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Under the Wings | Saber by ThePhantomofWolves Under the Wings | Saber :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 0 0 Frozen Pern Header by ThePhantomofWolves Frozen Pern Header :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 0 0 Tinkie Winkie the Coral Skitter by ThePhantomofWolves Tinkie Winkie the Coral Skitter :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 0 0 Justice for Flicka by ThePhantomofWolves Justice for Flicka :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 2 0 Matsutake Clan OC Doodles by ThePhantomofWolves Matsutake Clan OC Doodles :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 0 0 Ginga Fanzine Entry by ThePhantomofWolves Ginga Fanzine Entry :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 4 0 Kit and a Flitt by ThePhantomofWolves Kit and a Flitt :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 2 0 To The Bravest Warrior I Know by ThePhantomofWolves To The Bravest Warrior I Know :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 2 0 Trevenant Variation by ThePhantomofWolves Trevenant Variation :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 4 1 The Littlest Urban Ranger by ThePhantomofWolves The Littlest Urban Ranger :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 2 0 'Everybody Loves A Winner...' by ThePhantomofWolves 'Everybody Loves A Winner...' :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 4 0 *Insert arms here* by ThePhantomofWolves *Insert arms here* :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 1 0 The Sound of Silence [VENT ART] by ThePhantomofWolves The Sound of Silence [VENT ART] :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 0 0 Draw to Adopt HARPG Starters by ThePhantomofWolves Draw to Adopt HARPG Starters :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 0 0 Peter by ThePhantomofWolves Peter :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 1 0 King of the Mountain by ThePhantomofWolves King of the Mountain :iconthephantomofwolves:ThePhantomofWolves 0 0


Life after Skyward: From air to earth
This is my take on what happens after the end of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is NOT a fanfic, more like a report. If you haven't completed the game yet, read at your own risk, because the information contained in this report can be considered spoilers.
Birds of a feather flock together
The loftwings remain an important part of human culture, even after the surface begins to be colonized. But there is one big difference. Because flying is no longer the only method of transportation, loftwing ownership is limited to knights and leaders. This doesn't mean everyone else gives up their birds right away. It just means that eventually, maybe after half a decade, civilians do not have loftwings. Loftwing and rider still meet under the goddess statue, and the knight academy still operates as it did in Skyloft. Of course, since loftwings aren't in any other game, they don't last forever. I guess somewhere down the line, when horses are domesticated, people decid
:iconrubydragoncat:RubyDragonCat 4 3
Musings of a crimson loftwing
I always had a feeling my rider was special.
The feeling started the day I met him, when my parents pushed me and my brother out of the nest and sent us to meet our human companions. When we got there, my brother immediately bonded with a yellow haired female. I picked the male beside her. He jumped on my back and took off like he'd been flying his whole life. This was...different than I'd expected. My mother had said: "Don't fly too fast at first, humans are helpless in the air. If they fall off, they drop like rocks." But he never did, no matter how fast or wild I got.
Years passed. Our riders continued to be close friends, you would never see one without the other. On a day I now call one of the worst days of my life, I woke up in a cage. My rider got me out in time for the big flying show, but then there was a big tornado and my brother and his rider vanished. I admit, I panicked a bit...I still don't know how I ended up in that cage, or how my rider found our lost friends, or why
:iconrubydragoncat:RubyDragonCat 10 9
Loftwing colors and ranks
LIGHTWEIGHT colors are the fastest and most common. Because of the high agility of these loftwings, their riders often take messenger, medic, or rescuer roles. In battle they can dart and weave around the enemy with more success than midweight and heavyweight colors. They are built to reach the destination and reach it quickly, so their endurance isn't as good.
MIDWEIGHT colors have an equal balance between strength and speed. They are less common than lightweights, yet more common than heavyweights. Their riders usually serve as both scouts and front line fighters. Sometimes a midweight rider will decide on one side of the spectrum and only do speed flying or only do endurance training, but most of the time, midweight riders are there for whatever they're most needed for.
HEAVYWEIGHT colors are the most uncommon. They are like feathered tanks, their strength and endurance is very good, but they aren't as agile. Once they reach top speed, it's hard for them to change direction quickly.
:iconrubydragoncat:RubyDragonCat 16 4
Puppies In Jenna by Madarao123 Puppies In Jenna :iconmadarao123:Madarao123 18 7
Chicken Soup for the Balto Movies
Ran for Life
by: Balto
I never thought I would be the leader of a sled team. I was just an outcast, a wolfdog to which no-one wanted nor liked. I always wanted to be on a sled team, but no-one would want me to join their team. I have always wanted to prove myself worthy of becoming a sled dog, but never had the opportunity to do it. I always felt left-out and alone.
But that all changed one cold December night, when a diptheria epidemic plagued Nome and rendered most of the children bed-ridden and dying. The next day, a race was held, to see who would be one the sled team to save the town. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to prove myself worthy of becoming a sled dog. I stepped up to the starting line and prepared myself for the race of my life. The gun was fired, and the race started. I raced my heart out, and to my big surprise and to the surprise of everyone around me, I won first place. It was a very happy moment for me, for once, I have proved
:iconworldoftanks:WorldofTanks 10 5
Merry Birthmas- Levi x Reader
I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree

