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Too many cakes, not enough practice

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Delicious Cake: My, that's a delicious cake (1)Delicious Cake: My, that's a delicious cake (1)Delicious Cake: My, that's a delicious cake (1)
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30th Birthday Bonus

30th Birthday Bonus

Well, it has come to this... I'm turning 30 this 27th of August. An old man I am. Depressing in a way. Still, people often go all out when they turn 30. Big party and such. With Corona around I doubt that will happen in my case tho it probably wouldn't happen even without the plague going around since I am just not that kind of person. I prefer the calm sort of birthday. However, this does not stop me for doing something a bit crazy for you guys... On Patreon ( I am going to be posting 2 'never-before-seen' pieces I really like, every 7 days for 8 in total (Get it? 2-7-8?) starting the 7th of august and, via bit of cheating, ending on the 27th. I actually have been saving some of them up for some time and some of them are a bit rough but I hope it will be worth it! Though, I know not everyone can support me on Patreon so I also have a bit of a bonus for dA. Well, I guess you could call it a fair treatment! I am going to be uploading pieces

Discord now open to everyone!

Discord now open to everyone!

Yeah, I've been a bad person like usual. My patreon isn't lively and I don't help matters by procrastinating all the time! So, in the spirit of friendliness and productivity my Discord group is now open to everyone! There will be some exclusive channels and such for my patreons and we're trying to do more exclusive stuff in the future but for now it would be fantastic if you'd consider my discord group worthy of your attention! I'll leave a discord group link here. It shouldn't expire but the limit is 100 people so if it ever runs out, let me know and I'll post a new link! ^^^^ DISCORD GROUP LINK ^^^^

What's new with TPW?

What's new with TPW?

Hey. Just felt like Halloween was the perfect time to explain myself and my lack of presence on both dA and Patreon (Though, I just uploaded three things there just now). I've been dealing with some strong depression once more through the last few months but it was particularly bad this month. It's stress, depression, anxiety and just feeling unwell physically that is already dragging me into my shell every day but what's worse is that when I do draw, things don't come out right so I just end up more frustrated and unwell. hehe On the positive side I have begun to try to take art more seriously again. That is to say, it is not all just stan

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I only just discovered you page and I really dig your old school anime fatties. You wouldn't by chance be doing commissions would you?

Thank you! I do do commissions, yeah. Best way to discuss it is to note me the details here on dA. heh

Though this commission I got might be of interest to you, seeing as you're a fan of The world God only knows:

Thanks for remembering me! Looking fancy!

=) I may even get you to draw Shiori someday aswell Mr P =P