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To join us Click the "Join our group"-button on our front page. Everyone is welcome!:D
Then you will get a message in your message center telling you that you have been accepted as a member:)

Submission rules & guidelines!
How to submit to our gallery:
:bulletorange: First make sure you are a member of our group (read above how).
:bulletorange: Then go to the Gallery (make sure the gallery is open), click on the + right next to the gallery-folder that your drawing fit in to according to the pencil media that you've used (more guidelines below). Or you can go to "contribute to this gallery" within the right gallery-folder for your drawing. Then choose your work from your gallery. and Done!
(now you just have to wait patiently to get your work accepted)
:bulletorange: Before you try to submit, Make sure the gallery is open! The gallery is only open during the weekend. Tip: You can see when the gallery is open by looking at our countdowns, on our front page and in our gallery!
:bulletorange: You are only able to submit one artwork per week.
This rule is to minimize the submissions per week, so you will not have to wait too long to get your work submitted. But remember though, we are a big group now so might take up to 1 week until your work gets accepted, so please be patient!
:bulletorange: We will submit up to 24 artworks to our gallery per day. This is to avoid spamming peoples watch list. We submit your work simply in the order as they got received. So no need to submit again, we will see your work anyway!
If there would be any kind of problem we will leave you a comment!
:bulletorange: If you happen to submit in to the wrong gallery folder, please make it right again by withdraw the work and submit it again to the right folder! That will save us and you a lot of time.
:bulletorange: We would also appreciate if you state what media you used, especially if you are submitting to Other pencils-folder and Mixed Media-folder, to avoid misplaced works and saving time from asking for the information. If you are unsure what folder to submit to, we will gladly help you!
:bulletorange: Last but most importantly! We want ThePencilClub to reflect your best possible work, so please don not send us any unfinished pieces, quick/messy sketches or scraps! Works that are poorly photographed or works that are not presented in the best possible way, for example drawn on a lined paper, will be denied. Also please submit pictures only with your drawing (without tools on it).

:bulletorange: We are the pencil club
There for the works that you submit to us must be done with pencils, i.e. any dry media in pencil form, a stick encased in wood, paper, metal or plastic. No water or other fluid should be added.
Please write in your comment what media/s is used, to ease our work! If you are unsure what folder your work fit under, we can gladly help you!

Example for the folders:
Graphite pencils-folder
Graphite pencils
Lead pencils
Mechanical graphite pencils
Color pencil-folder
Color pencils
Watercolor pencil (No water*)
Charcoal pencil-folder
Charcoal pencils
Other pencils
Pastel pencil
Chalk/ sepia pencil
Or any other type of pencils
Mixed Media-folder
Mixed medias* including digital enhancements
3D Art
If you want to get constructive critique and feedback from our Mentors.
Useful and Helpful:new:
Anything that can be useful and helpful for our members like tips, WIPs and tutorials, mostly from the Mentors.
Read more about our Mentors:…
Members contests entries will be here.

:bulletorange: *If there's more than one type of pencils or an other media (including digital enhancements) in your drawing, it will go under "Mixed Media" for mixed medias. Of course the majority should be done with pencils otherwise it will not be accepted!
For example: If you have used watercolor pencils and smudged less then 50% of the work/lines with water it will be accepted. But will not if more then half of the work is brushed out with water, then we consider it a painting instead of a drawing. Same thing with any other non-pencil media.
Digital coloring, add ons, backgrounds, anything done in a digital program with the exception of borders and watermarks will go into the "Mixed Media". If the digital alteration is to the point that your pencil work no longer looks traditional, it will not be accepted.

:bulletorange: If your work contains nudity or violence or by any other reason should be tagged with a mature content filter, it of course also should, otherwise we can not accept it to the group. (This is also the rules of DA) But keep it clean people, don't want people to get offended here!

:bulletorange: Support the artists:)
Please go to the artists work itself to comment, instead of our page. That way the artist will be able to appreciate your comment! And to give comments is to get!

Remember that the rules of DA is still valid!

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