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Light vs dark - A Phoenix Tale by thephoenix3000 Light vs dark - A Phoenix Tale by thephoenix3000
So I was going through screenshots and came across this beauty. What you see before you about 2 hours and 5 deaths to get this picture. So a few months after the Cataclysm expansion released I finally got the last reputation for the guild achievement “United Nations" which unlocked the guild’s Dark Phoenix Hatchling. I of course got it in my head to do a Light vs Dark picture. I dragged my friend Avenn around Azeroth trying to find the perfect backdrop for it and when we ended up in hyjal I saw the spire and knew it was perfect.

At this point you have to ask “Why did it take 2 hours to get that shot and how did you die 5 times?" First, don’t jump ahead in the story and second….. um…. tacos.

So the major issue with making this picture was how the companion pets move with your in-game character. Some react differently then others. In the case of these 2 little bastard they like to adjust on nearly every movement you make. Also they are only loosely based on the characters position in the world meaning that if one person sees it facing right, the other might see it facing left, Made it kind of a pain.

"Well how did you die then?" Asks the voice in my head and my response is “Shut up or I will stab you with a Q-tip again"

…..Anyways, over the course of the 2 hours deaths occured mostly due to annoyance in positioning and hits the dismount button, keep in mind this took place about 200 yards in the air and even the heroes of azeroth go splat when they hit the ground.

In the end we finally got this picture which all in all still looks great, but there was a catch after making this. I told Avenn on that day that if either of us got the Ashes of Al’ar mount (It’s a phoenix) that we would have to re-do the whole picture with the entire family. Unfortunately she no longer plays, but since I do have the Al’ar mount if she ever returns I shall force her to complete it no matter how many times I have to kill her character in order to get the perfect screenshot.

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July 14, 2013
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