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Bairns and Bookbugs. by thePicSees Bairns and Bookbugs. :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 304 30 More of Mika's wee inkypic portraits by thePicSees More of Mika's wee inkypic portraits :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 103 2 A Colouring page of Keecu the Gatekeeper... by thePicSees A Colouring page of Keecu the Gatekeeper... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 62 4 Mika Macaroon's wee Inkypics by thePicSees Mika Macaroon's wee Inkypics :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 34 2 A wee Goblin called Kale. by thePicSees A wee Goblin called Kale. :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 206 30 Our new friend Neenim... by thePicSees Our new friend Neenim... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 178 11 The Candle Ghosts... by thePicSees The Candle Ghosts... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 305 51 Leahann'riada the forest faerie. by thePicSees Leahann'riada the forest faerie. :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 310 31 The Ferryman of Amsterdam by thePicSees The Ferryman of Amsterdam :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 216 23 Still life...with a wee baby dragon. by thePicSees Still life...with a wee baby dragon. :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 369 53
The Elderfaerie at the lake.
Last night we went down to the lake and found one of the Elderfaeries sitting there. He invited us to sit with him and said we can ask him one question. The Elderfaeries are very wise. They're probably the wisest of all the wee faeryfolk living in these realms. It's because they've been living here for so long. For thousands and thousands of years in fact, which is why we decided to ask him about just that...these realms.
He didn't answer us right away. Instead he sat quietly for a while, while trying on a few different frowns and when he finally found one that fitted, he looked down at something he was holding in his hand. Something that wasn't quite there. Something only he could see.
"Aye...reality" he said eventually. He repeated the word a few more times to himself as if to see if that might change its meaning, and once he was quite sure it wouldn't, he went on...
"It's a pretty peculiar place, isn't it. I don't think it was ever intended for anyone to live here, but her
:iconthepicsees:thePicSees 41 14
What is a bookshelf... by thePicSees What is a bookshelf... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 1,010 140 Nalu, the Firefly faerie... by thePicSees Nalu, the Firefly faerie... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 356 39 We got an Instagram page! yHay! by thePicSees We got an Instagram page! yHay! :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 24 1 Just one day to go until Halloween by thePicSees Just one day to go until Halloween :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 283 16 LADY ROSAFAE'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG FLYERS. by thePicSees LADY ROSAFAE'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG FLYERS. :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 162 32


Bairns and Bookbugs.

Once upon a time we told you about the faeriefolk who helps to raise the wee baby bugs of the forest, but credit given where credit’s due, the bugs of the forest helps to raise the wee faerie bairns (children) too. A perfect example of this would be the bookbugs but before we can explain the importance of their help, we first need to tell you a little bit more about Picsee and faeriefolk...

Most of us live in a place that is somewhere between the realm of dreams and the realms of reality, a place that people call the imagination, and we all can move freely between these without even thinking about it. In fact, wherever we go these two realms tend to blend into each other, and we’re all quite good at weaving them together to create something you might know as faerie magic.

The problem is that the wee faerie bairns can also weave these worlds of dreams and reality together but they don’t always realize that they’re doing it. This means that anything they imagine could possibly, and quite literally, become a reality. Sometimes this can have rather amusing consequences, but if you’re not watching their every move they can get up to a lot of trouble. It can of course be said that all bairns, be they bugs, faeriefolk or even human beans, will get up to some sort of mischief if you don’t keep a very close eye on them...but when the wee bairns in question could turn themselves into actual little monsters while they’re doing it, you definitely need to have a plan in place...and that is where the wee bookbugs comes in.

They can spot trouble brewing from a mile away and they fly much faster than you might think. So whenever one of the wee bairns at the faerie nursery looks like they might be contemplating some shenanigans, a bookbug will fly up to them and read a tiny tale or two to distract them from any potential naughtiness, and thus, avoiding the sweet little bairns turning into unruly little monsters.

But, you might ask, what if there are monsters and mischief in the story? Won’t the bairns also weave these into existence? Well, that’s the great thing about books; they too exist in both these realms. The book itself is usually found within the realms of reality but the stories they hold tend to abide in the realm of dreams. So while the wee bairns might turn into all kinds of creatures and characters as they join the adventures being read, it all happens within the realm of dreams where a bit of mischief won’t do any harm. And back in the realm of reality, where wee bairns can most definitely get into trouble, they’ll be sitting quietly and trouble fee listening to the stories while growing the occasional claw or wing.

