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Secret Santa 2012

So for the #Evo-Obsessed-Club secret santa contest I got :iconan1mei3:, who as part of the request, was looking for cute Loro related stuff, including Christmas events. THUS my brain made this.

Textures, textures everywhere o.o
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That was kind of unexpected.
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I'm not OroroxLogan fan, but I love this pic for the way Logan is getting the christmas tree. "Fuck yea, I don't need anything and anyone" xD
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This is so cute! And the backgrounds are awesome!
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:heart: Oh FUCK , I am saving the hell out of this !

Just look at those juicy jewel tones!!!!
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Oh my Godasfajheranvbaeahnvjhjkl;

uh um oh man I'm

this is amazing and I can't believe how lucky I am that I got you as my secret santa oh wow ;w;

thank you so much, I love it! I can't believe you did an entire full-page comic, that's amazing and I love the detail into this (holy backgrounds batman!) and it's exactly what I was looking for...! (because the internet really does need more RoLo, okay)

again, thanks very much for this beautiful piece of art!! it's gorgeous and I love it and I hope you had a great holiday season...!!! <3
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Cute! I really like how the garland is lit up. Nice detail! :D
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Awwww I love it!!!
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awww this is so cuuute!!! *u*
Those two are made for each other :´D
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Literally... nearly everyone else in the cast is underage. LOL
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