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The Fish Bone Chair

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This is a photo of my Resistant Materials GCSE project. It is all my own design and work, i got the idea looking through some fossil books that had pictures of fish skelingtons in them It is about 4 and 1/2 to 5 foot tall and made of MDF. I got an 'A' overall, but im sure it was the exam that let me down not the chair. Although it is a fully functioning dining chair, it is more of a sculpture than a practical piece.
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this is great, any other pictures of this out there?
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fantastic! very tim-burton-y, except, only the good bits.
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I like that XD
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I really like this idea of your chair... and it's very well done:)
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great stuff :-)
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In all seriousness, if I had seen this before my chair project was due this Thursday, I totes would have copied it.

Well, no, but still, this is really cool and worth stealing of the idea!

But I wouldn't do that.

This is awesome.
I can appreciate how much work this must have taken.
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like your work.

check out [link]

great place for woodworkers to surf

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Awesome chair, man!
I'm making a mini-version of this for a school project, if that's okay with you ^^
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Yeah sure - good luck to you mate!
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heheh very creative and clever,i like!
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i really enjoy this idea! its the kinda thing that inspires me when i design, something weird and wacky thats functional and attractive!


you may like some of the designs on this website

keep up the good work!
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aw man, what a hip chair! well, not reeally hip since fish don't have hips... but... killer design and workmanship! i want a whole set!
what's MDF?
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MDF = Medium Density Fibreboard. Its basicaly sawdust and resin mixed together and made into a wood board. Its strong and durable.

And thanks :)
If i could make loads of 'em id sell you a set! lol - but i cant be bothered!
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ohhh! thanks for clarifying. i'll keep it in mind if i ever make a chair.
hahah, don't worry -- i wouldn't have the money to pay you anyway! :B
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nice idea. something new that´s for sure...
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My original idea. Its sat in my hall-way at the moment gathering dust, i might see about selling it somewhere at some point.
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great job the workmanshiop really looks top notch!
I have two questions
1how tall is it ? i can't really tell from the pic,
2how comfortable is it to sit in?
thanks for putting this on DA it's great stuff!
I'm very inspired
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Tis 5 foot tall and i think its comfortable and so do several of my friends who have sat on it and cmmented - read the comments. Thanks for commenting.
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Can't help but like this chair. A nice design and I can't help but stare at it. :clap:
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