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One Bored Afternoon...

By ThePast
... What to say... This just came to me one day and I instantly found it a funny idea, but I am known for my weird sense of humour...

Quick notes: I HATE Remy's hair in Evo, it's a bowl cut! So I decided on a change for the '5th season'... not sure if it worked out the best but I don't mind it. Inspired by my fav art in the comics: X-Men Xtreme

On another rant, do the creators realise how hard it is to draw his face for fan art when we've never seen him out of his uniform?! That d@mn headpiece just messes up trying to figure out his face shape.

Thirdly: Roguey in old outfit? Blame it on lack of imagination, I am =P

And finally: I am horrible at backgrounds, thus the not so realisitic slant to this. But I like it, I try to keep backgrounds muted down compared to what is going on in the foregrounds and I am quite pleased how this turned out.

Oh, and a slight tribute to Remy's mentions of Star Trek in the comics. Live long and prosper.
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shadamy20's avatar
Love rogue expression
LGa1ntwhoI4m's avatar
Remy's expression in the last panel...Thumbs Up 
I never tire of reading this. :love:
BlitzProwl's avatar
Yes, Live long and prosper. i like the last part 'to couragously go where no human has gone prior to.' fits it nicely
Linx8489's avatar
He is going to die now
Of all the things to turn you on Remy...she will be kicking his ass now.
GambitsObsession's avatar
I read a fanfic similar to this, "A Trek Towards Desire", I think it was. This had me cracking up even more than the fic!
Nekooujo's avatar
Sometimes, you just need a little hysterical laughter, and this did it XD I loved it
SpiralArtist's avatar
One question, why is his arm on her leg? He'd be dead!

I loved the bo-staff line, btw.
his hair a bit 2 emo for my taste but other wise i love this
lucida-lownes's avatar
pffft. We all know Rogue wants to play with his "bo-staff." *is shot* :XD:
Miyuki9999's avatar
I was cracking up
wildrook's avatar
Does it help that Patrick Stewart plays Professor X in the movies?
MaLadyRogue's avatar
class, totaly what Rogue would say
ZellyKat's avatar
GoldFox20's avatar
Love this! Rogue's face is so funny and i love remy's little grin.
That sexy cajun... :XD:
HunterD-Raven's avatar
Pure awesomeness definite :+fav:

and as to the comment someone else made of possible touching. You could just say Evo is more powerful than normal comic-book Gambit and has the ability to cancel out Rogues power.
(Yes, that happened in the comics. Gambits "New Sun" era)
ThePast's avatar
That or Remy's kinetic energy shield ;) I love that loophole for writing plots =P
NitemareSally's avatar
Dude, that was hilarious. You have no clue how long it took me to figure out the joke. *laughs* Anyway. That was great. :)
kitsuK8's avatar
omg i just pee-ed my pants!! that was hilarious!!!

btw, i love how you changed his hair! oo evo made me soo mad about how they portrayed some of the characters, specially gambit cause he is my fav!!
Phoenix-torn's avatar
I love. Anything X-men/ trek cross makes me happy. And well done trying to fix Remy's hair lol.
Yami-Neko-Tsuki's avatar
. . . .Proof I've been playing Gambit too much, my first though when I finished reading that was "Yo' can call it dat Chere."

And I like Remy's hair too, if I ever draw scenes from The Mutant Chronicles his hair shall look like that.

. . .Heeeey, his arm's on Rogue's bare leg for the entire comic, shouldn't he be dead or something? :p
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