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For those who keep an eye on :iconvaloofle: and my club :iconacolytes-base: as well as :iconthebrotherhoodclub: will have seen a little... sabotage going on lately. This is a piece to cover what has started, and I have been told by the owner of the ‘Loserhood’ to expect revenge back...

Excuse my poor backgrounds as normal, especially the last one. It is suppose to be the Brotherhood house on fire but when doing it I muted it down too much.

Also, I spent a bit of time trying to figure out Remy’s d@mn hair outside of his uniform. I tried to make it less... bowl cutty and add a bit of shagginess to it, it kind of worked out but I think for non season five Remy my future drawings will use this as referance.

Do your worse :iconrainrach:! I’m ready for you!

Oh, Remy’s license plate on his bike is a bit of a joke, it is the Louisiana design for the University of New Orleans, a joke since Remy has had no official schooling. Also it is a custom plate so it says his ‘nick name’ White Devil.

Update: Ok people, it was brought to my attention that there is something wrong with this picture.

I was happy, having not long put this up and arguing as always with ~rainrach in our chat when someone popped in and said...: 'I have something to tell you Past.'
Now in my experiance, this is never a good thing, but I tried to look on the sunlight side and think 'nothings wrong'... how wrong I was...

It has been pointed out to me in the last panel Remy has... six fingers... Now, I have been stressing here for the last 24 hours if to fix it or not BUT I shall not. Firstly because I have an idea for a comic that makes fun of my own inability to count but second :iconrainrach: Will need all the help she can get to get a good revenge on me. =P

If there is something wrong with future pics of mine, please do tell me... just not in front of a lot of people in the chat who have a history of insulting me... :blowkiss:
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