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About Mentors

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 26, 2010, 1:54 AM

:spotlight-left:I can now gladly present to you, our new Mentors! Check them out in the list below:w00t:
The Mentors position is always open though, so if you have missed out on it and want to become a Mentor, read how to apply at the bottom of this journal!

Do you feel like you're not getting enough feedback and critique on your art?
I believe this is an issue here today. People submit their art in hope of getting feedback and comments, but who is giving it?
Now our Mentors do!

The Mentors are here to help you, our members, to improve in your drawing technique and skill. That's what our group is about, improvement and supporting each other!

Our Mentors are:

:iconreveur-artiste:reveur-artiste :star:

:star: New
*Are open for longer term mentoring.
Found out more about each person under About us.

Guidelines for Members wanting critique

Our Mentors are here to help you! Whether you want critique on a finished work/ work in progress or if you would like a more one on one talk with a Mentor, they need to know that you want their help. And this is some different alternatives how you can get their attention:

:bulletorange: There is a special "Critique"-folder in our gallery that's only for works that you would like our Mentors to critique and give feedback on.
- You simply submit to it like any other folder (read how here)
- Remember to provide info about the work in the comment such as:
Name specific problem you want help with
Medias used
Time spent
References used
Size, etc.
The more information you give them, the better they can serve you.
-  When that's done and it has been submitted, the Mentors will frequent that "Critique"-folder and critique on your work. It's that simple!

:bulletorange: If you would rather like to talk with a Mentor about more generals concerns and questions, you can just send them a note! You can find out more about them under About us.

:bulletorange: We have also got the special Mentors Corner where our Mentors can share tips and tutorials and other goodies:) Check it out!

:bulletorange: There's also a thing we call "longer term mentoring" where a Mentor can follow your progress through a work or even several works, to help you find way to improve or ask for advice.
- Above you find the list of our Mentors and the Mentors marked with a * are open for longer term mentoring.
- You just contact with a note to the Mentor you wish to help you! Or ask an Admin if you feel concerned and we can help you find a Mentor:)

Guidelines for Mentors

The Mentor's job is to help our members by giving feedback, constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. In other words the Mentors are here to support our members!

:bulletwhite: There is a Critique folder in our gallery that members who wish to be critiqued can submit to. Mentors are not expected to critique every piece in the folder, but those that they feel capable and comfortable with. Remember, quality not quantity. For instance, if a mentor is not familiar with the technique used in a particular piece, he or she may wish to leave it for another mentor who is.  All deviations submitted to the critique folder should, however, get at least one critique.

:bulletwhite: We have also got the special Mentors Corner where you our Mentors can share tips and tutorials and other goodies:) Check it out!

:bulletwhite: All Mentors will also be on "About us" so that members easily can browse info about each one of the mentors and that they may be contacted with questions and concerns. Members who may be having trouble with a piece in the works or a particular technique and looking for some advice. It would be helpful for them therefore, if a mentor supply a short bio, outlining their style and strengths so that members can choose a mentor that best suits them. That can be done under About us.

:bulletwhite: As a development from the above bullet, Mentors can also be open for "longer term mentoring", that is when a member wish to be followed for a longer time for example during a work progress or even several works, to get help and feedback to improve during a longer time. You will as the Mentor decide the approach how you can best help the person in question or why not discuss it together.

How to apply to become a Mentor

Send us a Note and in that note tell us why you want to be a mentor for this group.

Requirements we will be looking for:
:bulletorange:We will give you a little test, a drawing you will be giving feedback on.
:bulletorange:How good your gallery is, (live as you learn) it's easier to take critique/feedback from someone who you can look up to and knows what they're talking about.
:bulletorange:It's important to be polite when giving feedback/critique. A model I'm taught is "good, bad, good".
:bulletorange:The feedback should be professional and not just, "good work!"
Here's a useful link about how to give critique:…

The next step is for us to decide if you got what we're looking for and you will be given a work which you will give feedback/critique on. But it's really nothing to be nervous about, we just want to see how you would handle it:) If we decide that you would be a great mentor for this group, we will send you an invite to become a mentor!
If you don't make it as a mentor, it's nothing to feel sad about, because it's perfectly fine for you to give feedback as much as you want on the works here anyway! That's what we want to encourage here!:D

Apply now!

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