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Draw this again - Rainbow Dash

Okay first and foremost, thank you so much to BlazingDazzlingDusk for producing the chart as I couldn't myself in all honesty xD

So anyway, I decided to compare my two drawings of Rainbow Dash from January 2014 and January 2017. But let's be honest, the 2017 version is WAY better than the 2014 one xD So what I'm going to do now is take my self criticism from the 2014 picture I wrote back then and analyse it:

The description from that picture:

"The start of my MLP art. And to start, I've decided to draw Rainbow Dash! She happens to be one of my favourite ponies in Friendship is Magic and in fact ranks 2nd overall in my favourite ponies list (Guess who my first is!)"

Well this has changed. She was my 2nd favourite, but that's now Sunset Shimmer. Also my favourite pony was Fluttershy, but it's sadly no longer and my favourite is now actually Twilight.

"This is one of the first times I've drawn MLP art."

One of the firsts? This was my first picture! No idea why I wrote it like that...

"And I have to say, it looks pretty damn good!"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA does it fuck! It's terrible nowadays, but back then I said it looked good as I wanted to be proud of it, and I was really.

"The proportions/anatomy look really nice for a first try as does her mane and tail"

Well maybe for a first try it was, but the legs don't even connect to her body properly. The mane actually looks pretty good and it was by far my favourite thing to draw on a pony back then (and it still is!), although the tail doesn't look that good as I had to fit it the sixth colour as I realised I drew only five when I inked it

"Her eyes look okay, which I have to be honest in saying that I was kinda worried on how they would turn out, but hey, they at least look presentable don't they?"

To be fair, they are decent. I was so nervous about drawing the eyes when I drew this as they looked so detailed. However I simplified it not long afterwards and soon enough I was never worried. Nowadays however they don't even compare to the muzzles in difficulty XD

"Her cutie mark looks okay"

No, it's fucking awful. It's facing the wrong way and I think there's only 2 colours in there.

"although I think her wings look awful"

Agreed. 2014 Edders was right on something

"But I think overall, it really good for my first MLP art!"

For a first try, it's not bad. But if I still drew like this in 2017 I wouldn't have been pleased with it. That's why improvement is important in not only art, but your hobbies in life. What you do back then, you'll look back on it and think "Wow, I can't believe I use to draw like that!" and hell, I'll look back on this in the future and think to myself how bad this picture is compared to ones in 2019/2020. So future Edders, if you're reading this, you're a great artist, but you can only get better! And this picture proves it.

Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck by me when drawing MLP these past 3 years, I couldn't have done it without you. I really can't wait for the future now, because if you think this is good, wait until next year! =D

The original can be found here

Rainbow Dash by ThePegasusEffect
She's just too good for you by ThePegasusEffect

And the templete can be found here:

Meme: Before and After by Bampire
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You're welcome! XD You can really see an improvement now that they're side by side. You have improved a lot and I'm sure you'll improve a lot over the next year too.