. Of course we do know that it's not summertime everywhere and some of you might be missing we thought we could maybe share a wee bit of our summer with everyone, and we decided a good way to do this is to draw you a wee picture of some lovely summer flowers. We packed our best pencils and went down to the park. It didn't take us long to find some good drawing flowers and we were scribbling away in no time...but like always we got a wee bit lost in the much so that we didn't really pay attention to the "big picture" and the something rather interesting appearing in it. It was actually only after Mika pointed our that one of the flowers we were drawing had a lovely smile when we noticed we were drawing more than just flowers...and if we didn't have this picture as proof you probably wouldn't have believed us, but there he was! A wee dragon pup playing among the very flowers that we were drawing for you! This was an exciting's not everyday that you get to meet a dragon pup! We went over to talk to him, but cause he's still a wee baby he couldn't really speak, he only made some clicky noises and then he got distracted by a bumble bee and chased after it, disappearing between the flowers. We ran after them but couldn't find him or the bumble.
We went back to the exact same spot and sat there the whole day hoping to see him again and maybe make friends if we do, but there was no sign of him. We even did some clicky noises like he did but it didn't help. So today we are are going to paint some yellow and black bumble bee stripes on Eric and have him run around the flowers to see if that will make him come out to play cause we know for sure that he likes to chase bumble bees...
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