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andynortonuk's avatar
That is one cute bunny.
Jackal24's avatar
I wish bunnies were that fat!
MacSilverD's avatar
now that is one sexy bunny =D
Beau-Skunk's avatar
Really adorable, and chubby. Hehe
CBFox's avatar
homina homina homina howl........
FanOingo's avatar
Can I have her phone number?
Well, I've already fav'd your partner's posting of this, so I'd better do the same here.
DrayVonGoff's avatar
Really awesome work you two did ^^
gokutothez's avatar
Awesome work from both of you =D
Lovely ^^ Bunnies make sure cute furs.
harrisonford08's avatar
Unfortunate that your collaborator has dissapeared suddenly. I can't think of what imagined reason deviantart will have this time.

As for the drawing, it is very good. Thanks for sharing.
thepasswordis-123456's avatar
I know -_- It sucks that that happened
KatTheFoxtaur's avatar
You both did a really nice job! =3
GAIN-OVER's avatar
Zat's so cute X3
Constantine82's avatar
Hey! It's Jiggly Bunny's long lost sister!

Just kidding, great pic.
crazystef's avatar
what i think? this is super impresive :D nice ...... no awesome drawing :D
super-e's avatar
Nice. but I hope she doesnt hop to much!
super-e's avatar
she'll get tired out of course!
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