The tiny patter of feet echoed on the wooden floor. A little boy, wearing nothing but a long white shirt, climbs on top of a mountain of pillows and looks out in awe.
"Guys, look!"
The three sleeping children responded, yawning and sitting up lazily.
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas Day

A little girl slides out of bed, walking towards to the boy by the window. "What's wrong, big brudda?" She stands next to him and gasps. Rubbing her tired eyes in disbelief, she screams jovially. "Snow!"
Oh, I won't ask for much this Christmas
I won't even wish for snow
And I'm just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe

"Snow?" The two eldest then jumped out of their own beds, running to their younger siblings.
"Wow, it's so pretty!"
"Yay! Snow for Christmas!"
"Hey, you
:iconfaniki:faniki 138 17
Holiday Miracle - Eren Jaegar x Pregnant!Reader
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

The fireplace cackled, with smoke dancing upwards in the sky. The sweet smell of freshly baked cupcakes, cinnamon buns, and frosted cake fill the air. Sitting on the soft,fluffy couch nearby are two lovers, nestled together under a thick light-blue blanket. The young woman, who was previously resting on the man's chest, shifts herself and lays her hand on her stomach, slightly rounded with new maternity.
The man turns to her, a hint of worry in his eyes. "Does it hurt?"
She turns to look at him. "Not necessarily. I just felt something move down there."
He smiles at her. "Just think, [Name], that one day he'll be able to experience his own Christmas."
She smiles back, presumably lost in thought. "I know." She rubs her belly slightly.
"Amazing, isn't it?"
And so I'm offering this simple phrase, 
To kids from one to ninety-two,&
:iconfaniki:faniki 132 12
You are me, and I am you.
You are my friend but my enemy to.
You let me live, and won’t let me die.
But you cause all the pain inside.
I am my love when you are my hate.
It’s a race for the finish, but even the winner is too late.
I want you away from me.
But I never want you to leave.
When I say yes, you say no.
I want to love, you want to loathe.
They are my friends, but they are no one.
They want to stay, but you make them run.
I see the light, you shine with black.
I beg and plead, you just attack.
I am too scared and I need to hide.
Ripped Away.
But how can I hide when you’re inside?
One wing is angel, the other crow.
I want to fly, but you chain me from below.
I love to see her eyes shine;
you love to make me feel blind.
I want to break away and just be free,
but you are my cage and also the key.
I want you away from me,
but I never want you to leave.
I am too scared and need to hide,
but how can I hide
:icondying-revenge:Dying-Revenge 2 0
Spring Cleaning - Levi x Reader - Short Fluff
[Author's Notes]: A rather short, light-hearted, mildly fluffy piece depicting a rather ordinary, everyday interaction between the demanding Lance Corporal and an incredibly tolerant and patient Cadet.  The ending is a little humorous and unexpected, especially considering how Levi is normally portrayed in both canon and fanfiction.  Hope you enjoy.
Warnings for language.
--- Spring Cleaning --
For the dutiful and self-sacrificing soldiers of the Recon Corps, peaceful days were far and few in between.  Precious moments like these were far too rare to waste lazing about doing nothing.  As such, Lance Corporal Levi took it upon himself to include - no, force, rather - everyone residing at the old castle to participate in his favourite day-to-day activity.
Also, with the new year and the promise of an early spring, Humanity's Greatest Soldier decreed that entire castle should be dusted, scrubbed, washed and polished to a gleaming stat
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 1,046 168
Your Character's First Words
    A person’s first words can depend a surprising amount of influences in their early life. As with most things in the world, many studies have been conducted on the first words spoken by a baby as they grow. Here is a good place to record your character’s first word and when, where, why, and how they said it. It is important to define what makes a word here, however.
    When asked what a baby’s first word is, a great deal many people interpret the question as asking what were the first sounds to come out of the baby’s mouth that happen to be in the same order as a word that already exists. It is common for eager parents to interpret a stray word amongst a stew of incoherent babbling as their infant’s first word, whether it be a ma-maba-ba, or some other combination of baby sounds. An important distinction to make here is whether or not the sounds the youngster in question were meaningful. For
:icontheboson:TheBoson 29 0
Maiougi Clan
