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dinosaur 2st test animation

This is a test of my dinosaur for a short film.
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Wicked. please me being do a trex version
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Congratulations very nice! With what program did you create that?
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Cool! Is it´s a raptor? Looks kinda like the Jurassic Park Velociraptors with that animation XD^^
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Excellent work! The mouth animation is great! :D
what program did you use?
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Maya, but I like 3ds max more.
all i got is maya so i dont know how i feel about 3ds max
i kinda get the impression that 3d max is good for modeling but maya is good for actual animation
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Yeah I mean, they both have their good and bad points, I find maya annoying with the animation as I have get to work out how to move the keyframes like you can in max, I if make a mistake in maya I have to undo till I get back to where I was... should prob learn how to do myself some time...brb lol
I guess it's what your used to
I havent really ever used max so I dont know
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Nice, looks awesome, the animation is very smooth and realistic, and the dinosaur looks great!
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Thank you, still needs work! lol
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This is awesome! So smooth and I love the movements!
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Thank you so much!
looks pretty smooth
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