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Sugar High...

By ThePast
A extra special tribute to one of the goddess of Romyness herself on Ishandahalf. :salute:

If you know anything about the X-Men: Evolution section on (and especially if you are a Romy fan) Ishy is one of the top known authors (in my regard) on it. Famous for her fluffy Romy stories but even more famous for her catchline 'quick like a bunny on crack', as found when she normally comments on a story.

I dedicate this, in a replacement for the sacrifice of Jean Grey on your alter oh mighty Romy goddess! :worship:

On a note about the piece: The reason for the bandanna for Remy, because I couldn't figure out how to do his hair out of uniform without it looking as STUPID as the creators made it in the show. And I think I stuffed up Piotr's and Remy's face on the last panel, but as always didn't notice why it looked funny until I had just finished the piece >.<

Oh... and John is naked...
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I like how Remy and Piotr are just like, "yup, this is normal." Oh, Pyro. Stay away from the sugar.
Crystalas's avatar
I love how they are so calm about flaming bunnies
lemonedicecream's avatar
MangasMetal's avatar
Haha ! So funny ^^
LGa1ntwhoI4m's avatar
This is just like, "Oh yeah, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a regular day with the Alcoytes."
LazuriteStar's avatar
It's almost as if this happens regularly... XD
arger's avatar
hahahahahaa~ priceless!!! xDD
nightcrawlerfan136's avatar
They don't even blink..
kimpossible0598's avatar
oh soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute love it
Ulquiorra-Grimmjow's avatar
Hah! Funny, my computer teacher has a saying that I think fits a little better...

Mrs K: Why are you not working?!

Me: Idk, man! I gotta do blah blah blah computer stuff.

Mrs K: Well, do it! Quick, like a bunny on FIRE!

Me: Lol ok Pyro.

I love the comic- seeing Pyro with all those little fire bunnies is just too adorable/funny/freaking odd XD
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I love how neither of them really care
Esmerelda824's avatar
awesome pic, hilarious
Esmerelda824's avatar
awesome drawing, rofl
lafemmerouge's avatar
*dies laughing* I love how they're totally nonchalant about this....which means they need to hide the sugar better. xD
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Numbuh86's avatar
Lol I cant draw his uniform or his hair either!
waffel-gal094's avatar
hop hop hop lol! thats so funny
WindDrifter's avatar
is John naked? Just a question. Love this rofl
ThePast's avatar
Yes. Yes he is.
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