Clan Name: Maiougi (舞扇), which refers to a Japanese folding fan for dance
Clan Symbol: Seen above, is a stylized folding fan.
:bulletwhite: The Maiougi clan is spread out a large expanse of the Narutoverse, having small-to-medium-sized communities in a many villages.
:bulletwhite: The largest group resides in Kusagakure.
:bulletwhite: Other large groups are found in Kumogakure, Otogakure, Hanagakure, & Tea Country (Cha no Kuni)
:bulletwhite: Smaller groups are also found in Takigakure, Snow Country (Yuki no Kuni), Frost Country (Shimo no Kuni), Nadeshiko Village, Amegakure, Hoshigakure, Yugakure, Kirigakure, and Fire Country (Hi no Kuni)
:bulletwhite: There is also a handful of Maiougi clan members in Konohagakure.
:bulletwhite: All of the groups maintain contact with each other, but are largely autonomous and report to no single Clan Head.
:bulletred: The Maiougi Clan is world-renowned for their skills in the art of the fan dance, which members are o
:iconjaz-saxx:Jaz-Saxx 22 43
-Clan Ref: Sakiyurai Clan-
Clan Name: Sakiyurai
Land of Origin: Land of Runes
Current Clan House Locations: Land of Fire, Land of Mist, Land of Runes [former]
  The main clan house resides within Konohagakure, in a quiet district away from the hustle and bustle of the markets. All Sakiyurai clan houses are based on sukiya-zukuri architecture with an emphasis on tea house aesthetics. The beauty lies within simplistic and open-aired rooms and decorations; Sakiyurai clan members take meticulous care in their gardens. An ancient stone carving of the founding ninja monks remains in the Konohagakure's house to this day; Lithographs of past clan leaders decorate the hallowed walls of the Sakiyurai compound.
Clan Colors: The Sakiyurai clan's colors are based on purity: white and blues are the main colors of the clan. Cool, earth tones are often used in clan clothing as well.
Soul Release: Soul Release covers a broad range of techniques devised by ancient monks. These ninjutsus are not considered an advanced chakra natur
:iconcirrusly:cirrusly 16 9
Oshiro  Clan Info (Updated) by TemisWhiteowl Oshiro Clan Info (Updated) :icontemiswhiteowl:TemisWhiteowl 11 0
Kogami Clan (update)
History: long ago, sometime after the sage of six path’s discovery of ninjutsu, the Kogami clan consisted of a small group of shrine maidens who presided over communication between humans and the many beings of the spirit world. The ability to speak with and learn from these spirits and demons was passed down from generation to generation of women in the clan. However, as the land of fire delved into the first shinobi war, the clan began to feel the need to protect themselves and their family’s secrets. In order to do so, they developed a ninjutsu technique that allowed them to work alongside with the beings of the spirit world; in exchange for offerings and protection, the various kami would provide unique abilities the clan members could use in order to fight and retain the secrets of the family. Although unsure at first, the Kogami clan agreed to become members of the Hidden Leaf Village upon its founding.
Traditions: When clan members are born, they are divided into two
:iconyoyo3639:yoyo3639 9 2
Shinzui Clan Bio
--- Shinzui (White soul) Clan information ---
Clan name: Shinzui (White Soul)
How did this name come about?: During Zenrei’s time in Konoha when he was a boy he found a swarm of moths, white in colour with black eye spots on their wings nesting in a shrine. He asked one of the Monks about the “infestation” the Monk smiled and told him.
“These moths are called Shinzui moths we believe that they are the souls of the departed in physical form before they take flight to ascend”.
Zenrei decided that he would adopt the name of the insect as that of his clan due to the association with spirits he had gained.
Clan head: Jisei Shinzui (Current Elder)
Important/notable members:
-Zenrei Shinzui (Founder)
-Genshi Shinzui (Zenrei’s eldest daughter)
-Reibai Shinzui (Zenrei’s youngest daughter)
-Seirei Shinzui (Zenrei’s daughter)
-Yurei Shinzui
-Hanshin Shinzui
Clan politics:
-Being founded during the early days
:iconhammyhammy22:hammyhammy22 12 16




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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

So, I'm trying to get permission to use the The Stain Gene and Porcupine Genesheet on my version of centaurs as seen here ->  Cupid's Little Helper by ThePhantomofWolves.

I haven't heard back from either of the gene's owners and I really want to know if I can use them! I know that one of them is on hiatus; is there anyone that can contact them outside of DA? I originally asked back in August....


Frozen Pern Header
Here's the header for my Pern rp Im working on: Frozen Pern: Nanook Weyr!…
its currently under construction, but members are welcome to help contribute to the site!

