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Since my last posting and, after reading members' comments, I have decided to start a new competition of the Graphic Art variety (and not music, as we have in the past).

From now, until the end of August, I am inviting members and affiliates to submit deviations to our 'Contest' folder with the subject 'Black and White' (our beloved piano key colours). At the end of the competition, all submissions will be put to public vote, and the winner will get 200 points, second place will get 100 points, and third place will get 50 points.


Colours used must be Black and White only .... no shades of grey are allowed. Just 2 colours - Black and White. Greyscale images will not be accepted. If you are not certain about what I mean, I have made an article on my own blog which explains 'anti-aliasing' (using shades to make smooth transitions from one colour to another). This can be found here, if you need it:-…

Images must be 800 x 600 pixels in size or, preferably, larger - no stamps or icons please.

Any member or affiliate can enter as many times as the group upload restrictions permit. Group administrators are also allowed to enter, as this is being judged by public vote.

Closing date is 31st August 2012.

Have fun creating, and let's have pure Black and White images coming in thick and fast!!

Any questions, please let me know with a comment.

Steve :iconpomprint:
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Question: Does it have to portray a piano? Or does anything music-related (so long as it's only black/white) count?