#thepicsees #bairns #bookbugs

We hope you enjoyed the story and liked the wee picture which we would not be able to make without the kind support of our patrons at thank you so very much, we're already working on the next picture ~:)

Hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend!
The Picsees

More of Mika's wee inkypic portraits

A couple of weeks ago we showed you two little inkypic portraits that Mika drew and promised that we'd soon share some more of these lovely little drawings with you.... and here they are, two more pictures and a promised kept ~:)

On the left is a portrait of a wee Kabouter called Keijr who lives in the woods near our house (the kabouters are weefolk from the Netherlands who are similar to gnomes...but in the way a rabbit is similar to a hare but not quite the same). Keijr is very friendly and always has a story and a bit of cheese to share so we visit him often. On the right is a picture of another good friend of ours called Lindee-Mae. She is one of the wee moon-time faerie who collects the left over bits sunlight at the end of each day and recycles them into glimmers and shimmers for the next day's dewdrops.

We hope you like these 2 new inkypic portraits ~:)
And if you missed the first two we shared just scroll down a couple of post on our page or visit our website at: to see them all and read about why Mika started drawing these little pictures in the first place...

A Colouring page of Keecu the Gatekeeper...
Lots of people told us that they would love to colour-in some of our art pictures so we made some special hand-drawn colouring pages like this one of Keecu the gatekeeper. You can download a printable copy for free on our website at this click:

#thepicsees #colouringpage
Mika Macaroon's wee Inkypics
For the last couple of days we had to draw with a pen cause Eric fed all our pencils to a wee baby orc. This was a bit of a problem since most of us found drawing with ink rather difficult. We made way too many little lines and smudges, which meant you quite literally couldn't make head nor tail of anything we've drawn. However, one of us didn't have this problem at all and in no time Mika Macaroon was making the loveliest little pen drawings.

As he was drawing, some wee whispering sprites happened to see his pictures when they glided by and dubbed them "inkypics". And so, as is the case with anything interesting that the wee whisperers observed, word of his inkypics quickly spread and soon a long spiraling line of critters and faeryfolk started to form around Mika and his sketchbook, all hoping to catch a glimpse and maybe even get their portrait drawn by him.

He gave most of the drawings he made to the wee folk that posed for the pictures, but he did keep a few and said we can show them to you...and so, without any further ado, here are the first two: On the left is little Frankie (who's been refusing to take off his Halloween costume for more that 3 years now) and on the right is none other than yours truly, Collie Flowers ~:)

We hope you like these little pen-drawn portraits very much! If you do, be sure to keep an eye on this page and of course our wee website ( ) cause we'll be sharing some more of them with you very soon...
A wee Goblin called Kale.
We made a new drawing that we wanted to share with's a wee portrait of our newly found friend called Kale who we met last night while we were all playing in the park. Eric was chasing a bug around that ran underneath the roots of an old tree stump. In his effort to find the bug Eric unexpectedly made acquaintances with Kale when he stepped on his muddy toes, which, along with with his wee moss jacket and mushroom covered hat, made him blend into his surroundings so well that Eric thought it was the tree stump that cried "ouch". It was only when he stood up that we all noticed him.
Still a bit confused about who got hurt Eric apologized to both Kale and the tree stump and then carried on looking for the bug while the rest of us went over to introduced ourselves.
It turns out Kale's been playing a game of hide and seek which is why he was tucked away underneath the old stump. He's told us with great pride and excitement how good he is at hiding and how no one has been able to find him for weeks! In fact, he's so good no one even knows he's hiding.
He showed us a few of his best tricks and we tried to calculate how long he's been there by dating the wide array of mushrooms that grew on this hat over the course of the game and before long it was time for us to head home. We wanted to hear more of his amazing skills and since a wee bug compromised the cover of his hiding place we thought we'd invited him to our house...which is where we drew this wee portrait of him while he told us about his undefeated winning streak. 
We finished the drawing just in time because not too long after that he disappeared. We can only assume he started a new game of hide and seek and he sure is good cause we can't find him anywhere. It also appears that all of our cookies and some fruit from the kitchen had gone into hiding with him...probably just to make sure someone comes seeking this time.



Hello everyone! It's us...the Picsees and this is our deviant art page where we'll sharing some pictures and portraits of our wee faeryfolk friends...


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