* Join the Discord server!
Tinkie Winkie the Coral Skitter
there was a skitter hatching on UTW and my Benden weyrling G'aro bonded to this coral dubbed Tinkie Winkie or Tink for short (Kanseith was the one who gave him that name). In order to protect his horn, G'aro came up with the bright idea to stick a piece of cork on the tip until he is an adult and has developed his spatial awareness. Much to his surprise, Tink is completely fine with this
Justice for Flicka… <--- this just pisses me off! this horse was taken away from a family she loved all because this bitch manipulated the system! Here's the story from the person's facebook: 

"I bought a horse from a woman who got her on trade for some advertising. I bought her Dec. 29th 2012. Emily, the woman I bought her from got her on December 4th on trade for advertising and caring for several horses owned by Cynthia Shinn. Cynthia shinn and Emily had been friends of family for several years. over 10yrs. There was a verbal agreement made that emily advertises x amount of horses and in lieu of payments receives Gabby aka FLicka . On Jan 15 2013 I received a phone call from a woman looking to buy horses. I told her about a few and she proceeded to make an appointment with me. I told her I was out of town that evening and wouldn't be back til late and we could do it for the next day at 11. In all actuality I wanted a quiet evening with my family and finish chores early. 15 minutes later a truck and trailer blocks our driveway and 3 women come walking down my driveway to my barn. I stepped outside haulting them from going any further. Asked them what their buisness was and she stated she was here to pick up Gabby the grulla mare I purchased that was "stolen" . I asked for a police report which there was none. I saw an add posted the night before about this and asked them about it. They said they made a trade with emily and was not happy about the trade and were here to TAKE the horse back for the owner. (Which the original owner lives in texas) . I talked to them and they were concerned for her well being so I showed them Flicka was ok. Beth tried to remove her from the stall but I stepped in between and stopped her at that point we felt threatened and clayton my boyfriend who owned the property told them to leave. They went to their truck and sat but did not leave or move. So I called the police for attempted theft. The police came out where after 45 minutes the situation we though was civilly resolved they left. this is after Beth Zweidinger told the police officer she was the "AGENT" of the owner of the horse. Not the PURCHASING OWNER which she LATER claims to be. 2 weeks pass and I get a supena through the court for a request for Act of Replevin from Beth Zwedinger who has now suddenly furnishes a bill of sale of payments made to cynthia shinn (original owner in texas) . Mind you never was furbished prior too when they attempted to TAKE her back. I hired a lawyer and took it all the way too trial where I had the police officer as my WITNESS to Beth Zweidinger stating she was not the purchasing owner but stated on multiple occasions the AGENT of the owner and claimed CYNTHIA shinn as the OWNER of the horse. Beth Zweidinger and Cynthia SHinn's stories did not match up. They were tripping over their own lies. They were not consistant . The judge became pushed for time and had to rule quickly. At this time. NEITHER parties involved disputed the fact that I INDEED DID PURCHASE FLICKA ( AKA GABBY) and that I had loved, trained, vetted and cared for her over the past 5 months. The judge still ruled in Beth Zweidinger's favor due to one loss paper trail in the mix. I had 5 days to hand over Flicka to a person who had been malicious to me ...accused me of neglect and abuse towards my animals. As you see in this video Flicka was VERY WELL cared for and LOVED us. With Beth she was refusing. nervous and obviously scared. Justice was not served for flicka and I'm hoping that this video goes viral all over our nation. as CODE of ETHICS was ignored. I had a notorixed bill of sale and a poilce officer as a witness to BETH ZWEIDINGER's DISHONOSTY and it meant absolutely NOTHING. SO what are we telling our generation. Our children with this? What has my daughter learned ? She cannot trust the law? she cannot put her faith in the judicial system? You must lie and CoN to get what you want. ? That DIS-HONOSTY is the best policy and you must be such to protect those you love in this world? That a living breathing animal that has feeling and emotions and can sense fear . Can sense love....can be treated in the COURTROOM like a VEHICLE ! ? This story needs to be known. This is the story of a TRAGEDY and a LOSS and of a child who formed a BOND and friendship with a horse name "Flicka" just to be CRUELLY , SELFISHLY taken from her!!!! You want the truth? Let it be heard! Help be Flicka's voice and LET JUSTICE BE SERVED!"

It's been 5 years since then and Flicka has since been sold again. But there is still hope; she was sold again last year (according to the person who posted the video) and who knows where she is now! We know what she looks like; so what's stopping us from finding her!? I told my mom about this and she said whoever owns her now probably doesn't want the attention. BULLSHIT Flicka is still alive and still out there. She was taken away from a family who loved her and still misses her to this day!!!

It is time for this story to have a happy ending, no matter what it takes.

base by derp8675
134 deviations




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