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Galaxy Express 999

By ThePandamis
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Fan art of the awesome Galaxy Express 999 manga.

A must to read!
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I just got done watching 999 episode 86, The UFO from the Planet of Forgotten Parents, when I had to go on a spree of playing favorites.

What drew me to this particular work is that unlike other fanarts I have seen your coloring style is unique in it's own way sort of a loose minimalistic approach. Is that colored pencils? Or perhaps crayons? Whatever it is, it is like the style of it. As it reminds me of the old fashioned color manga title pages.

In addition to that, you unlike myself, left the pencil lines in. Bravo.

You get three 9's out of 999. A perfect score.
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Thanks a lot. I used colored pencils for this ^^
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This is wonderful! :D I've only seen/read snippets of the anime and manga. Same with Captain Harlock. Leiji Matsumoto is a fine writer, his stories are so pure and full of magic.
On an unrelated note you reminded me to make fanart for Interstella. XD Ha!
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Looks pretty old school.

I don't think I've come across any of these here in the States.

Its possible that it may be out of print over here, so chances are, its going to be rough for me to get my hands on it.
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I hope you'll be able to get some, it's worth a read
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Wow, someone who remembers Galaxy Express 999, I'm shocked! I'm not alone!
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I remember this, although i wasnt around when it came out. Its a shame no one knows about GE999 or Harlock these days. Matsumoto is my idol.
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