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Contest- OC Tournament Profile

My OC for the :iconevo-obsessed-club:/:iconthebrotherhoodclub: contest: Eddie!

Apparently my discription of his powers were a little confusing... so reworded.
BASCIALLY he is very VERY double jointed...

Update two: Amazing how AFTER, MONTHS AFTER, the contest, I find a spelling mistake on his name... what is wrong with me? My god :facepalm:

So a last name correction of Ryda to Ryder...
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LuneLaLouve's avatar
Hey! Youz be in my team for phase three! :B
Just a quick question, does it hurt when Edgar uses his powers?
ThePast's avatar
Nope it doesn't, that or he is very very good at covering the pain up... and Eddie isn't that good an actor XD
LuneLaLouve's avatar
Alright, thanks!!! Good luck on the comic!
NothingPoignantHere's avatar
So basically you should bring him back!
ThePast's avatar
I have enough trouble keeping up with Flame at the moment XD Let alone two of them heh.
NothingPoignantHere's avatar
I know, but still. Click would be awesome to have back.
ThePast's avatar
Maybe once life decides to calm down a bit and be nice to me again he will show back up, hopefully with Heat too as I would still like to do that story line of them coming back in.
NothingPoignantHere's avatar
Oh yeah, they should come back in a pair. They could be lost in the woods or something. OR, I know that Korvka, Michael, and Mihir are going on a mission. Perhaps they could find Click and Heat there, but doesn't Heat rely on Sturmi being back?
ThePast's avatar
o.o I so haven't paid attention for ages that I didn't realise they were gone.
NothingPoignantHere's avatar
Well they're back now, but for a few months they were definitely gone gone gone. XD
ThePast's avatar
Shows how observant I am XD
dizzydazzle's avatar
Hi we're on the same team together for the tournament. w00t. Also, cool tats.
skeptikern's avatar
I must say his powers sounds rather macabre. I mean, it sounds like he could be a pile, literary and then just grow himself back and fix it. Quite interesting. Anyway I like it. So good work :)
animatedG1's avatar
Ouch, what a painful power he has! I like it! Good luck in the tournament!
Kaoru-Yuki's avatar
i was wondering if you were going to join the contest
as usual great artwork and a very interesting character ^^
love the tattoo details
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
That is a crazy awesome power!
figgy-licious's avatar
Wow, I love this. Use it for Click's profile when you bring him back? :3

Also, this would be an incredibly neat idea for the other characters :D
ThePast's avatar
The whole set up of the profile? Yeah, Blaze did well :)
Was fun to redesign Click and his tattoos
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